Our People

ASPiRE Fellows

Ahmad Abras_767x920.jpg

Dr Ahmad Abras

Lecturer in Accounting​

Dr Amber Darr

​​Lecturer in Law​

Core Staff

Panos Andrikopoulos_767x920.jpg

Professor Panos Andrikopoulos

Executive Director

Research interests: stakeholder theory, corporate finance, behavioural finance, empirical asset pricing


Professor Umut Turksen​

​Professor in Law and Cluster Lead for Law, Risk and Compliance

​Research interests: financial crime, compliance and risk, EU energy security and law, comparitive counter-terrorism and societal security, international trade and economic law, digitial property and assets

​​​Professor Ahmed El-Masry​

Professor in Corporate Finance and Governance and Cluster Lead for Finance and Governance

Research interests: corporate governance, risk management, leverage (distress risk) and stock returns, Islamic finance, dividend policy, capital structure, capital adequacy, market efficiency/anomalies, credit risk in SMEs, mergers and acquisitions, financial stability, financial inclusion, prediction using neural networks and machine learning

Dr Abay Mulatu​

Associate Professor and Cluster Lead ​for Applied Economic Analysis and Policy

Research interests: impact assessment, economic geography, international trade, development economics, environmental economics​

Professor Mansoob Murshed

Professor of Economics​

Research interests: macroeconomics, aid conditionality, economics of conflict, international economics, political economy of natural resource management​

Dr Jin Suk Park​

Associate Professor and PGR Director

Research interests: instability in stock, foreign exchange and commodity futures markets, Interaction between the economy and financial markets, sectoral studies - port, maritime and transportation industries, regional studies - East Asia and Europe.​​

Dr Donato Vozza

Research Fellow


Dr Salem Alhabasah

Assistant Professor in Accounting

Dr Bouchra Benzennou

Lecturer in Finance​

Dr Anna Cartwright

Associate Professor in Economics

Dr Costantino Grasso​

Assistant Professor in Law​

​Dr Eunju Hwang

Lecturer in International Business​

Dr Judith Kabajulizi​

Lecturer in Economics

Dr Sarkar Kabir​

Associate Professor in Finance​