CBiS Staff List

Name Role Email Contact for
Dr Lindsey Appleyard Assistant Professor lindsey.appleyard@coventry.ac.uk Financial inclusion, inclusive economies, alternative finance, subprime credit, financial capability
Dr Tim Angus Honorary Research Fellow cbis.info@coventry.ac.uk  
Dr Hussan Aslam Research Assistant hussan.aslam@coventry.ac.uk Responsible finance, financial services, banking culture, banking reform, organisational culture and organisational behaviour
Professor David Bailey Visiting Professor cbis.info@coventry.ac.uk  
Professor Kirstie Ball Visiting Professor cbis.info@coventry.ac.uk  
Dr Jason Begley Assistant Professor jason.begley@coventry.ac.uk Economic history, economic development, national accounting, regional development and economic indicators, low carbon sector, low carbon mobility
Dr David Bek Assistant Professor david.bek@coventry.ac.uk Value chains, ethical trade, cut-flower, fruit and wine industries, local economic development, corporate social responsibility
Professor Nigel Berkeley Associate Dean Research / Professor of Local Economic Development n.berkeley@coventry.ac.uk Electric vehicles, low carbon policy, industrial policy
Mrs Jo Bishop Operations Manager jo.bishop@coventry.ac.uk CBiS operations, general enquiries, co-tutelles, partnerships finance, project support
Dr Elizabeth Bos Research Fellow elizabeth.bos@coventry.ac.uk Sustainable behaviour, community participation, sustainable food production, community gardens, land based interventions, social change
Dr Ian Brittain Assistant Professor ian.brittain@coventry.ac.uk Sociological, historical and sports management aspects of disability and paralympic sport
Dr Kevin Broughton Assistant Professor kevin.broughton@coventry.ac.uk Voluntary/community sector, neighbourhood regeneration, organisational development of voluntary sector organisations
Professor Matthew Cook Visiting Professor cbis.info@coventry.ac.uk  
Mrs Annette Copper Research Development Executive annette.copper@coventry.ac.uk Funding opportunities, research projects
Professor Glauco De Vita Professor in Business and Management glauco.devita@coventry.ac.uk Foreign direct investment, outsourcing/offshoring
Professor Sally Dibb Professor in Marketing and Society sally.dibb@coventry.ac.uk Marketing strategy; behaviour change;big data; sustainability; strategic planning, charity trustee, expert REF reviewer
Professor Tom Donnelly Emeritus Professor of Automotive Business cbis.info@coventry.ac.uk  
Dr Carlos Ferreira Assistant Professor carlos.ferreira@coventry.ac.uk Local and regional economic development, markets and environmental governance,social value accounting and investment,responsible business
Dr Jennifer Ferreira Research Fellow jennifer.ferreira@coventry.ac.uk Economic development, coffee and cafe industries, labour markets, economic geography
Dr Alexeis Garcia-Perez Reader in Cyber Security Management / Associate Professor alexeis.garcia-perez@coventry.ac.uk Business information systems; cyber security; data, information and knowledge management
Professor Ross Gordon Honorary Research Fellow cbis.info@coventry.ac.uk  
Dr David Jarvis Co-Director (REF Leadership) david.jarvis@coventry.ac.uk Low carbon and electro-mobility, economic development and economic impact,social action
Professor Mark Jenkins Visiting Professor cbis.info@coventry.ac.uk  
Dr Andrew Jones Research Assistant andrew.jones3@coventry.ac.uk Economic development, electric vehicles, electric vehicle policy ownership and finance in football
Mr Jordon Lazell Research Assistant jordon.lazell@coventry.ac.uk Consumer food waste behaviour and sustainable consumption
Dr Jill Le Clair Visiting Research Fellow cbis.info@coventry.ac.uk  
Professor Ming Lim Professor of Supply Chain and Operations Management ming.lim@coventry.ac.uk Supply chain sustainability, strategy and operations management
Dr Yun Luo Research Fellow yun.luo@coventry.ac.uk Financial liberalisation, bank risk, regulations, competition, banking sector,efficiency and productivity, data analytics
Mrs Debbie McArdle Research Support Administrator debbie.mcardle@coventry.ac.uk General enquiries, orders, expense claims, travel and general administration
Professor Stewart MacNeill Visiting Professor of Economic Development stewart.macneill@coventry.ac.uk The ‘knowledge economy’, innovation, automotive industry, business strategies and their interaction with public policy,regional economic development, technology foresight
Professor Stan Maklan Visiting Professor cbis.info@coventry.ac.uk  
Professor Maureen Meadows Professor of Strategy maureen.meadows@coventry.ac.uk Strategic management, strategy tools inparticular scenario planning and visioning,market segmentation, relationshipmarketing and customer relationship management (CRM), mergers andacquisitions, customer data management,big data and privacy
James Medhurst Visiting Research Fellow cbis.info@coventry.ac.uk  
Dr Alessandro Merendino Research Assistant alessandro.merendino@coventry.ac.uk  Corporate governance, board of directors,top management team, big data, listed companies, mega yacht sector, accounting,firm performance
Professor David Peck Visiting Professor cbis.info@coventry.ac.uk automotive studies, economicdevelopment, technology adoption
