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Leadership team

Helen Maddock - Executive Director

The Centre for Exercise, Sport and Life Sciences (CSELS) has a strong Research Leadership Team and support staff who are creating an exciting and innovative environment for our Post Graduate Researchers and early career researchers.

The Centre is run by Executive Director Helen Maddock, Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology and Pharmacology. Helen has a PhD in Cardiovascular Pharmacology investigating intracellular signalling mechanisms associated with myocardial ischaemia-reperfusion injury. During this time she undertook studies using human cardiac tissue obtained from cardiac bypass graft patients. Her research interests include: Cardiac contractile dysfunction; Mitochondrial activity and energetic; Drug-induced cardiotoxicity/Safety Pharmacology; Myocardial stress adaptation and oxidative stress; Human factor assessment using physiological techniques; Identifying cardio-protective therapies for treating myocardial ischaemia/reperfusion injury; Heart Failure.

In December 2019, Helen was appointment as a member of the BBSRC Follow-on Fund Committee until 31 December 2022. 

Helen is supported by the following members of staff who make up the Centres’ Senior Leadership Team:

Dr Bernard Burke is an Assistant Professor in the School of Life Sciences. His main research areas are molecular cell biology with regard to innate immunity to pathogens, especially with regard to the activities of one of the key white blood cells, the macrophage, and how these are affected by hypoxia.

Jackie Carter is the Operations Manager and is responsible for the effective management and strategic development of the Centre. She is the key contact for queries relating to financial forecasting, business development opportunities, communications activities, partnership engagement and general queries relating to the effective running of the Centre. She has a background in Strategic Management including finance, communications and operations and has an MBA from the University of Gloucestershire.

Dr Neil Clarke is Associate Professor in the Sport and Exercise Science and leads the research theme on ‘Sport and Human Performance‘. His research expertise broadly fits across Sport and Exercise Science, with a predominant focus on physiology and sport performance. His PhD involved elements of exercise biochemistry, physiology and nutrition, along with spirt performance.

Professor Mike Duncan is a BASES-accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist with research interests in the field of children, physical activity, exercise and obesity. As of July 2013 he has published over 70 peer reviewed journal papers, 20 books or chapters in edited books and over 110 peer reviewer conference presentations. He is a member of the European College of Sports Science, American College of Sports Medicine, United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association and a Fellow of the British Association of Sport and exercise Sciences.

He has experience in working with elite athletes in prescribing exercise programmes and evaluating performance and also has worked extensively with community groups on topics such as physical activity interventions in children and adolescents and the effects of nutritional manipulation on cognitive and functional performance in older adults.

Derek Renshaw is the Centre’s Academic Director and Director of the Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) and Professor of Endocrine Physiology. His research includes working on models of inflammation and particularly the area of pro-resolution with a focus on Annexin A1 protein.

Derek continues to work in the area of inflammation and pursued a number of research areas including work on salivary biomarkers, the inflammation associated with adiposity and the use of anti-inflammatory substances as therapeutic agents. His area of expertise is endocrinology/ inflammation/ gut physiology and his research interests include Stress; Obesity; Satiety; Adipose tissue inflammation.

Professor Mark Wheatley is Professor of Biochemical Pharmacology in the Centre. He was previously employed in the School of Biosciences at the University of Birmingham and is also a member of the Centre for Membrane Proteins and Receptors (COMPARE), a collaborative research initiative between the University of Birmingham and the University of Nottingham. He has over 30 years’ experience investigating the structure and function of G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) using multi-disciplinary approaches.

He was appointed lecturer in Birmingham in 1988 and was given a Chair by the University of Birmingham in 2007. Interest in his research by the pharmaceutical industry has resulted in a series of collaborations with multi-national pharmaceutical companies.

Professor Wheatley has regularly organised international meetings on GPCRs and was invited onto the International Union of Pharmacology (IUPHAR) committee on Receptor Nomenclature and Drug Classification as an 'international expert' on vasopressin and oxytocin receptors. He is also an elected Fellow of the British Pharmacological Society.

Sebastien Farnaud is Associate Professor in biomedical Science in CSELS, and also Enterprise and Innovation (E&I) Lead for the Centre. Following his PhD at King’s college London, Sebastien has developed his 20 years of academic and research experience in several institutions, including Imperial College, the University of Westminster and the University of Bedfordshire, but also in the third sector as Science Director in a medical research charity.

His research expertise includes the biomedical aspects of iron metabolism, particularly in Parkinson Disease, and also the development of antimicrobial peptides. His interest in metals, particularly iron, led him to create the Bioleaching Group which tackle bioremediation issue including the recycling of precious metal from electronic waste. His strong interest in Enterprise & Innovation, which includes the directorship and creation of several companies, has led him to the developing a number of collaboration with industry, including several Knowledge Transfer partnerships (KTPs).

Professional services staff

Name Title Email
Jackie Carter Operations Manager ac7923@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Hugh Kikuchi Senior Research Technician ac7980@coventry.ac.uk
Darmishta Chapaneri Laboratory Assistant ac8935@coventry.ac.uk


Name Title Email
Professor Richard Aspinall Associate Dean (Research) ac8908@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Jason Bennett Lecturer (Pharmacology and Therapeutics) ad2619@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Bernard Burke Assistant Professor  ac2561@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Cain Clark Research Fellow ad0183@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Neil Clarke Associate Professor (Sport and Exercise Science) ab1633@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Tom Cullen Research Fellow ad0189@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Mike Dodd Assistant Professor (Bio-sciences) ac8844@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Pablo Domene Lecturer (Sports and Exercise Science) ac1579@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Honglin Dong Lecturer (Human Nutrition) ac0036@coventry.ac.uk
Professor Mike Duncan Professor (Applied Sport and Exercise Science) aa8396@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Emma Eyre Assistant Professor (Sport and Exercise) ab2223@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Sebastien Farnaud Associate Professor (Biomedical Science)  ac4086@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Phillip Gould Assistant Professor (Biotechnology) ac2921@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Jennifer Greaves Lecturer (Biomedical Science) ac9914@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Matt Hill Assistant Professor (Sport and Exercise Science) ab2225@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Elizabeth Horton  Assistant Professor (Lifestyle Management) apx242@coventry.ac.uk
Professor Rob James Academic Dean apx214@coventry.ac.uk
Professor Helen Maddock Executive Director and Professor (Cardiovascular Physiology & Pharmacology) apx281@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Igor Morozov Assistant Professor (Biomolecular Sciences) ab6069@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Martyn Morris Associate Head of School (International) ac4515@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Peter Mundy Assistant Professor (Strength and Conditioning) ab9674@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Sam Oxford Associate Head of School (Enterprise and Commercial) apx327@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Mike Price Associate Professor (Exercise Physiology) aa5969@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Stu Raleigh Assistant Professor (Biosciences) ac8510@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Anne Reiman Assistant Professor (Bio-molecular Sciences) ac3345@coventry.ac.uk
Professor Derek Renshaw Academic Director and Professor (Endocrine Physiology) ab9598@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Laura Roden Senior Lecturer (Biologicial Sciences) ad1301@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Hardip Sandhu Assistant Professor (Safety Pharmacology) ab1682@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Jason Tallis Assistant Professor (Biomechanics) ab0289@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Doug Thake Associate Professor (Human Physiology) apx223@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Mark Turner Research Fellow (Clinical Research) ad3759@coventry.ac.uk
Professor Mark Wheatley Professor (Biochemical Pharmacology) ad1524@covetry.ac.uk
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