Intimate Issues: Postdigital Intimacies and Mental Health Care

In this talk, the point of departure is that online mental health support provides a form of care whose implementation is highly dependent on generating intimacy, which involves experiences of proximity, security, trust and confidentiality.

HDRC: Co-creating training opportunities to involve people in research

Coventry City Council is home to a newly establishing Research Collaboration, working with collaborators from our local universities in Coventry and Warwick and voluntary and community organisations in the city.

Tales of Two Studies – Solving a Social Conflict or Seeking a Financial Benefit

This CFCI event will discuss research approaches in economics and finance: can there be a conflict?

Gender and Innovation Working Group

The Gender and Innovation Working Group aims to promote gender-inclusive innovation within the EU and draws on insights from the ongoing Gendered Innovation Living Labs (GILL) project. 

Digital Vigilance: Harnessing Big Data for Enhanced Fraud Prevention Education in E-Retail

This CBiS event will discuss the utilisation of big data in e-retail, to harness insights and foster a continuous educational approach to fraud prevention.

C-DaRE Invites...The Body and Science: Thinking Bodies and Dancing Brains

Why do we dance, and why are we moved by dance? Emily Cross will present her research followed by a Q&A led by Simon Ellis.

Launching the Clean Futures Catalyst

The Clean Futures Catalyst (CFC) aims to help businesses operating in the transport sector to transition to net zero – whilst increasing the regions capacity for clean technology.

Using AI, Distributed Ledger Technology and Internet of Things to Counter Illicit Money Flows in EU

The seminar will discuss how the collaborative use of AI, DLT, and IoT can be powerful tools to sustainably combat illicit money flows in the EU.

Risk taking and decision making across domains: A review of Yaniv Hanoch's research

This CBiS event will review my different strand of research related to risk and decision making.

Bi-objective Stochastic Programming: Solution Method Discussion

In this seminar, Ilias will discuss the significant research progress made regarding bi-objective stochastic programming during his visit to the CBiS centre.

Engineering Skills for Life: Apprenticeships Open Event

Build your future with engineering #NAW2024. You are invited to the 17th annual week-long celebration of apprenticeships to discover the engineering apprenticeship courses offered by Coventry University.   

Understanding AML/CFT Compliance: Unpacking the Requirements for UK Asset Managers of Luxembourg-Based Funds

The Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity (CFCI) in cooperation with the Royal United Services Institute’s (RUSI) Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies would like to invite you to this event.

A New Canteen Culture? Reimagining Public Eating for Sustenance, Socialising and Sustainability

This CBiS event will look back to historical precedents and ahead to the future of food, this seminar explores the benefits of reimagining public canteens in the UK.

Your money, your life: Experiences of young people’s borrowing

At this seminar, we will share young people’s (aged 18-24) personal experiences of borrowing and their use of unsecured credit.

C-DaRE Invites...The Body and Science: Chronic Pain

We have invited four members of the Somatic Practice and Chronic Pain Network to talk online about their research and to be in an open conversation about the intersections between science, art, somatics, the body and pain.

Charge on or charge off? Perceptions of EV charging infrastructure in the UK

This CBiS event will discuss issues concerning charging infrastructure for EVs and the current perceptions of these changes.

Moving Texts: Writing the Lives of Pre-Modern Books

Registration is now open for this one-day online conference, which contributes to the growing interest in the copy-specific journeyings of pre-modern books.

Choosing a Journal for Publication

Publishing in top international journals (such as those with 3*/4* CABS assignments) is a priority for most academics.   

Uncertainty in future changes in Sahel precipitation

Variations of the West African monsoon have strong impacts on Sahelian societies, on agriculture yield, drought and flooding risks, economy, among others. It is therefore extremely important to understanding how the West African monsoon could change in the future.

Financial Rewards and Whistleblowers: Money, Ethics and the Quest for Effective Encouragement to Speak Up

This CFCI seminar will focus on financial rewards and whistleblowing from a comparative legal perspective. The comparison will be between the UK, the US and the EU.