Our people

If you are unsure of the person you are looking for please contact CSELS Reception on +44 (0)24 7765 9121 where a member of the operations team will be happy to assist you. You can also email us.


Name Title Email
Dr Jason Bennett Assistant Professor ad2619@coventry.ac.uk
Professor David Broom Professor of Physical Activity, Exercise and Health ad5173@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Bernard Burke Associate Professor ac2561@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Mike Dodd

Assistant Professor (Bio-sciences) ac8844@coventry.ac.uk
Professor Michael Duncan Professor of Applied Sport and Exercise Science aa8396@coventry.ac.uk
Professor Sebastien Farnaud Professor in Bio-Innovation & Enterprise ac4086@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Jennifer Greaves Assistant Professor ac9914@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Matt Hill Assistant Professor (Sport and Exercise Science) ab2225@coventry.ac.uk
Professor Djordje Jakovljevic Professor of Cardiovascular and Exercise Medicine and Research Lead ad5287@coventry.ac.uk
Professor David Johnson Professor of Bioscience and Biotechnological Engineering ad5318@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Ben Lee Assistant Professor (Occupational and Thermal Physiology)  ac2389@coventry.ac.uk
Professor Helen Maddock Executive Director and Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology & Pharmacology apx281@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Gordon McGregor Associate Professor (Clinical Exercise Physiology) ac4378@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Igor Morozov Assistant Professor (Biomolecular Sciences) ab6069@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Eva Pakostova Assistant Professor (Bio-science and Biotechnological Engineering)  ad5319@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Mike Price Associate Professor (Exercise Physiology) aa5969@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Stu Raleigh Associate Professor (Bio-sciences) ac8510@coventry.ac.uk
Professor Derek Renshaw Professor of Endrocrine Physiology ab9598@coventry.ac.uk
Professor Christopher Reynolds Professor of Computational Chemistry ad5291@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Laura Roden Associate Professor (Biologicial Sciences) ad1301@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Mark Turner Assistant Professor ad3759@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Hardip Sandhu Assistant Professor (Safety Pharmacology) ab1682@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Jason Tallis Associate Professor (Biomechanics) ab0289@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Doug Thake Associate Professor (Human Physiology) apx223@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Mark Turner Research Fellow (Clinical Research) ad3759@coventry.ac.uk
Professor Mark Wheatley Professor of Biochemical Pharmacology ad1524@covetry.ac.uk

Researchers Associates

Name Title Email
Professor Richard Aspinall Associate Dean (Research) ac8908@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Neil Clarke Associate Professor (Sport and Exercise Science) ab1633@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Honglin Dong   ac0036@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Emma Eyre Assistant Professor (Sport and Exercise) ab2223@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Phillip Gould Associate Head of School (Enterprise and Innovation) ac2921@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Elizabeth Horton  Associate Head of School (Research) apx242@coventry.ac.uk
Professor Rob James Academic Dean apx214@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Martyn Morris Associate Head of School (International) ac4515@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Peter Mundy   ab9674@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Sam Oxford Associate Professor apx327@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Anne Reiman Assistant Professor (Bio-molecular Sciences) ac3345@coventry.ac.uk

ASPiRE Fellows

Name Title Email
James Dayus ASPiRE Fellow ab8506@coventry.ac.uk 
Jo Hankey ASPiRE Fellow ab0397@coventry.ac.uk 
Maximilan Wdowski  ASPiRE Fellow ac6071@coventry.ac.uk 
Rhys Morris ASPiRE Fellow ac9669@coventry.ac.uk
Hannah Bridgewater ASPiRE Fellow ad4698@coventry.ac.uk
Isabella Nyambayo ASPiRE Fellow ac5355@coventry.ac.uk


KTP Associates

Name Title Email
Dr Emma Buike KTP Associate 

Dr Mahsa Baniasadi KTP Associate ad0004@coventry.ac.uk

Professional services staff

Name Title Email
Jackie Carter Operations Manager ac7923@coventry.ac.uk
Dr Hugh Kikuchi Senior Research Technician ac7980@coventry.ac.uk
Darmishta Chapaneri Laboratory Assistant ac8935@coventry.ac.uk
Roman Harburdas Senior Technician  ad5168@coventry.ac.uk

Visiting Academics

  • Professor Ian Cree is Head of the World Health Organization (WHO) Classification of Tumors Group. He is responsible for publishing the WHO Blue Books, which are the definitive reference books for the diagnosis and classification of cancers across the globe. Ian trained as a general pathologist with a PhD in immunology. His research career has been based on investigating disease mechanisms to improve diagnosis and treatment, particularly for cancer. He has developed several molecular diagnostics methods, and led the UK Early Cancer Detection Consortium (2012–2017).

