Leveraging bio-active plants in smallholder goat production

Dr. Lovemore C. Gwiriri is a post-doctoral smallholder livestock systems research scientist at Rothamsted Research involved in agricultural systems socio-economic analysis.

Humanitarian Innovation: "Move Fast and Break Things...?"

Innovation is widely recognised as a driver of societal change. In this webinar we look to explore what “responsibility” means in the context of humanitarian energy innovation, and if the sector can remain responsible in its innovation. 

The Future of Food Symposium 2021: From Recovery to Resilience

The Future of Food 2 symposium invites stakeholders across business and society to present, discuss and collaborate in moving forward the sustainable food agenda: eating socially and sourcing sustainably.

Becoming Global Researchers: positionality and insights from education theory and practice

GLEA researchers will be exploring the concept of 'Becoming Global Researchers: positionality and insights from education theory and practice' from their internal and external research community experience.

Meetings on Neurodiversity: Dyspraxia

Enabling Students with Neurodiversity (ENTENDER) project event. Meetings on Neurodiversity: Dyspraxia

Moving from the Global to the Local: Co-creation for Humanitarian Energy

Coventry University's HEED will be exploring state-of-the-art concepts of co-creation in the humanitarian energy context through the voices of sector experts.

Disaggregating the Implied Cost of Capital

This event is part of the CFCI seminar series

IUPAP Conference on Computational Physics (CCP2021)

Coventry University's Centre for Fluid and Complex Systems will be hosting the Conference on Computational Physics 2021, a series of conferences held annually under the auspices of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP).

Our Future Moves exhibition

Coventry University’s Institute for Future Transport and Cities (IFTC) is working with Coventry City Council and key stakeholders to showcase Coventry and Warwickshire’s world-leading transport innovation and rich heritage in mobility and transport design.

Moving Pain Online

This webinar includes a panel discussion on how dance and somatic practices can be shared through digital technologies for people living with pain.

Humanitarian energy complexities and interactions with national energy policies and international commitments

This session will share findings from a multi-stakeholder analysis of clean energy policies contributing to humanitarian action using two case studies in East Africa and the Middle East.

Muslim girls as educational subjects: Insights from India

In this event, Dr Saba Hussain will discuss some of the key insights from her book, Contemporary Muslim Girlhoods in India, published by Routledge, London.

Upon Reflection: Responses to the Coventry Cultural Policy & Evaluation Summit

Post event following the AHRC Cities of Culture Network: The Coventry Cultural Policy & Evaluation Summit

The Long Food Movement: Transforming Food Systems by 2045

The International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food) has released a new report in collaboration with the ETC Group: 'A Long Food Movement: Transforming Food Systems by 2045'.

Economic Imagination

The Centre for Postdigital Cultures (CPC) presents a panel discussion for 17, Institute of Critical Studies colloquium on Economic Imagination. Coordinated by Benjamín Mayer Foulkes, the colloquium “honors and gathers the fruits of the two decades of the Institute's life”.

Earthwatch Europe: Creating knowledge, inspiring action

Earthwatch Europe is an environmental NGO with science at its heart. Their sustainable agriculture programme focuses on connecting farmers with soil health and water quality through collaborative citizen science to support changes that benefit farmers and the environment.

Life on the Breadline End of Project Conference

A two day online conference from the Life on the Breadline project team as the culmination of three years of research into Christian responses to UK poverty in the context of austerity.

AHRC Cities of Culture Network: The Coventry Cultural Policy & Evaluation Summit

Coventry and Warwick universities are holding a dynamic event for regional and national leaders, policy makers and funders, cultural workers and academics involved in the planning, delivery and policy-shaping of UK Cities of Culture and other cultural mega-events.

PGR and ECR Forum: Welcome to the Cities of Culture Research Network

PGR event prior to the AHRC Cities of Culture Network: The Coventry Cultural Policy & Evaluation Summit

Talking Back: Hip Hop through research and practice

Talking Back: Hip Hop Through Research and Practice is grounded in feminist and critical theorist Bell Hook’s idea of “Talking Back”. This three day event will open up a space to learn more about the five pillars of Hip Hop (Knowledge, style writing/graffiti, b-boying/breaking, Djing, Emceeing) and will allow artists and researchers to sit down and discuss their practice and reflect on their research.