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Health and Wellbeing

University can be a big step for parents and students alike, that’s why we have a robust support structure in place to make the transition from school to university a smooth one. We know that having a good Health and Wellbeing team on hand to offer advice and guidance is crucial to the student experience. Help for students is always available at Coventry University, all they need to do is ask. 


The Welfare team are available to offer assistance on a number of issues, such as bereavement, academic struggles and personal problems. They’re in place to make sure that students' academic success isn't compromised by any external issues. The support that can be offered can make all the difference when moving to a new place with new people and the team are on hand to listen, help, solve or alleviate problems that may arise. 

Counselling and Mental Health Service

The Counselling and Mental Health Service are on hand to provide a safe, accommodating place for students who are facing mental and emotional difficulties. They can offer a service tailored to the needs of the individual, whether that is face-to-face counselling, a group counselling session or counselling over email. A series of workshops that can help students to deal with anxieties and stress are also organised by the team, to supply coping mechanisms for more difficult situations that may arise during university life.

Disability and Mental Health

We have a team of Disability and Mental Health advisors who are there to provide support to our students. We provide guidance for a range of disabilities including Specific Learning Difficulty (Dyslexia), Physical and Sensory Disabilities, Aspergers (Autistic Spectrum) and Mental Health. 

Spirituality and Faith Centre

The Spirituality and Faith Centre is available to students who want a harmonious area to relax and chat with other students of other different faiths and religions. The centre embodies the diversity and multi-cultural atmosphere that exists within the university and promotes an inclusive atmosphere. There are prayer rooms and a chapel which allow and encourage the practicing of faith on campus.

Medical Centre

The university also has a Medical Centre, we encourage students to register here as early as possible and use it as their local GP surgery. 


To ensure the safety of our students, we have uniformed security staff patrolling campus 24 hours per day. They can respond quickly to any incidents from missing keys to students getting lost. Our security staff can also administer basic first aid and assist with medical emergencies. The whole campus including the university managed accommodation is equipped with CCTV security cameras.

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