CBiS Research Team

CBiS Research Team

CBiS Staff

Name Role Email Contact for
Dr Lindsey Appleyard Assistant Professor lindsey.appleyard@coventry.ac.uk Financial inclusion, inclusive economies, alternative finance, subprime credit, financial capability
Dr Tim Angus Honorary Research Fellow cbis.info@coventry.ac.uk  
Dr Hussan Aslam Research Assistant hussan.aslam@coventry.ac.uk Responsible finance, financial services, banking culture, banking reform, organisational culture and organisational behaviour
Professor David Bailey Visiting Professor cbis.info@coventry.ac.uk  
Professor Kirstie Ball Visiting Professor cbis.info@coventry.ac.uk  
Dr Jason Begley Assistant Professor jason.begley@coventry.ac.uk Economic history, economic development, national accounting, regional development and economic indicators, low carbon sector, low carbon mobility
Dr David Bek Assistant Professor david.bek@coventry.ac.uk Value chains, ethical trade, cut-flower, fruit and wine industries, local economic development, corporate social responsibility
Professor Nigel Berkeley Associate Dean Research / Professor of Local Economic Development n.berkeley@coventry.ac.uk Electric vehicles, low carbon policy, industrial policy
Mrs Jo Bishop Operations Manager jo.bishop@coventry.ac.uk CBiS operations, general enquiries, co-tutelles, partnerships finance, project support
Dr Elizabeth Bos Research Fellow elizabeth.bos@coventry.ac.uk Sustainable behaviour, community participation, sustainable food production, community gardens, land based interventions, social change
Dr Ian Brittain Assistant Professor ian.brittain@coventry.ac.uk Sociological, historical and sports management aspects of disability and paralympic sport
Dr Kevin Broughton Assistant Professor kevin.broughton@coventry.ac.uk Voluntary/community sector, neighbourhood regeneration, organisational development of voluntary sector organisations
Professor Matthew Cook Visiting Professor cbis.info@coventry.ac.uk  
Mrs Annette Copper Research Development Executive annette.copper@coventry.ac.uk Funding opportunities, research projects
Professor Glauco De Vita Professor in Business and Management glauco.devita@coventry.ac.uk Foreign direct investment, outsourcing/offshoring
Professor Sally Dibb Professor in Marketing and Society sally.dibb@coventry.ac.uk Marketing strategy; behaviour change;big data; sustainability; strategic planning, charity trustee, expert REF reviewer
Professor Tom Donnelly Emeritus Professor of Automotive Business cbis.info@coventry.ac.uk  
Dr Carlos Ferreira Assistant Professor carlos.ferreira@coventry.ac.uk Local and regional economic development, markets and environmental governance,social value accounting and investment,responsible business
Dr Jennifer Ferreira Research Fellow jennifer.ferreira@coventry.ac.uk Economic development, coffee and cafe industries, labour markets, economic geography
Dr Alexeis Garcia-Perez Reader in Cyber Security Management / Associate Professor alexeis.garcia-perez@coventry.ac.uk Business information systems; cyber security; data, information and knowledge management
Professor Ross Gordon Honorary Research Fellow cbis.info@coventry.ac.uk  
Dr David Jarvis Co-Director (REF Leadership) david.jarvis@coventry.ac.uk Low carbon and electro-mobility, economic development and economic impact,social action
Professor Mark Jenkins Visiting Professor cbis.info@coventry.ac.uk  
Dr Andrew Jones Research Assistant andrew.jones3@coventry.ac.uk Economic development, electric vehicles, electric vehicle policy ownership and finance in football
Mr Jordon Lazell Research Assistant jordon.lazell@coventry.ac.uk Consumer food waste behaviour and sustainable consumption
Dr Jill Le Clair Visiting Research Fellow cbis.info@coventry.ac.uk  
Professor Ming Lim Professor of Supply Chain and Operations Management ming.lim@coventry.ac.uk Supply chain sustainability, strategy and operations management
Dr Yun Luo Research Fellow yun.luo@coventry.ac.uk Financial liberalisation, bank risk, regulations, competition, banking sector,efficiency and productivity, data analytics
