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CBiS research team

CBiS research team

Name Role Email Contact for
Dr Lindsey Appleyard Assistant Professor Financial inclusion, inclusive economies, alternative finance, subprime credit, financial capability
Dr Hussan Aslam Assistant Professor Responsible finance, financial services, banking culture, banking reform, organisational culture and organisational behaviour
Dr Evronia Azer Assistant Professor Data governance, surveillance, privacy of information
Professor David Bailey Visiting Professor  
Professor Kirstie Ball Visiting Professor  
Dr Mahdi Bashiri Associate Professor  Operations and supply chain management, operations research, optimisation for healthcare, sustainability, industry 4.0
Dr Tom Bason Assistant Professor  The finance, economics, legacy of sport and events, and the impact sport has on society
Professor Denise Bedford Visiting Professor   
Dr Jason Begley Associate Professor Economic history, economic development, national accounting, regional development and economic indicators, low carbon sector, low carbon mobility
Dr David Bek Associate Professor Value chains, ethical trade, cut-flower, fruit and wine industries, local economic development, corporate social responsibility
Dr Macarena Beltran Research Assistant Socio-technical research, bio-plastics, energy demand studies, operations and supply chain management, sustainability
Nicola Boyle​ Operations Manager​ CBiS operations, general enquiries, Coaching and Mentoring​
Dr Claire Brewis Visiting Researcher  
Dr Ian Brittain Associate Professor Sociological, historical and sports management aspects of disability and paralympic sport
Dr Kevin Broughton Assistant Professor Voluntary/community sector, neighbourhood regeneration, organisational development of voluntary sector organisations
Professor Matthew Cook Visiting Professor  
Mrs Annette Copper Research Development Executive Funding opportunities, research projects
Professor Glauco De Vita Professor in Business and Management Foreign direct investment, outsourcing/offshoring
Dr Iniobong Enang Assistant Professor  

Risk governance, risk management (including but not limited to risk appetite and risk assessments in the private, public, and third sectors/charities), social risk management, inclusive economies, inequalities, inequities, sustainability, project management, public administration/management, public governance, decision-making, structuration theory, systematic literature reviews, NVivo

Sara Degli-Esposti Visiting Professor    
Professor Sally Dibb Professor in Marketing and Society Marketing strategy; behaviour change;big data; sustainability; strategic planning, charity trustee, expert REF reviewer
Dr Carlos Ferreira Assistant Professor Local and regional economic development, markets and environmental governance, social value accounting and investment, responsible business
Professor Alexeis Garcia-Perez Visiting Professor Business information systems; cyber security; data, information and knowledge management
Dr Rebwar Gharib Associate Professor Student recruitment & student decision-making behaviour, Covid impacts in HE, data & information sharing, social media, information systems, e-government, e-commerce, trust & commitment, and consumer buying behaviour
Professor Ross Gordon Honorary Research Fellow  
Professor Yaniv Hanoch Professor of Decision Sciences Behavioural economics, fraud/scam, lifespan decision making and risk-taking, medical decision making.
Dr Thanh Huynh Assistant Professor  Open innovation, AI, open resources, dynamic capability, entrepreneurial finance, and university spin-outs
Prof. David Jarvis Co-Director (REF Leadership) Low carbon and electro-mobility, economic development and economic impact, social action
Professor Mark Jenkins Visiting Professor  
Professor Andrew Johnston Visiting Professor   
Dr Andrew Jones Assistant Professor Economic development, electric vehicles, electric vehicle policy ownership and finance in football
Dr Kexing Li Research Fellow

Operations and supply chain management, supply chain resilience, wealth inequality and debt
Mrs Debbie McArdle Research Support Administrator General enquiries, orders, expense claims, travel and general administration
Professor Stewart MacNeill Visiting Professor of Economic Development The ‘knowledge economy’, innovation, automotive industry, business strategies and their interaction with public policy, regional economic development, technology foresight
Professor Stan Maklan Visiting Professor  
Professor Maureen Meadows Professor of Strategy Strategic management, strategy tools inparticular scenario planning and visioning, market segmentation, relationship marketing and customer relationship management (CRM), mergers andacquisitions, customer data management, big data and privacy
Dr Mujahid Mohiuddin Babu Assistant Professor  Big data analytics capability, unconventional marketing communications, technology in marketing, marketing strategy, customer engagement, employee engagement, strategic orientation, customer co-creation of value
Dr Shantanu Mullick Assistant Professor Digitalization, big data, statistics, machine learning, sustainability, food and food waste
Professor Lee Quinn Professor of Consumer Insight and Behaviour Marketing, market segmentation, consumer behaviour, social marketing, consumer insights
Dr Preetha Ramiah Research Fellow

