Hidden Figures: Invisible barriers in mathematics education and how to overcome them.

In this seminar, I will discuss the current issues surrounding maths anxiety and mathematical resilience, focusing particularly on work with students in higher education who are not mathematicians but have some form of mathematics or statistics on their course.

Towards facilitated optimisation: A case study in mental health service provision

This CBiS seminar presents a study for the evaluation and redesign of a Primary Care Mental Health (PCMH) service located in Kent, UK.

Interfaith on Campus: What can universities do to build relations across faith and identity?

Join the Centre for Trust Peace and Social Relations' webinar focused on building relations across faith and identity at universities.

Community-Driven Agroecology on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua

This talk will explore the foundation of Casa Congo, a small NGO on the pacific coast of Nicaragua, and its mission and vision.   

Let's Discuss the Diversity of Chronic Pain

Somatic Practice and Chronic Pain Network webinar

Ecocide: A 21st Century International Crime in the Making?

In this CTPSR Webinar, Dr Suwita Hani Randhawa, a Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol), will speak about the issue of whether ecocide will come to be recognised as an international crime.

Demystifying Difference-in-Differences: A Powerful Tool for Causal Inference

This CFCI event will discuss the latest developments in the difference-in-differences estimation method literature.

A Virtual Book Launch: Risk Management and Public Service Reform

Critical discussions with the panel members around the social risks associated with public service reform in the UK.

Promoting and critiquing global citizenship education: Mobilising reflexive approaches

In this talk, Professor Pashby will draw on critiques of global competence to raise the ‘diversity dilemma’ at the heart of work towards SDG 4.7.

Improving Metaphor Detection with Frame Embedding Learning and Effective Context Denoising

This CFCI event will discuss language processing related issues and will have some implications in social sciences.

Finding Queer Joy Through Food: Festival of Social Science

An evening workshop using prompt questions and provocations for shared learning, discussion and exploration around Queer Enjoyment of Food.

Building the Sustainable City, The Game: Festival of Social Science

The event will be a 90 minutes workshop for 10 to 20 people, to come together and use playful imagination and game design techniques to imagine what a sustainable city might look like, how could it work, and what challenges its citizens might encounter.

Enhancing Financial Wellbeing Mini Fair: Festival of Social Science

The Mini Fair will provide information for local people on various issues, tools, techniques, and resources that can be used to improve how they manage their financial well-being on a day-to-day basis.

What do we mean by "belonging"?: Festival of Social Science

Working in partnership with autistic people to understand belonging for suicide prevention exhibition.

Remote4All: How to create an inclusive workplace for neurodiverse and/or disabled remote workers: Festival of Social Science

Webinar with animation and slides (powerpoint) via MS Teams – 1 hour. Followed by a short video debrief to cover the main points of the webinar.

Exploring the Transition from Techno-Centric Industry 4.0 Towards Value-Centric Industry 5.0

The seminar will explore the transition from techno-centric industry 4.0 towards value-centric industry 5.0.

Teenage Girls, Positive Minds: Festival of Social Science

In this two-hour event we will showcase an awareness campaign about co-rumination, run between universities in Coventry, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Composing with Found Sound: Festival of Social Science

Composition with Found Sounds is a session in which participants will explore different sonic possibilities in the local environment and ways to be creative with sound, part of the Festival of Social Science.

Play in Education, Seriously?: Festival of Social Science

The Centre for Postdigital Cultures invites you to join this event for fun educational game sessions, part of the Festival of Social Science.

Ethics in AI and Surveillance Research

This CBiS seminar focuses on fundamental principles of integrity and ethics in using AI in research and surveillance.