Mrs Debbie McArdle Research Support Administrator debbie.mcardle@coventry.ac.uk General enquiries, orders, expense claims, travel and general administration
Professor Stewart MacNeill Visiting Professor of Economic Development stewart.macneill@coventry.ac.uk The ‘knowledge economy’, innovation, automotive industry, business strategies and their interaction with public policy,regional economic development, technology foresight
Professor Stan Maklan Visiting Professor cbis.info@coventry.ac.uk  
Professor Maureen Meadows Professor of Strategy maureen.meadows@coventry.ac.uk Strategic management, strategy tools inparticular scenario planning and visioning,market segmentation, relationshipmarketing and customer relationship management (CRM), mergers andacquisitions, customer data management,big data and privacy
James Medhurst Visiting Research Fellow cbis.info@coventry.ac.uk  
Dr Alessandro Merendino Research Assistant alessandro.merendino@coventry.ac.uk  Corporate governance, board of directors,top management team, big data, listed companies, mega yacht sector, accounting,firm performance
Professor David Peck Visiting Professor cbis.info@coventry.ac.uk automotive studies, economicdevelopment, technology adoption
Professor Lee Quinn Professor of Consumer Insight and Behaviour lee.quinn@coventry.ac.uk Marketing, market segmentation, consumer behaviour, social marketing, consumer insights
Dr Helen Roby Assistant Professor helen.roby@coventry.ac.uk Consumer/sustainable behaviour particularly in relation to energy systemsand smart cities, sustainable and low-carbon transport and clothing
Dr Harjit Sekhon Reader in Marketing / Associate Professor harjit.sekhon@coventry.ac.uk Services management and marketing, banking, finance and pensions
Professor Lyndon Simkin Executive Director of the Centre for Business in Society lyndon.simkin@coventry.ac.uk Market strategy and brand positioning,marketing planning and business planning,understanding customers and fairness in customer relationship management, EVs and sustainability, the digital economy
Dr Paul Sissons Reader in Employment Studies  /Associate Professor paul.sissons@coventry.ac.uk Labour markets, welfare policy, housingmarkets, sustainable regeneration,economy development, businessand economics
Professor Benny Tjahjono Professor of Sustainable Supply Chain benny.tjahjono@coventry.ac.uk Supply chain management, sustainability, industry 4.0, circular economy, corporate social responsibility, product-servicesystems, simulation modelling
Miss Melissa Tornari Research Assistant melissa.tornari@coventry.ac.uk Labour economics, political economics, sustainable development, spatial econometrics
Dr Donna Wong Assistant Professor donna.wong@coventry.ac.uk Sports mega events broadcasts, football broadcasts, digital sports piracy, counterfeit sports merchandise, Asian sports

CBiS Associates

Name Role Email Contact for
Dr Ioannis Assiouras Associate ioannis.assiouras@coventry.ac.uk Value co-creation, service recovery, corporate social responsibility,responsible marketing
Dr Mujahid Mohiuddin Babu Associate mujahid.mohiuddinbabu@coventry.ac.uk Big data analytics capability, unconventional marketing communications, technology in marketing, marketing strategy, customer engagement, employee engagement, strategic orientation, customer co-creation of value
Dr Anitha Chinnaswamy Associate anitha.chinnaswamy@coventry.ac.uk Cyber security management,MBA cyber security, environmental healthmanagement
Dr Mike Duignan Associate mike.duignan@coventry.ac.uk Event-led urban development and regeneration, event and festival impacts, stakeholder analysis, community and small business sustainability, tourism management,  destination development, visitor economy, event tourism
Dr Rebwar Gharib Associate rebwar.gharib@coventry.ac.uk On-line communities, business strategy, information systems, social media, e-commerce, e-governmentadoption, virtual teams
