Digital Vigilance: Harnessing Big Data for Enhanced Fraud Prevention Education in E-Retail

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Wednesday 06 March 2024

12:00 PM - 02:00 PM


WM442, William Morris Building, Coventry University

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This CBiS event will discuss the utilisation of big data in e-retail, to harness insights and foster a continuous educational approach to fraud prevention.


In the post-COVID-19 era, the virtualisation of retail introduces complex human and non-human interactions, heightening the risk of digital fraud. Despite the prevalence of big data in various industries, there is a notable gap in its application for fraud prevention education in e-retail.

This study, based on interviews with 32 experts (CEOs and senior data and fraud managers) in e-retail, explores the untapped potential of big data for enhancing fraud prevention knowledge. The findings underscore the underutilisation of big data in e-retail for training and awareness programs.

To fortify digital fraud prevention, e-retail organisations are urged to harness data insights, fostering a continuous educational approach. Empowering employees with fraud prevention knowledge not only aligns them with expectations but also shapes their decisions and behaviour, fortifying the defences against digital fraud.


Dr Chiwuokem Nwoko is a researcher with a keen interest in data utilisation, particularly customer data, for various organizations. His primary focus is on leveraging "big data" to inform decision-making and enhance strategic dialogues, all while considering the impact of data sharing and privacy on cybersecurity and evolving business models.

He holds a PhD in Strategy and Applied Management, specialising in Big Data Transformation and Cybersecurity Management in Business from Coventry University, UK. He has earned other notable academic qualifications, including an MBA in Global Financial Services and an MSc in International Economics, Finance, and Development. His foundation lies in a BSc (Hons.) in Economics and a BSc (Hons.) in International Relations and Diplomacy.

Currently, he serves as a Lecturer in Strategy and Operations at Plymouth Business School, contributing to both the University of Plymouth's internal endeavours and enterprise initiatives in Geneva and Malaysia. His affiliations include memberships with various academic associations and networks, including the Strategic Management Society, the British Academy Early Career Researcher Network and the British Academy of Management. He is also associated with the Centre for Cyber Security, Communications, and Network Research (CSCAN) and is an Associate Fellow with the Higher Education Academy.