EU Keystone project
Dr Jessica Robins Research Fellow Circular economy, circular communities, and sustainability
Dr Helen Roby Assistant Professor Consumer/sustainable behaviour particularly in relation to energy systemsand smart cities, sustainable and low-carbon transport and clothing
Dr Rosie Sadraei Research Fellow International Entrepreneurship, Dynamic Capabilities, SMEs Internationalisation, Female Entrepreneurship
Dr Harjit Sekhon Associate Professor Services management and marketing, banking, finance and pensions
Professor Lyndon Simkin Executive Director of the Centre for Business in Society Market strategy and brand positioning, marketing planning and business planning, understanding customers and fairness in customer relationship management, EVs and sustainability, the digital economy
Dr Paul Sissons Visiting Professor  
Dr Marsha Smith Research Fellow Food waste, food security, ethical and sustainable supply chains
Professor Benny Tjahjono Professor of Sustainable Supply Chain Supply chain management, sustainability, industry 4.0, circular economy, corporate social responsibility, product-service systems, simulation modelling
Dr Tom Webb Associate Professor Abuse/aggression towards sports officials, mental health of sports officials, global management leadership and operational environment of sports officials
Dr Yurun Yang Research Fellow  Data Science, Econometrics and Quantitative Finance
Dr Esin Yoruk Associate Professor  Technology and innovation management, entrepreneurship and innovation from a systemic perspective, green entrepreneurship, green consumption

CBiS Affiliates

Name Role Email Contact for
Professor Nigel Berkeley Affiliate  Electric vehicles, low carbon policy, industrial policy
Dr Sara Degli-Esposti Affiliate  Security, surveillance, privacy, fake news, digital ecosystems
Dr Rebwar Gharib Affiliate On-line communities, business strategy, information systems, social media, e-commerce, e-governmentadoption, virtual teams
Dr Muhammad Kamal Affiliate e-Government, supply chains, knowledge management, information systems, decision making
Professor Gideon Maas Affiliate Transformational entrepreneurship, innovation, SMEs, implementation of entrepreneurial systems and family businesses
Professor Stewart MacNeill Affiliate  The ‘knowledge economy’, innovation, automotive industry, business strategies and their interaction with public policy, regional economic development, technology foresight
Professor Sukanlaya Sawang Affiliate SMEs, entrepreneurship and innovation management
Dr Benoit Senaux Affiliate Governance, sport management, management control, institutional change, performance management
Dr Emma Stringfellow Affiliate Employment relations, diversity management, human resource management



