Women in Tech

To celebrate International Women's Day team uxplore is bringing you "Women in Tech" - celebrating women in the industry!

Obtaining richer insights from survey data using Bayesian econometrics: Applied to a food waste study

This seminar will explore a paper on food waste that used survey data and Bayesian models and it will discuss how these models can be applied to survey data.

The Market for CEOs

This seminar will study the market for CEOs of large publicly traded US firms, analyse new CEOs’ prior connections to the hiring firm, and explore how hiring choices are determined.

Defeating The Dictators

To mark the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, RISING will be organising a webinar with Charles Dunst at which he’ll present his new book to be published in February entitled ‘Defeating The Dictators’.

What Are Starvation Crimes?

This CTPSR Webinar will feature a Keynote by Bridget Conley, Research Director of the World Peace Foundation, The Fletcher School. In this session she will discuss her research on starvation crimes.  

Modelling International Students’ Decision Making process with Regards to their Overseas Education

The seminar will discuss the results of a mixed method study highlighting the key important factors affecting international student decisions to go overseas for their education, decisions to select a country, and decisions to select a particular university.

Coventry Premoderns Winter Lecture 2022/23: Dr Max Skjönsberg

Coventry Premoderns are pleased to invite you to our Winter Lecture presented by Dr Max Skjönsberg, University of Cambridge.  

Energy Data in the UK Landscape Workshop

Energy Data in the UK Landscape

Understanding and supporting community agroecology through participatory research: A case study from the Maya-Achí territory, Guatemala

This presentation will illustrate fifteen years of ethnographic research in the Maya-Achí territory, Guatemala.

Securing a greener future? Net Zero and the challenge of securing a sustainable transport system

This event will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing transport policymakers due to the transition to net zero.

If the Archive Can’t Consent: Historical Dance Footage, Computer Vision, and the Ethics of AI

As part of The Body and AI series, C-DaRE invites… Kate Elswit and Harmony Bench. If the Archive Can’t Consent: Historical Dance Footage, Computer Vision, and the Ethics of AI

Unmasking educational inequalities: The impact of Covid-19 on deaf* students in higher education

Unmasking educational inequalities: The impact of Covid-19 on deaf* students in higher education

RemixPlay 5 - The Secret Agents of Change!

The secret agents of change are people who work together to make the world a better place. They can take the form of anything from activists, artists, and educators who believe in the power of change.

The European Supply Chain Forum: tightly connecting industry and academia

This event will include a discussion with Tom Van Woensel, Professor of Freight Transport.

A Deaf Students’ journey: Deaf Awareness in Higher Education Workshop

This workshop will explore some of the key findings from a study which centred on the impact Covid-19 had on deaf students in higher education settings.

Socioeconomic potential of forestry sector and the role played by small scale trees growers: contribution to the country’s economy

Subsistence and market demand must drive innovations. There is a need to better document and plan wood clusters. The link between the national wood demand balance and the local level needs to be strengthened.

Play as Macroscope: Transdisciplinarity, Systems Thinking and Education for Planetary Citizenship

This webinar will discuss insights emerging from a currently evolving hybrid research, teaching and public engagement approach built on participatory mapping and playful design elements, aimed at promoting what Howard Odum called “the macroscope”: a capacity to holistically engage with large patterns.

Walking Through Coventry Data

Coventry’s year as the UK City of Culture 2021 has generated an unprecedented amount of data relating to cultural participation, perceptions and engagement. This has made Coventry into what is perhaps the most data-rich place in the world for cultural data.

Getting ‘surplus food’ to those in need during a cost-of-living crisis: The scaling-up of social eating in the East Midlands

This event will discuss the factors shaping the success of social eating projects as a means of tackling food insecurity.

The STEAM Stars Project: Supporting gifted pupils using STEAM

Want to find out more about research into supporting teachers’ understanding and use of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education?