Dr Qile (Horace) He Associate qile.he@coventry.ac.uk Sustainable supply chain management, agri-food supply chain management, strategic alliances, supply chain partnership, interfirm relationships, innovation management, knowledge management
Dr Jiayao Hu Associate Jiayao.hu@coventry.ac.uk Sustainable supply chain management, sustainable development, supply chain logistics, quality management
Dr Zilia Iskoujina Associate zilia.iskoujina@coventry.ac.uk Digital economy, cybersecurity, knowledge management, online communities, social media, open source
Dr Albert Jolink Associate albert.jolink@coventry.ac.uk Strategic management (inter-firm collaboration), entrepreneurship, (start-upsand venture capital), strategic alliances
Dr Husni Kharouf Associate husni.kharouf@coventry.ac.uk Relationship marketing, organisational trust, signalling theory, organisational trust repair, customer engagement, multi-variate data analysis
Dr Dong-Wook Kwak Associate dong-wook.kwak@coventry.ac.uk Global supply chain risk management, international transport and logistics, sustainable supply chainmanagement, supply chain collaborationand innovation, humanitarian logistics
Dr Yue Meng-Lewis Associate yue.meng@coventry.ac.uk Marketing communications, sponsorship, celebrity endorsement, eSports, ambush marketing, mega events, big data analytics
Dr Sena Ozdemir Associate sena.ozdemir@coventry.ac.uk Marketing, market orientations, brand origins, intra-firm marketing production, big data
Dr Rui Biscaia Associate rui.biscai@coventry.ac.uk Sport marketing, service quality, sport brand management, sponsorship, consumer behaviour
Dr Mahmood Shah Associate mahmood.shah@coventry.ac.uk E-business, information security management, knowledge management, computer science
Dr Katrien Steenmans Associate katrien.steenmans@coventry.ac.uk Climate finance law, EU waste law and policy, EU circular economy laws and policies, extended producer responsibility, property rights in waste, knowledge management in cities
Dr Emma Stringfellow Associate emma.stringfellow@coventry.ac.uk Employment relations, diversity management, human resource management
Dr Jill Timms Associate jill.timms@coventry.ac.uk Sustainable supply chains, corporate social responsibility, ethical consumerism, private standards and certification, alternative economies, campaigns for workers’ rights, sociology of work, cut-flowers, mega-events
Dr Adi Weidenfeld Associate adi.weidenfeld@coventry.ac.uk Visitor economy, tourism development and planning, visitor attractions, regional innovation systems, regional diversification



Name Thesis Title First Internal Supervisor
Miss Nur Fatin ABD HAMID Location Issues and its Implications in Reverse Logistics Dr Dong Wook-Kwak
Mr Habib Gajam ABUBAKAR Exploring the Impacts of Strategic Alliances on Innovation Practices in IOCs and Their Implications on the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Dr Sena Ozdemir
Ms Oluwaseun ADEGOKE Firm Resource, Mediating Strategies and Sustainable Development Evidence Amongst Nigerian SMEs Dr Mahmood Shah
Mrs Mehreen ADNAN Applying Social Marketing to Promote Social Eating in Local Communities Through Integrating Insight on Social Eating Practices Dr Qile He
Mr Mohammad Hayel Saleh Alzbaidi An Examination of Talent Management Practices in Global Challenges and Crisis in the Middle East: A Case Study of Jordan Dr Abdoulie Sallah
Mr  Eric Nkemdirim Sunny AMAECHI An Evaluation of Cyber Security Readiness of Large Online Trading Companies Dr Justin Okoli
Ms Eleni ANOYRKATI Defining Strategies for Harmonisation of National Travel Strategies in Europe Professor David Morris
Miss Huma ASIF The Role of Branding in Illicit Markets Dr Anvita Kumar
Miss Rebecca BEECH Impact of New Media Technologies on Green Brand Consumption Dr Anvita Kumar
Mr  Augustine Kwame  BEMPONG Being Green is Being Competitive: Manufacturing Supply Chain Perspective. Dr Jialun Hu
Miss Etinosa BELO Reversing the Lens' Exploring Followers Views of What Constitutes Followership Behaviour Dr Crystal Zhang
