About us

The Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity (CFCI) was established in 2017 to bring a unique interdisciplinary approach exploring the complex interrelationships between economics, finance, accounting and law that together inform transformative issues and events facing global corporations and how these affect relevant stakeholders in terms of social, economic and environmental welfare and sustainability.

Transformative issues and events including: corporate scandals, global financial crises, economic instability and inequality in welfare allocation have placed increased public scrutiny on the operation of financial markets; the way organisations are governed; compliance with laws and regulations; alongside their wider responsibility to society

Existing theoretical foundations in finance, economics and corporate accountability research largely ignore the complex interrelationships between the disciplines that are evident in such transformative events.

CFCI brings this expertise together to provide an appropriate ‘hub’ to explore the synergetic and inter-disciplinary nature of research problems such as financial markets and institutions; accountability, business integrity, governance, law, ethics, risk and compliance. In doing so it focuses on large corporations across industrial and geographical boundaries.