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“I fight for the users” – Tron

An understanding of the physical, cognitive and affective aspects of our interactions with the man-made world is essential for the design of safe, useful, usable, and increasingly, desirable yet sustainable systems and products. Radical changes are taking place in the automotive and transportation industry. Alternative powertrains, lightweight vehicles, automation, novel interface concepts, intermodal transport, the connected car, the digital native and an ageing population are among the key trends that challenge the status quo and raise new and exciting Human Factors questions.


Senior Lecturer

Building: Maurice Foss
Room: MF225

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Dr. Cyriel Diels has a background in Psychology and Human Factors. Following his degree in experimental psychology at Utrecht University, his doctoral studies investigated self-motion perception and negative side effects associated with simulated and virtual environments at Loughborough University. Since then, he has worked in the field of driver behaviour and performance at the Transport Research Laboratory for a range of clients including Department for Transport, Highways Agency, European Commission, and various commercial organisations. Since 2009, he has been acting as the UK representative and chair of the national shadow committee of ISO Working Group 8 on in-vehicle Human Machine Interfaces. Following on from this he joined Jaguar Land Rover where he worked as a Human Factors specialist within advanced product development and research. In 2012, he started his current position as senior lecturer in Human Factors at the Industrial Design department with a particular focus on automotive and transport design.


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  • Managed Motorways Programme: Series of driving simulation studies in support of the Highways Agency MM programme guiding the concept development and evaluation of future motorway schemes. 
  • RBS road safety campaigns: Series of driving behaviour studies into driver distraction and impairment and development and support of media campaigns. 
  • SWARM (Demonstration of Small 4-Wheel fuel cell passenger vehicle Applications in Regional and Municipal transport): Field Operational Test evaluating Human Factors aspects of small fuel cell vehicles. 
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