Sigma Maths and Stats Support

Coventry was one of the very first universities to offer its students mathematics support. Its purpose is to supplement the maths teaching in their courses and to make good any gaps in their background knowledge.

Here are some of the things the sigmateam offers you as a Coventry student:

  • a drop-in centre in the Library open 7 days a week in term time;
  • a superbly-appointed room with valuable online and hard-copy resources on hand;
  • a team of friendly tutors who are skilled teachers and include experts in most areas where maths is used;
  • free access for students across all degree programmes and subject areas;
  • no bookings required – just walk in and seek help whenever the Centre’s open;
  • comprehensive service for students using statistics in their studies, especially final-year undergraduates and postgraduates analysing data for project reports and dissertations;
    • a comfortable place to study and learn, very popular with students at all stages,  from first year right up to postgraduate level;
    • work sheets to take away and core textbooks for reference, covering every aspect of mathematics;
    • a lunchtime outreach desk for ‘sticking-plaster’ help in The Hub, the centre of campus social life, with the Union and a host of other student services.
      1. to enhance and extend the provision at Coventry and Loughborough;
      2. to raise national awareness and help other universities to create their own maths support centres;
      3. to study mathematics support as an academic discipline, including its pedagogical, administrative and institutional aspects.
      • statistics experts available for drop-in help at specified times in the Support Centre
      • hour-long appointments for advanced students needing advice on experiment design and data analysis;
      • series of workshop covering a wide range of basic statistical techniques aimed at research students and academic staff.
      • hands-on sessions for Numerical Reasoning, mainly aiming to help students prepare for the job recruitment process;

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Statistics Advisory Service

An important part of sigma’s provision is its Statistics Advisory Service (SAS). Led by Professor Tim Sparks, SAS offer the following:

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sigma began in the Engineering Faculty in the early 1990s with funding from BP. The provision slowly grew, and in 2005, in partnership with Loughborough University, Coventry won significant funding and national prestige as a Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) for mathematics and statistics support. Its chosen CETL name was sigma and its brief was:

The Government’s CETL funding was for 5 years only, and when it came to an end in 2010, sigma’s continued success was underwritten by Coventry University as one of its prime support services. In 2011 sigma won a prestigious Times Higher award for student support, jointly with Loughborough University.

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