Professor Lee Quinn Professor of Consumer Insight and Behaviour lee.quinn@coventry.ac.uk Marketing, market segmentation, consumer behaviour, social marketing, consumer insights
Dr Helen Roby Assistant Professor helen.roby@coventry.ac.uk Consumer/sustainable behaviour particularly in relation to energy systemsand smart cities, sustainable and low-carbon transport and clothing
Dr Harjit Sekhon Reader in Marketing / Associate Professor harjit.sekhon@coventry.ac.uk Services management and marketing, banking, finance and pensions
Professor Lyndon Simkin Executive Director of the Centre for Business in Society lyndon.simkin@coventry.ac.uk Market strategy and brand positioning,marketing planning and business planning,understanding customers and fairness in customer relationship management, EVs and sustainability, the digital economy
Dr Paul Sissons Reader in Employment Studies  /Associate Professor paul.sissons@coventry.ac.uk Labour markets, welfare policy, housingmarkets, sustainable regeneration,economy development, businessand economics
Professor Benny Tjahjono Professor of Sustainable Supply Chain benny.tjahjono@coventry.ac.uk Supply chain management, sustainability, industry 4.0, circular economy, corporate social responsibility, product-servicesystems, simulation modelling
Miss Melissa Tornari Research Assistant melissa.tornari@coventry.ac.uk Labour economics, political economics, sustainable development, spatial econometrics
Dr Donna Wong Assistant Professor donna.wong@coventry.ac.uk Sports mega events broadcasts, football broadcasts, digital sports piracy, counterfeit sports merchandise, Asian sports


Name Role Email Contact for
Dr Ioannis Assiouras Associate ioannis.assiouras@coventry.ac.uk Value co-creation, service recovery, corporate social responsibility,responsible marketing
Dr Mujahid Mohiuddin Babu Associate mujahid.mohiuddinbabu@coventry.ac.uk Big data analytics capability, unconventional marketing communications, technology in marketing, marketing strategy, customer engagement, employee engagement, strategic orientation, customer co-creation of value
Dr Anitha Chinnaswamy Associate anitha.chinnaswamy@coventry.ac.uk Cyber security management,MBA cyber security, environmental healthmanagement
Dr Mike Duignan Associate mike.duignan@coventry.ac.uk Event-led urban development and regeneration, event and festival impacts, stakeholder analysis, community and small business sustainability, tourism management,  destination development, visitor economy, event tourism
Dr Rebwar Gharib Associate rebwar.gharib@coventry.ac.uk On-line communities, business strategy, information systems, social media, e-commerce, e-governmentadoption, virtual teams
Dr Qile (Horace) He Associate qile.he@coventry.ac.uk Sustainable supply chain management, agri-food supply chain management, strategic alliances, supply chain partnership, interfirm relationships, innovation management, knowledge management
Dr Jiayao Hu Associate Jiayao.hu@coventry.ac.uk Sustainable supply chain management, sustainable development, supply chain logistics, quality management
Dr Zilia Iskoujina Associate zilia.iskoujina@coventry.ac.uk Digital economy, cybersecurity, knowledge management, online communities, social media, open source
Dr Albert Jolink Associate albert.jolink@coventry.ac.uk Strategic management (inter-firm collaboration), entrepreneurship, (start-upsand venture capital), strategic alliances
Dr Husni Kharouf Associate husni.kharouf@coventry.ac.uk Relationship marketing, organisational trust, signalling theory, organisational trust repair, customer engagement, multi-variate data analysis
Dr Dong-Wook Kwak Associate dong-wook.kwak@coventry.ac.uk Global supply chain risk management, international transport and logistics, sustainable supply chainmanagement, supply chain collaborationand innovation, humanitarian logistics
Dr Yue Meng-Lewis Associate yue.meng@coventry.ac.uk Marketing communications, sponsorship, celebrity endorsement, eSports, ambush marketing, mega events, big data analytics
Dr Sena Ozdemir Associate sena.ozdemir@coventry.ac.uk Marketing, market orientations, brand origins, intra-firm marketing production, big data
Dr Rui Biscaia Associate rui.biscai@coventry.ac.uk Sport marketing, service quality, sport brand management, sponsorship, consumer behaviour
Dr Mahmood Shah Associate mahmood.shah@coventry.ac.uk E-business, information security management, knowledge management, computer science
Ruchi Sharma Associate ruchi.sharma@coventry.ac.uk Business analytics, ebusiness, business model innovation, venture capital, start-ups
Dr Katrien Steenmans Associate katrien.steenmans@coventry.ac.uk Climate finance law, EU waste law and policy, EU circular economy laws and policies, extended producer responsibility, property rights in waste, knowledge management in cities
Dr Emma Stringfellow Associate emma.stringfellow@coventry.ac.uk Employment relations, diversity management, human resource management
Dr Jill Timms Associate jill.timms@coventry.ac.uk Sustainable supply chains, corporate social responsibility, ethical consumerism, private standards and certification, alternative economies, campaigns for workers’ rights, sociology of work, cut-flowers, mega-events
Dr Adi Weidenfeld Associate adi.weidenfeld@coventry.ac.uk Visitor economy, tourism development and planning, visitor attractions, regional innovation systems, regional diversification