Name Thesis Title First Internal Supervisor
Mr Aliano ABBASI The Impact of Digital Innovation (Industry 4.0 Technologies) On Public Enagaement within An Intersubjective Management Dr Muhmmad Kamal
Mr Habib Gajam ABUBAKAR Exploring the Impacts of Strategic Alliances on Innovation Practices in IOCs and Their Implications on the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Dr Frano Barbic
Mr Pius ACHUAMA Towards an effective mechanism for the measurement of digital resilience in organisations from critical infrastructure sectors Professor Alexeis Garcia-Perez
Mr Josiah Ade AKINTUNDE Perceptions of government support on the development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria Dr Maktoba Omar
Mr Mohammad ALREFAE The Effectiveness of Social Media Marketing in a Multicultural Global Market Dr Harjit Sekhon
Mr  Eric Nkemdirim Sunny AMAECHI An Evaluation of Cyber Security Readiness of Large Online Trading Companies Dr Justin Okoli
Mrs Katherine BARNETT RICHARDS The Role of Millennial & Generation Z Consumers in Scaling Up Participation in Alternative & Ethical Food Supply Chains Dr David Bek
Mr Muhammad Lahandi BASKORO Towards the Circular Plastics Economy: Understanding the Impacts of Bio-Plastics to the Environment, Business and Society         Professor Benny Tjahjono
Mrs Katerina BETA The Future Of Learning In Higher Institutions And Artificial Intelligence Dr Eno Maycock
Miss Rita BRIGHT ONONAYE The Impact of Legislative Reforms on the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Dr Jason Begley
Ms Lara CHAPLIN Liar Liar An Examination Of Engagement Trust And Trustworthiness On UK Citizens When Subjected To Continued Misleading And Dishonest Political Marketing Communication Campaigns Professor Sally Dibb
Mr Lavion CHIFUNDU Exploring The Predictors And Outcomes Of Employee Engagement In The Health Sector Dr Husni Kharouf
Mr Hillary CHINDODO Equity-based Colloboration in the Coffee Value Chain to Drive Economic Development on Supplier Markets While Building a Sustainable Supply Chain Dr David Bek
Miss Tiphaine DE VALON Data, Information and Knowledge Management: Driving Effective Environmental Management Practices Professor Alexeis Garcia-Perez
Miss Laura DI CHIACCHIO Data, Information and Knowledge Management: Driving Effective Environmental Management Practices Professor Alexeis Garcia-Perez
Miss Aneesha DOAL An Evaluation of Cyber Security Readiness of UK SMEs Professor Maureen Meadows
Miss Michelle DORGAN Exploring the commercialisation of women?s sport and the drivers thereof; A study of women?s football in England Dr Ian Brittain
Mr Ashem Emmanuel Egila Sustainable Supply Chain Risk Management Assessments for the Oil & Gas Industries in Developing Countries Dr Muhammad Kamal
Mrs Okeoghene Theodora ENEBELI Transfer of Technology/Human Resource Knowledge & Economic Development in Developing Context Dr Michael Oyelere
Mr George EREMIONKHALE Investigating recycling behaviours in Nigeria: An Augmented theory of planned behaviour Dr Harjit Sekhon
Ms Isabel Cristina  GALVIS Is Marketing as a Corporate Function in the Digital Era Losing its Magic? Professor Lyndon Simkin
Miss Runda GAO What are the Determinants of Producer Service FDI in China? A Provincial-Level Data Analysis Professor Glauco De Vita
Miss Shannen GIBBONS A Critical Exploration into the Impact of Emotions in Risk-taking Consumption & its Influence on Consumer Well Being Professor Sally Dibb
Miss Helen GRIMLEY South Africa: Event hosting to destination tourism Dr Lara Spritari-Cornish
Mr Eddie Jaami HASRI The Effectiveness of Self-Directed Learning as a Form of CPD in a Learning Organisation Dr Rami Ayoubi
Mrs Eloise Amanda HICKMAN PhD By Publication Prof Nigel Berkeley
Miss Natalie HIDE What Role Does Consumer Identity Play In The Choice Of Colour In The Context Of Automotive Purchases Professor Lyndon Simkin
Miss Kelly HOGERVORST The impact of online engagement in sports brand marketing: the perspective of the Elite League Ice Hockey fan-base Dr Husni Kharouf
Mrs Jody HOLLAND How do organisations, with a market presence in diverse geographical locations, foster a culture of belonging amongst employees? Dr Harjit Sekhon
Mr Donghyeok JEONG Sustainable Tourism Planning & Management of Natural Theme Parks in Korea: The Case Study of Gwangmyeong Cave and Anseong Farmland Dr Benoit Senaux
