Don't Dis my Ability: Marginalised voices from sport

This CBiS event will discuss the outcomes of a recently completed Heritage Lottery Fund pilot project.

Coventry City Region case study: Mapping of Coventry’s foodscape as a site of agroecological transition

This interactive seminar and workshop will consist of a presentation summarising the evolution of Coventry’s food system over the past 70 years.

Democratisation of Luxury: Current State and Future Directions

This CBiS event will discuss aspects related to luxury consumption

Anthropocentric Placemaking vs Cinematic Placemaking: A Talk on Cinema’s Operativity in (Making) Places

ARTSPACECITY researchers from the Centre for Postdigital Cultures are hosting a new online seminar series.

“The Farmers are taking care of this”: Food Sovereignty in Haiti & Uganda

This seminar explores the impact of participatory learning and action approaches on the development and implementation of the Konbit Vanyan Kapab Farmer-to-Farmer Agroecology for Food Sovereignty Initiative (“FAFSI”).

Coventry HDRC Seminar: Upskilling Residents to be Community Researchers

Sinead Ouillon will discuss how local residents can be provided with the skills to conduct their own research projects, and how this research can benefit their community.

Unlocking the Potential – Exploring Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the Metaverse

We invite early career researchers to submit abstracts for participation in an exciting academic workshop that delves into the world of blockchain technology, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and the emerging Metaverse.

The glass cliff phenomenon and female chair appointments

This CFCI event will present the findings of the funded research sponsored by BA/Leverhulme on the Glass Cliff Phenomenon in female Chair appointments.  

Engaging Ethnic Minorities with Retirement Planning

This CBiS seminar will discuss what can be done to engage minorities with retirement planning.

A Tax-Shaped Retail Landscape

This CBiS event will discuss the impact that uniform "one-size-fits-all" tax policies have on shaping the retail landscape.

AI-enabled open innovation: How partner trustworthiness mitigates knowledge hiding between organisations

This seminar explores how rivals’ absorptive capacity influences AI capability development, mediated by open innovation, while considering the impact of interorganisational knowledge hiding.

Intimate Issues: Postdigital Intimacies and Mental Health Care

In this talk, the point of departure is that online mental health support provides a form of care whose implementation is highly dependent on generating intimacy, which involves experiences of proximity, security, trust and confidentiality.

Tales of Two Studies – Solving a Social Conflict or Seeking a Financial Benefit

This CFCI event will discuss research approaches in economics and finance: can there be a conflict?

Gender and Innovation Working Group

The Gender and Innovation Working Group aims to promote gender-inclusive innovation within the EU and draws on insights from the ongoing Gendered Innovation Living Labs (GILL) project. 

Digital Vigilance: Harnessing Big Data for Enhanced Fraud Prevention Education in E-Retail

This CBiS event will discuss the utilisation of big data in e-retail, to harness insights and foster a continuous educational approach to fraud prevention.

C-DaRE Invites...The Body and Science: Thinking Bodies and Dancing Brains

Why do we dance, and why are we moved by dance? Emily Cross will present her research followed by a Q&A led by Simon Ellis.

Using AI, Distributed Ledger Technology and Internet of Things to Counter Illicit Money Flows in EU

The seminar will discuss how the collaborative use of AI, DLT, and IoT can be powerful tools to sustainably combat illicit money flows in the EU.

Risk taking and decision making across domains: A review of Yaniv Hanoch's research

This CBiS event will review my different strand of research related to risk and decision making.

Bi-objective Stochastic Programming: Solution Method Discussion

In this seminar, Ilias will discuss the significant research progress made regarding bi-objective stochastic programming during his visit to the CBiS centre.

Understanding AML/CFT Compliance: Unpacking the Requirements for UK Asset Managers of Luxembourg-Based Funds

The Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity (CFCI) in cooperation with the Royal United Services Institute’s (RUSI) Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies would like to invite you to this event.