CPC Missed Connections: A Long-distance Conversation about ViRAL (Virtual Reality Archive Learning)

Join CPC for an online virtual conversation between CPC Co-director Dr Jacqueline Cawston and Philipp Wittwer from Dornbirn City Archive, one of our project partners on the Erasmus+ funded project ViRAL (Virtual Reality Archive Learning).

The transition to capitalism in the Scottish Uplands

The transition to capitalism in the Scottish Uplands and what it means for the agroecology and food sovereignty movements.

Social Psychology of Conservation and the Environment: Facilitating Sustainability

This short course consists of 10 hours of on-line teaching, organized over 5 weeks (2 hours per week), and 5 hours of off-line study (15 hours total for the course).

Visual Ethics, Networked Selves

Lecture about Visual Ethics, Networked Selves

ACES Launch Webinar: Towards a Community-Centred Educational Model for Developing Social Resilience through Play

In this webinar, we will introduce the ACES project that is funded by the UKRI-ESRC under the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF).

Agroecological Resilience: Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane María

CAWR Research Event on Agroecological Resilience

Edu-Hack Webinar

Coventry University's Centre for Global Learning: Education and Attainment is hosting an online seminar on Edu-Hack, an international initiative to develop a capacity building methodology which utilises online courseware and EduHackathons.

The Cracked Mirror: is the BBC’s mission to “reflect modern Britain” distorting news and undermining democracy?

As Charter renewal looms later in this decade, how concerned should we be about the BBC and its role as a civic tool in democracy?

Open science methods for building perennial agroecosystems in Palestine

The Makaneyyat research group is working to study and build durable agroecosystems at the landscape scale in Palestine.

Virtual CAMC Postgraduate Symposium

CAMC are delighted to invite proposals for short talks for the fourth joint PGR event, co-organised by Coventry and Warwick Universities.

Failed Intimacies


Infrastructural Instability: An online reading group discussion

An online reading group discussion on infrastructure, automation and instability with Andrew Goffey.

What’s at stake in the Julian Assange case?

In this public lecture, Leverhulme Visiting Professor Jake Lynch explains what is at stake in the struggle to keep Assange from being extradited to the United States, where he faces a 175-year prison sentence for exposing the hidden side of Washington’s wars of political and economic dominance.

Anthony Luvera: Taking Place

Homelessness in the United Kingdom is on the rise. At the start of 2020 at least one out of every 200 people in England is living without permanent or safe accommodation. Homeless deaths have increased by 20% in England and Wales over the last year. Sustained campaigning from Crisis resulted in the Homelessness Reduction Act coming into force in 2018. Despite this, 91% of local authorities in the UK did not respond to basic questions about homelessness in their communities when contacted. Clearly, with such staggering figures, we face a major national crisis.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you were homeless, where would you go for help? Frequently Asked Questions, a new exhibition by artist Anthony Luvera in collaboration with Gerald Mclaverty, uncovers the shocking and poignant challenge faced by those asking this one simple question.

RISING Global Peace Forum

This annual two day Forum builds on ‘The Ecology of Peace’ theme of our RISING symposia throughout 2019 to inform and inspire leaders, academics and practitioners about peace.


A workshop to explore what needs to be done, in the light of mass-migration across central America, to restore peaceful communities – with policymakers, academics and practitioners.

RISING Geography

A symposia to discuss how the unique contribution that geography and geographers can make to understanding and sustaining peace – with academics from across the UK.

RISING forward

A panel debate to consider what are the practical steps that need to be taken for the UK and the EU to move forward in peace after Brexit - with UK and European politicians.

Midlands African Studies Hub (MASH) Conference

Following the establishment of the Midlands African Studies Hub (MASH) in Birmingham in September 2017, we are holding a one-day conference at Coventry University on the theme of ‘Contesting Injustice: People’s mobilisation from below’ and invite you to submit a paper proposal.