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Investigation of green roofs as an ecological tool in combating urbanisation, improving biodiversity and providing wildlife stepping stones

The aim of this two year KTP project is to investigate the value of water managed green infrastructure in urban areas to improve biodiversity.

Researching Farmer Perspectives on the Impact of a Potential Increase in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones in Wales

This research aims to assess the impact of this policy change on farmers through environmental, technical and economic perspectives.

Exceed in Coventry

Exceed in Coventry is a three-year project providing tailored help and support to over 1,300 Coventry residents, enabling them to progress into education, training, job search or employment.

An Examination of Customer Engagement on Mobile Apps

The objective of the study is to examine the factors that drive customer engagement on mobile phones apps. The study assesses the role of mobile apps in two mega events; Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Measuring the Social, Making Markets: Imagining and Constructing Global markets for Social Investment

The project will analyse the (international) creation of social investment (SI) markets, addressing the following research objectives: What ideas and discourses support the different models of an SI market? How do different understandings translate into market practice? How do market practices travel across space and place?

Enabling and translating advances in diagnostic and communication technologies to reduce the burden of STIs (eSTI2

Enabling and translating advances in diagnostic and communication technologies to reduce the burden of STIs (eSTI2).


The ultimate aim of this intervention is to empower mothers to breastfeed for as long as they wish. An associated increase in breastfeeding duration would result in reduced incidence of maternal and infant disease.

An Assessment of the Outcomes of the Social Incubator Fund

In July 2012, the Cabinet Office established a £10 million Social Incubator Fund as part of its broader strategy to grow the UK’s social investment market. The aim of the project was to assess the success and effectiveness of different forms of incubator and their finance and business support packages on the development of early stage social ventures. Acting as a sub-consultant to policy consultancy ICF Consulting, Nick Henry provided expert peer review on the evaluation methodology, findings and recommendations.

Healthy Gardeners

Biomechanical software has been developed at Coventry University which has the capability of analysing musculoskeletal systems.

The Emerging Ethical Profile of Mega-Events

The emerging ethical profile of mega-events: exploring the governance, standards and sustainability issues that contribute to corporate social responsility legacies.

Towards consumption reduction in clothing: An exploration of the motivators, facilitators and impediments to buying less

Towards consumption reduction in clothing: An exploration of the motivators,facilitators and impediments to buying less

The temporary staffing industry and economic change

The analytical work of the different national temporary staffing industries and the way they operate in different labour markets is designed to advance our understanding of labour market operations, challenges and developments, particularly around the use and nature of temporary work. This project is designed to deliver impact to a broad range of stakeholders, including academics, policy makers, those working in the industry and the general public.

(BASE) British Academic Spoken English Corpus

The British Academic Spoken English (BASE) corpus is a record of the speech of university lecturers and students at the turn of the 21st century. The corpus consists of 160 lectures and 39 seminars recorded in a variety of university departments.


This project seeks to develop and test new processes that enable rapid, high-quality, low-cost manufacturing of prototype samples of e-motor lamination stacks.

REsilient Water Innovation for Smart Economy (REWAISE)

REWAISE will create a new “smart water ecosystem”, mobilising all relevant stakeholders to make society embrace the true value of water, reducing freshwater and energy use.

Subtle Agroecologies: Farming with the Hidden Half of Nature

This research programme comprises a growing number of research projects, doctoral studies, academic publications and outreach activities. Subtle Agroecologies “is not a farming system in itself, but superimposes a non-material dimension upon existing, materially-based agroecological farming systems. It is grounded in the lived experiences of humans working on, and with, the land, and with nature over thousand of years to the present.” (Wright, 2021)

Capturing Stillness: Visualisations of Dance Through Motion Capture

The Capturing Stillness project places a microscope on the dance practice Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT), in combination with motion capture and game engine technologies.

Reality Remix

The 'Reality Remix' project brings together an interdisciplinary team of experts to address challenges and opportunities that emergent technologies bring to content creation and interaction methods in Mixed, Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Supporting Urban Integrated Transport Systems (SUITS)

SUITS is one of the three projects of the EU’s CIVITAS 2020 initiative focusing on sustainable urban mobility plans.