Mrs Claire BREWIS How is Big Data Impacting on the Way That Organisations Manage Their Customer Relations Professor Sally Dibb
Miss Rita BRIGHT ONONAYE The Impact of Legislative Reforms on the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Dr Jason Begley
Ms Aurelie Mercedes BROCKERHOFF Change For the Better: A Study on the Pace and Nature of Socio-Cultural Change and its Impact on Diversity, Difference and Intergroup Conflict Professor Mike Hardy
Mr  Ryan BUSHELL Social Investment: New Business Models, New Welfare Geographies Professor Nick Henry
Miss  Libby CARTER Legacy Lost? Examining Material Heritage of Past Mega-Events: A Stakeholder Value Theory Dr Lara Spiteri-Cornish
Mr Faran Rashid CHAUDRY An Investigation Into the Barriers of Cyber-Security Readiness in the Oil and Gas Industry Dr Mahmood Shah
Mr  David COOK Examining the Effects of Fixed Location Versus Transnational Mega Events Dr Rui Biscaia
Miss Aneesha DOAL An evaluation of Cyber security readiness of UK SMEs Dr Ruchi Sharma
Miss Kate Michelle DOBSON Framework for modelling cultural change by implementing Dr Anitha Chinnaswamy
Mrs  Natalie DUKES Why so much? An exploration of consumer behaviour and the Social dynamics Dr Jason Begley
Mr  Odalo Micheal EHI-UUJAMHAN Investigating the Factors that Motivate Consumers to Shop Online and how consumer Buying Behaviour Dr Rui Biscaia
Mr George EREMIONKHALE The effectiveness of 'Roadblocking' Advertising on Social Media such as Youtube Dr Harjit Sekhon
Mr Nima FARAJPOUR BAKHTIARI Global Governance of Sport Dr Benoit Senaux
Ms Isabel Cristina  GALVIS Is Marketing as a Corporate Function in the Digital Era Losing its Magic? Professor Lyndon Simkin
Mr  Damien  GANNON Managing cultural change during a crisis: An institutional perspective Dr Emma Stringfellow
Mrs Thea GIBBS Poor Relations? The Work Relationships of University Professional Services Staff. Dr Husni Kharouf
Mr  Duncan  GREAVES Cyber security management and trust in business and society Dr Harjit Sekhon
Miss Helen GRIMLEY South Africa: Event hosting to destination tourism. Dr Mike Duignan
Mr  Jonathan GUNSON Arts Philanthropy in Europe: A Way forward for the creative industries? Professor Nick Henry
Miss Charlotte HAYES/Carruthers How do preferences for aulturism differ between genders Dr Sailesh Tanna
Ms Yiwen HONG Exploring marketing strategy of Chinese small clothing enterprise on using third party…. Dr Sophie Yang
Mr Chrysostomos KARTEROS The Impact of Football Academies on Financial & Athletic Performance of Professional Football Clubs Simon Chadwick
Miss Svetlana KATAEVA Growing Up in 'Lived Multiculture' Dr Cristina Galalae
Ms Muzammil KHAN An investigation of the halal meat market in the UK and the challenges it faces Dr Kasim Randeree
Mr  Sarfraz KHAN SCM Practices to Improve SME Competiveness in Emerging Economies: A Case Study of Pakistan Dr Dong-Wook Kwak
Mr  William  KING Identifying and exploring the new roles and behaviour of consumers in a changing energy sector Dr Helen Roby
Mr Marcos Eduardo KAUFFMAN Industry 4.0: The new value networks, business models and the legal challenges and opportunities emanating from the digitalisation of businesses Professor Maureen Meadows
Ms Shauna  KEARNEY   Dr Ian Brittain
Mr  Sathees KUNJUTHAMBY   Dr Albert Jolink
Mrs  Niken Palupi KUSUMO WARDANI Exploring Circular Economy in the Context of Aquaculture Supply Chain Dr Benny Tjahjoo
Mr Edison LAMI Applying Modern Business Management Practices in Government of Developing Countries: A case of Albania Dr Abdoulie Sallah
Ms  Viktoria  LAMPRINAKI Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility in SME's Professor Maureen Meadows
Ms Nora LANARI Sustainability in Export Agriculture: Barriers and Drivers of Change Dr David Bek
Mr  Martin Richard  LANDER Student Experience for STEM Programmes: Creating Framework for Global Significance and Local Interactions Dr Harjit Sekhon
Mr Sir Yee LEE A Circular Economy (CE) Tool to Maximise the Value of Manufacturing Industry Waste Dr Jiayao Hu
