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Shaping Modernity?: (Semi)-private Exterior Spaces and the Arts in Late-19th Belgian and Interacting Sites of Creative Exchange

This fully funded Studentship within the Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities, explores the artistic networks, imaginaries and projections of (semi-) private interior and exterior spaces in late nineteenth-century Belgian.

Electric Drives System of High Speed Permanent Magnet Motor Control

This project aims to enhance the system performance of high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs) drive which are critical in numerous applications where high power rate and compact size are required.

The efficacy of a wearable intervention in treating poor mental health in the early postnatal period and the role of circadian rhythm and prolactin during mental health recovery

This research will explore new, non-pharmacological, affordable, and effective treatment options for poor mental health in the early postnatal period.

Post-Hurricane Damage and Recovery: A remote assessment of agricultural resilience in the Caribbean

This project will address a knowledge gap by assessing the impact of hurricanes on agriculture in the Caribbean, 2010-2020.

Multiphase and reactive flows in natural materials: Applications in geosciences

This interdisciplinary project aims to resolve this knowledge gap. To that end, we will develop state-of-the-art computational and experimental methods, in close collaboration with prof. with M. Dentz (IDAEA-CSIC) and J. Ortin (Uni. of Barcelona), including short stays in their laboratories in Barcelona. The project also aims to use the insights gained from the small-scale investigation towards reservoir simulations of carbon geosequestration, in collaboration with the British Geological Survey.

Evaluating Regional Specific Training Stimulus (RSTS) for people with COPD attending pulmonary rehabilitation

The Research Centre for Healthcare and Communities is excited to invite application for their fully funded studentship. This PhD project aims to evaluate the proof of concept and feasibility of an alternative paradigm of exercise training for older adults with COPD.

Mechanistic insights into Family B G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) using SMA-like polymers

Centre for Health and Life Sciences have a fully funded studentship with stipend. The project will address this knowledge gap by focusing on the molecular pharmacology of three CLR-containing GPCRs.

Predicting cognitive performance in ADHD with advanced deep learning and network analysis in functional neuroimaging (Deakin led)

This project aims to explore whether EEG can provide a quantitative and effective approach for the diagnosis and severity monitoring of ADHD. 

Internal temperature sensing towards advanced thermal management for lithium-ion batteries

The Centre for E-Mobility and Clean Growth are offering a fully funded studentship which will develop an advanced thermal management system through multi-objective optimisation and sensing internal temperatures of batteries.

Using Extended Reality (XR) to improve team performance and enhance training for maintenance of future vehicles

The Centre for Future Transport and Cities is inviting applications from suitably qualified computer science, game design, and electronic engineering graduates who have an interest in human-computer interaction and human factors for an exciting Dstl funded PhD studentship.

Developing a Dimensional Metrology Cyber-Physical system to support new product introduction

The Centre for Manufacturing and Material has a fully funded Studentship, the aim of this PhD project to develop a cyber-physical architect between tolerance simulation and their associated metrology measurements within the manufacturing process.

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and metabolic syndrome in different ethnicities

The Research Centre for Healthcare and Communities have a fully funded Studentship to understand the relationship between OSA and metabolic dysfunction in different ethnicities and test a pilot intervention on lifestyle intervention in the ethnic minority population.

AI enhanced 3D human body shape estimation and garment redressing from clothed 3D scan sequences

The Centre for Computational Science and Mathematical Modelling invite applicants to a fully-funded studentship which will consider how UK fashion retailers have long struggled with the cost of returns and look into 3D body scanning technology.

Understanding and addressing the uptake of Rehabilitative, Assistive and Restorative Technologies by underserved communities

The Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities are offering a fully-funded opportunity that seeks to explore and understand variability in the acceptance and adoption of rehabilitation, assistive and restorative technologies.

Interoception of breathing and the effects on the cortical control of balance

The Centre for Physical Activity, Sport and Exercise Sciences have a fully funded project available, bringing together different disciplines to probe the role of intero-ception in the generation of fear of falling.

Plastic Pollution as an Anthropogenic Threat to Human Health: The Impact of Nano- and Microplastics Accumulation on Skeletal Muscle Function

The Centre for Physical Activity, Sport and Exercise Sciences is pleased to invite applications for a fully funded PhD 'The Impact of Nano- and Microplastics Accumulation on Skeletal Muscle Function'.

Designing and Testing Safer Public Transport for Women

We are looking for a motivated, passionate individual with a keen interest in practical, impactful research to join us for this PhD studentship.

People Centred Productivity as a Pathway to Achieving Timely Circular Economy Interventions

The project looks to utilise an ethical combination of people and data to provide a transitional pathway to rapidly demonstrate and deliver future markets within the circular economy.

Numerical Investigation of Liquid Metal Magneto-Coriolis-Centrifugal Convection

This PhD project will focus on the modelling of electro-magnetic effects, in particular, clarify the possible role of Alfvén waves in planetary core convection.

Trailblazers: The Early Career Researcher and PhD Candidate Partnering Scheme

The scheme provides PhD candidates with an innovative and dynamic intellectual space in which to undertake transformative research, whilst fully supported by a team of experienced supervisors.