    Ian has previously held positions at the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) on the Diagnostics Advisory Committee. He was founding Chair of the Inter-specialty Committee on Molecular Pathology for the Royal College of Pathologists (2011-2015), where he chaired the Research Committee and the Early Cancer Detection Consortium (2015-2017). He was also a molecular pathologist at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW).

    Contact Ian: ac1389@coventry.ac.uk

  • Alfonso Jimenez is Professor of Exercise Science & Health at the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University. He is also the Chief Research & Innovation Officer at GO fit LAB; the research and innovation arm of Ingesport/GO fit. His research interests focus in the areas of health and fitness, clinical exercise, active living and worksite health promotion, having led and managed as PI on 27 competitive research and consultancy projects, with a total funding allocation exceeding £1.5 million.

    Alfonso is an international scholar who has worked as Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Health, Exercise and Sports Science at the Europe an University of Madrid (Spain), and main academic leader of the Real Madrid Graduate School; Professor, Deputy Dean and Head of School of Sport and Exercise Science at Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia); Professor and Head of the Centre for Sport Science & Human Performance at the University of Greenwich (London); and Chairman of the Standards Council at Europe Active (the former Europe an Health & Fitness Association in Brussels, Belgium).

    Contact Alfonso: ab9935@coventry.ac.uk

  • Professor Sally Singh is Head of Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehabilitation at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust. Her research specialisms include pulmonary rehabilitation and digital interventions to support rehabilitation and recovery.

    Sally holds a role at the University of Leicester’s Department of Respiratory Sciences. She has also been working with national clinical leaders to build the ground breaking ‘Your Covid Recovery’ online service, where she leads on rehabilitation for patients with chronic lung disease and cardiovascular disease.

    Sally is a member of the World Health Organisation’s Development Group for Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) rehabilitation programme, and is the clinical lead for the National Asthma and COPD Audit Programme. She has been awarded NHS-E funding to develop a post-COVID-19 digital recovery programme. She is also leading the British Thoracic Society’s guidance for pulmonary rehabilitation, where she is the clinical lead on the ‘Survey of health care professionals’ opinions of the role and adaptations required for pulmonary rehabilitation for COVID-19 patients’.

    Contact Sally: hsx542@coventry.ac.uk 

  • Professor Faizel Osman is a Consultant Cardiologist / Electrophysiologist at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust (UHCW). He is highly acclaimed in the area of clinical cardiology working with partners from around the world. Our work with Professor Osman is focused around autonomic function associated with various cardiovascular diseases aligned to areas of research within CSELS.

    Faizel is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Europe an Society of Cardiology and member of the British Heart Rhythm Society and West Midlands Physicians Association. He is also a reviewer for a number of peer reviewed journals (for example, Heart, Postgraduate Medical Journal) and a reviewer for NIHR grant applications.

  • Dr Raj Shrimali is Consultant Clinical Oncologist in the Department of Oncology at the University Hospital of Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW). He specialises in oncology and radiotherapy. Our work with Dr Shrimali is focused around Cardio Oncology, which aligns a growing area of research (led by Professor Helen Maddock) within the centre. Raj has excellent experience of working in a multi-disciplinary team approach focusing on the effects of radiotherapy treatment for breast cancers impacts on the heart.

  • Professor Coad is Professor in Children and Family Nursing in the School of Health Sciences at Nottingham University and also an Emeritus Professor at Coventry University.

    She has a strong background in both art and nursing, specifically in complex and seriously ill health needs in children, young people and their families. Her research is predominantly focused on children and families that have long term, complex and palliative care needs. Professor Coad was awarded a Royal College of Nursing Fellowship in 2013 for lifetime research and leads on a number of local, national and international groups. She was recently invited to the House of Commons to speak as part of a Teenage Cancer Trust briefing for the shadow secretary of state for health.

    Contact Jane: aa9737@coventry.ac.uk

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