Miss Liliani LILIANI Building Innovation Capabilities and Dynamic Capabilities for Sustainable PSS Performance Professor Benny Tjahjono
Mr Simon  LING LOCKE The World is Faced with a Number of Banks Which Have Been Considered by Regulators and Governments as 'Too Big yo Fail' But Has the Development of the Regulatory Regime for Those Financial Institutions also Become too Complex to Succeed? Dr Harjit Sekhon
Mr  Garikayi Brasington MADZUDZO Cybersecurity Management Dr Alexeis Garcia-Perez
Mrs Beena  MANOJ Social, Political and economical impact of sports-mega events: The commonwealth Dr Harjit Sekhon
Mr  Tim MESSEDER Sustainability in Export Agriculture: Barriers and Drivers of Change Dr David Bek
Ms Monica Ioana MIHAIU Activation or Persuasion knowledge and Viewer Perception of Branded UGC Dr Anvita Kumar
Miss Dianna Gladys NDERITU   Dr Husni Kharouf
Mr  Paul  NOON Does the Chinese Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Environment Influence UK Companies' Decision to Invest in China? Professor Glauco De Vita
Mr Chiwuokem NWOKO Cybersecurity Management in Banking and Finance Dr Mahmood Shah
Mr  Obiora Gideon  OKECHUKWU The Impact of Inward FDI on Export Performance Professor Glauco De Vita
Mr Olukemi Kehinde OLAJIDE An Investigation of Sustainable Supply Chain Management Strategies in the African Oil and Gas Industry. A Focus on Nigeria and Angola Dr Dong-Wook Kwak
Mrs  Olukemi OLANIRAN An Evaluation of cyber-crimes risk management approaches in the UK E-Tailing Sector Dr Mahmood Shah
Miss Cristiana PACE The evolution of Motorsport Valley: A firm-based analysis Dr David Jarvis
Mr Richard  PENNINGTON Financial viability and need for specialist social housing providers Dr Paul Sissons
Mr  Julian  ROBINSON The influence of servicescape on service experience and customer satisfaction Dr Husni Kharouf
Ms Lisa  RUETGERS Can responsible consumption really save the world? Dr Jason Begley
Mr Hamza Iqbal SAHI Aligning Third Party logistical (3PL) Operations in global supply chains with environmental sustainable policy of the focal company Dr Zulf Khan
Mr  Mark SALLOS   Dr Alexeis Garcia-Perez
Mr Kamalpreet SINGH Changing Consumers' Behaviour for Financial Services in the UK and India Through Social Media Dr Harjit Sekhon
Mr  Amritpal SLAICH Measuring the Impact and Effect of Peripheral Consumer Persuasion- A Computational Approach Dr Zulf Khan
Miss Marsha SMITH Applying Social Marketing to Promote Social Eating in Local Communities Through Integrating Insight on Social Eating Practices Dr David Bek
Mr  Richard Gavin  SMITH Managing labour market restructuring in Europe - Policies and practices Dr Paul Sissons
Mr  Daniel  STEVENS The Rebalancing Agenda; Where do SMC's Fit? Professor Nick Henry
Miss  Melissa TORNARI   Dr Paul Sissons
Mr Maximillian TSCHOCHOHEI Investigation of the key success factors of knowledge management in the case of German consultancy firms Dr Maktoba Omar Saad
Mr Mehmet Nuri  TURUDIOGLU How Small-Medium Enterprises affected by the Pricing Strategies of Multinationals- A Case Study of UK and Turkey Dr Randhir Auluck
Ms  Sanne VELTHUIS   Dr Paul Sissons
Mr  Nandu VENUGOPALAN NAIR SALEE DEVI The dilemma of foreign MNE's engaging in CSR at the BOP- to be or not to be? Dr Qile He
Miss Lizette VORSTER The Role of Marketing in Bridging the Gap between Rainbow Nation Ideology and Lived Multiculturalism in South Africa by Cultivating Intercultural Conviviality Professor Lee Quinn
Mr Ye WANG How Does Government Involvement Impact on Sport Governing Body's Decision Making and Club Management: A Case Study of Chinese Football Dr Benoit Senaux
Mr Ryuta  YODA Understanding the Role of Sport Mega-Events on Sport Participation Dr Rui Biscaia
Miss Xinwen (Amber)  ZHANG How to Integrate project management to information technology projects in healthcare Dr Xue Zhou
Mr Christos ZOUMPOS The State and Institutional Strategic Intent: A study of the Resource based view of…. Dr Suresh George