Miss Taonga KAONGA The Role of 3D Printing in Humanitarian Logistics & Supply Chain Dr Hossein Zarei
Miss Svetlana KATAEVA Growing Up in 'Lived Multiculture' Professor Nigel Berkeley
Ms Muzammil KHAN An investigation of the halal meat market in the UK and the challenges it faces in marketing & becoming more sustainable Dr Kasim Randeree
Mr  Sathees KUNJUTHAMBY Global Strategic Alliances & Relational Risk Dr Zulf Khan
Mr Edison LAMI Applying Modern Business Management Practices in Government of Developing Countries: A case of Albania Dr Randhir Auluck
Mr Kexing LI Improving Sustainable Performance in the Construction Sector by Enhancing Supply Chain Resilience: The Dynamic Capability Perspective Dr Mahdi Bashiri
Miss Liliani LILIANI Building Innovation Capabilities and Dynamic Capabilities for Sustainable PSS Performance Professor Benny Tjahjono
Mr Nnaemeka Chukwuka MADUMERE Analysis of Project Management Methodologies for Delivery Projects in the Energy Industry Dr Mahdi Bashiri
Miss Catherine MAZHANDU GCRF- Promoting Sustainability within Horticultural Value- Chains in Southern Africa: An Investigation of a Corporate-Led Sustainability Initiative Dr David Bek
Mr Gabriel MARIN VANDENBROUKE Trailblazer - Austerity, Covid-19 Pandemic And The Risk Of Mission Drift Among Grassroots Sport Clubs In The UK Dr Simon Gerard
Miss Taus MUGANDA To Evaluate The Impact Of E Procurement On Efficiency And Service Delivery In The Public Sector A Case Study Of Uganda Coffee Development Authority Dr Esin Yoruk
Mrs Roopa NAGORI Improving Employee Engagement & Team Performance in Cross-Cultural Teams Dr Natalia Rocha Lawton
Ms Tanja Thameliny NATHAN RAMAMATHAN An Investigation into the Supply Chain Strategies of Perishable Food Waste for Ecological Sustainability and Competitive Advantage Professor Benny Tjahjono
Mr Chiwuokem NWOKO The Use of Big Data Analytics for E-Retail Fraud Prevention Professor Maureen Meadows
Mr Olatunde Adewole OLAJIDE An Investigation of Sustainable Supply Chain Management Strategies in the African Oil and Gas Industry. A Focus on Nigeria and Angola Dr Muhammad Kamal
Mrs Olukemi Kehinde OLANIRAN An Evaluation of cyber-crimes risk management approaches in the UK E-Tailing Sector Dr Muhammad Kamal
Mr Richard Julian PENNINGTON Financial viability and need for specialist social housing providers Dr Kevin Broughton
Mrs Jayne Pyatt Gaining Social Prestige From the Consumption of Discount Goods: Examining the Motivations for Status Consumption when Purchasing Luxury Items at a Discount Professor Lee Quinn
Mr Shah Mohammed Wasifur RAHMAN Role Of Ethics Governance In Social Divisions Arising From Widespread Use Of Artificial Intelligence Professor Sally Dibb
Mr Rhitankar SAHA ROY Achieving Organizational Sustainability Goals by Optimixing Manual Assembly Lines Dr Mahdi Bashiri
Mr Kamalpreet SINGH Changing Consumers' Behaviour for Financial Services in the UK and India Through Social Media Dr Harjit Sekhon
Mr  Amritpal SLAICH Measuring the Impact and Effect of Peripheral Consumer Persuasion- A Computational Approach Dr Zulf Khan
Miss Marsha SMITH Applying Social Marketing to Promote Social Eating in Local Communities Through Integrating Insight on Social Eating Practices Dr David Bek
Mr Danu Hadi SYAIFULLAH Integrating Safety & Sustainability Towards Achieving the High Reliability Organisation Professor Benny Tjahjono
Mr Somsak UDOMVITTAYAKRAI Potential of social media for SMEs business in achieving business growth in Thailand Dr Harjit Sekhon
Mr Ye WANG How Does Government Involvement Impact on Sport Governing Body's Decision Making and Club Management: A Case Study of Chinese Football Dr Benoit Senaux
Mr Ryuta  YODA Understanding the Role of Sport Mega-Events on Sport Participation Dr Rui Biscaia
Miss Natalia ZABOEVA  Positive Reinforcement of Environmentally-friendly Behavior Spillovers Dr Anvita Kumar
Miss Han ZHANG An investigation into the application of Industry 4.0 technologies within the nickel recycling industry Dr Muhammad Kamal
Miss Xinwen (Amber)  ZHANG How to Integrate project management to information technology projects in healthcare Dr Xue Zhou
Mr Sheng ZHENG How China's new healthcare policy influence foreign pharmaceutical companies' marketing strategy Dr Jiayao Hu (Ext)
Mr Christos ZOUMPOS A Study of the Resource Based View of the Greek Wine Industry Dr Suresh George
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