Financial Markets and Institutions


This group comprises of four interrelated clusters, namely Financial Markets and Empirical Asset Pricing (FMEAP), Banking and Financial Institutions (BFI), Microfinance and Islamic Finance (MIF) and, Behavioural Finance and Economics (BFE).  

The first cluster, FMEAP, investigates issues on market efficiency and informational anomalies; empirical asset pricing; market microstructure; market volatility and financial contagion; heterogeneous agent models and personal finance. Its empirical research concentrates on the pricing of financial assets and the impact of dispersed investors' beliefs as well as political and sovereign risks on their pricing.

The BFI research stream focuses on the development of contemporary theoretical models of banking behaviour and empirical analysis on behavioural and governance characteristics of banks and their impact on banks’ performance and financial stability. All these issues are investigated in the context of regulatory and environmental considerations and encompass all sectors such as public, private, foreign, commercial, savings, and Islamic banks across all geographical regions of the world.

The MIF research stream focuses on the development of a theoretical framework to critically evaluate the suitability of existing practices in the development of enterprises, eradication of poverty, gender empowerment and fostering of social change via the use of financial intermediation.

The BF research stream aims to investigate deportation of financial and economics decision-making from the standard paradigm of expected utility theory (neoclassical economic approach) and its manifestation in many real-life economic and financial applications.

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Chigozile Nnamdi Chuku

Non-oil export in the economic growth of Nigeria from 1970-2016: A Vector Autoregressive Analysis

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Shee Yee Khoo

The relationship between company characteristics and credit ratings in emerging countries of different regions before and after the global financial crisis