Accounting, Accountability, Law and Governance

Accounting, Accountability, Law and Governance

The Accounting, Accountability, Law and Governance group focuses on market-based accounting and legal research in the context of (but not limited to):

  • accounting narratives;
  • mergers and acquisition issues;
  • behavioural accounting and management issues;
  • executive compensation schemes;
  • corporate governance structures;
  • accounting information quality;
  • financial crime prevention and reporting;
  • implications of financial crime to the society at large;
  • taxation and development;
  • professional ethics.

The aim of this group is to create awareness and understanding of those issues to a wider audience including local businesses, multi-national corporations and other relevant stakeholders.

 Adeyemi Thomas Kayode Thumbnail

Adeyemi Thomas Kayode

Analysis of corporate governance disclosure statements by UK-FTSE350 companies

 Stanley Kupezare Thumbnail

Stanley Kupezare

Gender diversity and earnings management using classical shifting

 Tembo McFoster Thumbnail

Tembo McFoster

The effect of culture, religion and ethnicity on implementation of CSR practices in Malawi

 Yuhui Wang Thumbnail

Yuhui Wang

Capital structure for Chinese firms