Our People

Our People


 Panos Andrikopoulous Thumbnail

 Panagiotis Andrikopoulos

 Herding, mergers, financial and Corporate integrity

 Umut Turksen Thumbnail

 Umut Turksen

 Financial crime, EU energy and security law, international trade and economic law

 Kamil Omoteso Thumbnail

 Kamil Omoteso

 Auditing, financial reporting, accountability, governance and ethics

 Achim Hauck Thumbnail

 Achim Hauck

 Financial and monetary economics with a particular focus on financial intermediaries

 Andrews Owusu Thumbnail

 Andrews Owusu

 Performance consequences of corporate governance changes, accountability and financial reporting quality

 Dimitrios Serenis Thumbnail

 Dimitrios Serenis

 Econometrics, exchange rate volatility, exports, international economics, tourism

 Flavio Inocencio

 Flavio Inocencio

 Legal advice within the commercial/business sector

 Sheharyar Hamid

 Sheharyar Hamid

 Comparative corporate governance, especially in context of developing countries and developed countries

 Stuart MacLennan

 Stuart MacLennan

 Taxation of online enterprises, in particular in EU law and dispute resolution under double taxation treaties

 Isaiah Oino

 Isaiah Oino

 Profitability, fixed effects, financial crisis and banking

 Jacinta Nwachukwu

 Jacinta Nwachukwu

 Economic growth, international finance, microfinance, banking efficiency and entrepreneurship

 Jin Suk Park Thumbnail

 Jin Suk Park

 Financial markets and empirical asset pricing and regional and sectoral studies

 Judith Kabajulizi Thumbnail

 Judith Kabajulizi

 Health Economics: Health and the macroeconomy, Healthcare financing and institutions and services delivery

 Jun Wang Thumbnail

 Jun Wang

 Corporate finance and corporate governance, mainly focusing on financial markets in China

 Ken Baldwin Thumbnail

 Ken Baldwin

 Risk management, economic capital modelling, systemic risk, derivatives, agency theory, Islamic banking and microfinance

 Mei Yu Thumbnail

 Mei Yu

 Corporate governance, corporate finance and CSR

 Pasquale Foresti Thumbnail

 Pasquale Foresti

 Budget consolidation and banking

 Piotr Lis Thumbnail

 Piotr Lis

 Applied economics, economics of terrorism and foreign development aid

 Rasha Kassem Thumbnail

 Rasha Kassem

 External and internal audits, management integrity, CSR, fraud examination and corporate governance

 Sailesh Tanna Thumbnail

 Sailesh Tanna

 Banking, corporate finance, European business, financial development, international economics and macroeconomic modelling

 Sina Yekini Thumbnail

 Sina Yekini

 Financial accounting and auditing

 Huong Vu Thumbnail

 Huong Vu

 Sovereign risk, credit ratings and fixed-incomes

 Abay Mulatu Thumbnail

 Abay Mulatu

 Competitiveness, regulation and environmental policy

 Mansoob Murshed Thumbnail

 Mansoob Murshed

 Civil war, Bangladesh and violence

 Bouchra Benzennou Thumbnail

 Bouchra Benzennou

 Market microstructure, derivatives markets and high frequency and big data

 Filipa Da Silva Fernandes Thumbnail

 Filipa Da Silva Fernandes

 Financial economics, corporate finance and forecasting

 Jia Shao Thumbnail

 Jia Shao

 Pricing, costs and statistics

 Richard Woodward Thumbnail

 Richard Woodward

 OECD and taxes

 Sarkar Kabir Thumbnail

 Sarkar Kabir

 Exchange rates and equity