Collaborative innovation in a local authority – ‘local economic development-by-project’?

This event will discuss how local authorities in England have adapted to austerity through collaborative innovation

Obtaining richer insights from survey data using Bayesian econometrics: Applied to a food waste study

This seminar will explore a paper on food waste that used survey data and Bayesian models and it will discuss how these models can be applied to survey data.

Modelling International Students’ Decision Making process with Regards to their Overseas Education

The seminar will discuss the results of a mixed method study highlighting the key important factors affecting international student decisions to go overseas for their education, decisions to select a country, and decisions to select a particular university.

Securing a greener future? Net Zero and the challenge of securing a sustainable transport system

This event will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing transport policymakers due to the transition to net zero.

The European Supply Chain Forum: tightly connecting industry and academia

This event will include a discussion with Tom Van Woensel, Professor of Freight Transport.

Getting ‘surplus food’ to those in need during a cost-of-living crisis: The scaling-up of social eating in the East Midlands

This event will discuss the factors shaping the success of social eating projects as a means of tackling food insecurity.

Convenient tools and social norms: The effectiveness of an intervention to diminish household food waste

This event will discuss ongoing research on interventions to reduce household food waste.

How successfully has the environmental theme been integrated into UK City of Culture 2021?

This event will discuss how an environmental theme was incorporated into Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 and with what impacts.

Fire risk management through asset protection routing; optimisation enhanced with machine learning

This event will discuss about a wildfire risk management by asset protection strategy through operations research with a focus on the Australia bush fire event.

Smartness that really matters: Reaching new levels of customer satisfaction for Sustainable Supply Chain Management

This talk will discuss new emerging research methodologies which are geared towards developing effective solutions for performance/risk analysis of integrated supply chain networks.

Talk Money: How to make meaningful change for those struggling to access credit

This discussion will explore how we make meaningful change to help support financially vulnerable people who are unable to access affordable credit.

Consuming the Body: Food, Selfies and Adverts

Dawn Woolley critically examines gender stereotypes in advertising and on social media. Drawing on the key findings in her book, she will discuss different types of selfies, including #fitspiration, #thinspiration and #bodypositivity.

How consumption becomes reterritorialized: An interdisciplinary investigation of sports betting

This presentation will share findings from an Australian Research Council Discovery project that aims to better understand how young adults use, communicate about and experience mobile phone sports betting applications.

Ethnic minority women and their retirement savings

The seminar will specifically look at data related to ethnic minority women and retirement. What we know and how those data gaps can be breached.

Tackling loneliness and social isolation: exploring the impact of the Chatty Café Scheme

This event will discuss findings from the initial stage of a research project exploring the impact of the Chatty Café scheme on tackling loneliness and social isolation in England.

Designing for Impactful Research

This event will discuss how we can design for more impactful research and craft engaging narratives.

International Trade, Value Chains and SME Performance

This session focuses on SME performance related to both trade and global value chains. The presentations consider how both trade and participation in GVCs can influence both the competitiveness and resilience of SMEs.

Every Loser Wins: Leveraging Unsuccessful Olympic Bids

This event will discuss the ways in which cities can utilise Olympic bids for long-term benefits.

The Economic Transformation of Coventry City

This seminar will explore the changes that have occurred in Coventry over the last three decades, extending earlier research by Healy and Dunham (1994) to create a longitudinal study of industrial and occupational change in the city.

Mitigating the effects of product harm crises: an experimental analysis

This seminar will discuss how brand equity can be used to mitigate the effects of a product harm crisis.