Your Right to Privacy Online: CSI-COP's informal education workshop

The workshop will explore privacy, data, how we are tracked online, the regulations to protect our data, and free online tools to help us reject tracking in websites and apps.

The Influence of Local Communities of Practice on Financial Institutions’ Internationalisation in an Emerging Economy

In this paper, we applied communities of practice perspective and conducted a longitudinal ethnographic study that lasted from 2008 to 2020 to understand the internationalisation of foreign financial institutions in Myanmar.

Efforts towards understanding the structure and development of scientific domain through text mining

The Centre for Computational Science and Mathematical Modelling invite you to this hybrid seminar.

How did Covid-19 change the pricing of retail deposit funds?

This event will share research and a discrete-time option-analytic valuation model of the participatory fees earned by Islamic banks for managing third-party funds.

The Business of Heritage – potential research agendas

This event will discuss the main challenges faced by UK heritage organisations, to identify potential research agendas.

Experiences and learning from an IKudu Collaborative Online International Learning exchange

Coventry University's Research Centre for Global Learning invites you to this seminar focused on a three-year project iKudu.

Sanctions and Africa: an International Law and Politics Conference

The conference aims to investigate and reimagine Africa as an active voice and perspective in the global legal and political discourse on sanctions.

Coventry Creates 2021

Coventry University and the University of Warwick are delighted to announce Coventry Creates Digital Exhibition 2021.

The Representation of Ethnic Minority Women (EMW) in Leadership and Management Programmes

For this event, there shall be a discussion about EMW engagement within multinational organisations in terms of their involvement with leadership and management programmes and related career development opportunities.

A news-based index of environmental policy uncertainty

Extracting text from ten leading US newspapers over the last four decades, we use text-mining algorithms to develop a monthly index of US environmental policy uncertainty over the 1981-2019 period.

Implications of Childhood Learning Disabilities and Adult-Age Mental Health Problems, Lack of Education, and Unemployment

The seminar will talk about a study on the impact of diverse subtypes of learning disabilities (LD) on adult-age mental health, education, and employment.

C-DaRE Invites… Solveig Gade

C-DaRE Invites… you to join Kate and Lily and our guest, sharing their timely research, on this occasion Solveig Gade. Please join us on zoom with your preferred refreshments.

Qualitative Inquiries into Student and Staff Experiences during the Pandemic

This seminar will report from a range of staff and student voices, discussing the positive and negative aspects of the changes, and specifically report on early findings from the research into the positive impact on the attainment gap. 

(Post)digital Data and Health

This symposium will explore how the conjoining of data, health and the experience of our bodies shapes how we feel, including the new “moral-intimate-economic” fantasies incorporated into social media and online digital health technologies.

Do higher levels of the enforcement of accounting standards improve investment efficiency? Evidence from IFRS-adopting countries

The purpose of the study to be presented is to investigate the impact of differential levels of the enforcement of accounting standards on a particular firm outcome - investment efficiency.

World Peace (and how we can achieve it)

In this CTPSR Webinar, Professor Alex J. Bellamy, The University of Queensland, will speak about his recent book World Peace (and how we can achieve it).

Fighting Hunger and Tackling Food Waste: a view from the frontline of community food provisioning during the pandemic

This event will discuss the challenges in distributing food to people in need during the pandemic This seminar takes a behind the scenes look at how the community food sector mobilised to meet the unprecedented need for requests for help as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fareshare Midlands, a regional surplus food redistribution charity, were critical to residents across Nottingham accessing healthy, nutritious and safe food services. Researchers at the Centre for Business in Society, Coventry University will present the findings of research exploring the challenges faced by the community food sector. The presentation will reflect upon how Fareshare Midlands and central England Co-op worked to fight hunger and tackled food waste over the course of the pandemic and what can be learnt going forward in transitioning towards a more sustainable food system.  About the Speaker David, Jordon and Marsha have been working together on a project funded via the QR-Strategic Priorities Framework. The project has focused on the frontline of community food support operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Marsha has longstanding networks in Nottingham, and the Midlands more broadly, which have facilitated this research. The project demonstrates the Sustainable Production and Consumption research cluster’s ongoing focus upon the ‘future of food’ which is one of the major policy challenges confronting local, regional and national government in the UK currently.

Inclusion and Intersectionality Symposium

The Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE) is hosting the 'Inclusion and Intersectionality' symposium with The Society for Dance Research, in collaboration with Candoco Dance Company.

Reputational Effects in Sovereign Rating Phases: Time, macro and institutional factors and the role of defaults and debt restructuring and resolution

This event will discuss the role of reputation, macro and institutional factors, and defaults and debt restructuring/resolution for the length of sovereign rating phases.

The Shape of Sound

The project ‘The Shape of Sound’ is a scaled-up installation of elements of the human ear and is a supported projext as part of the Being Human Festival 2021 (Coventry Hub).