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Our publications

Our research staff have a range of publications that you can access through their PURE profiles. Please select the member of staff from our staff pages.

Here is a selection of our publications. To see the full list, please visit the PURE portal.

Title Journal Author (s)
Influence of water-based exercise on energy intake, appetite, and appetite-related hormones in adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Appetite, (2023) Grigg, M. J., Thake, C. D., Allgrove, J. E., King, J. A., Thackray, A. E., Stensel, D. J., Owen, A., & Broom, D. R.
What is needed to reduce the risk of anterior cruciate ligament injuries in children? – Hearing from experts.  Physical Therapy in Sport, (2023) Heering, T., Lander, N. J., Barnett, L. M., & Duncan, M.
Athlete and practitioner prevalence, practices, and perceptions of passive heating in sport. Sport Sciences for Health, (2023) Menzies, C., Clarke, N., Pugh, C., Steward, C., Thake, C. D., & Cullen, T. 
‘At risk’ waist-to-height ratio cut-off points recently adopted by NICE and US Department of Defense will unfairly penalize shorter adults. What is the solution?  Obesity Research and Clinical Practice, (2023) Nevill, A. M., Leahy, G., Jerry, M., Sandercock, G. R. H., Myers, T., & Duncan, M.
Effects of arm movement strategies on emotional state and balance control during height-induced postural threat in young adults. Gait and Posture, (2023) Hill, M., Russell, K., Wdowski, M., Lord, S., Muehlbauer, T., & Ellmers, T.
The effect of age and mitigation strategies during hot water immersion on orthostatic intolerance and thermal stress. Experimental Physiology, (2023) Steward, C., Menzies, C., Clarke, N., Harwood, A. E., Hill, M., Pugh, C., Thake, C. D., & Cullen, T. 
Agreement between Force Platform and Smartphone Application-Derived Measures of Vertical Jump Height in Youth Grassroots Soccer Players.  Sports, (2023) Tallis, J., Morris, R., Duncan, M., Eyre, E., & Guimarães-Ferreira, L. 
Physical activity promoting teaching practices and children’s physical activity within physical education lessons underpinned by motor learning theory. PLoS ONE, (2022) Crotti, M., Rudd, J., Roberts, S., Fitton Davies, K., O’Callaghan, L., Utesch, T., & Foweather, L.
Motor Competence Among Children in the United Kingdom and Ireland: An Expert Statement on Behalf of the International Motor Development Research Consortium. Journal of Motor Learning and Development, (2022) Duncan, M., Foweather, L., Bardid, F., Barnett, A., Rudd, J., O'Brien, W., Foulkes, J., Roscoe, C. M. P., Issartel, J., Stratton, G., & Clark, C. 
Actual and perceived motor competence mediate the relationship between physical fitness and technical skill performance in young soccer players.  European Journal of Sport Science, (2022) Duncan, M., Eyre, E., Noon, M., Morris, R., Thake, C. D., Clarke, N., & Cunningham, A.
Effects of flywheel training with eccentric-overload on standing balance, mobility, physical function, muscle thickness and muscle quality in older adults.
Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, (2022)
Hill, M., Roberts, M., Price, M., & Kay, A.
Effect of Stimulation Frequency on Force, Power, and Fatigue of Isolated Mouse Extensor Digitorum Longus Muscle. Journal of Experimental Biology, (2022) Shelley, S., James, R., Eustace, S., Eyre, E., & Tallis, J.
“It is Easy to do Nothing and Easy to Sit Down”: Perceptions of Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviors During Pre-retirement. Journal of Applied Gerontology, (2022) Spiteri, K., Broom, D., Grafton, K., Laventure, B., & Xerri de Caro, J.
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