Our Research Themes

Our Research Themes

ICTE will focus its research upon the following core themes:

Theme 1

The promotion of transformational entrepreneurship through entrepreneurship education. This theme will consider the effective provision and evaluation of entrepreneurship education to enable transformational entrepreneurship. The focus will be on evaluating provision within the University sector.

Theme 2

Transformational entrepreneurial leadership. This theme will explore transformational leadership in an entrepreneurial context. The theme will explore the attributes and behaviour of effective entrepreneurial leadership.

Theme 3

Promoting second order innovation. This theme considers the nature and deployment of second order innovation.  Effective development and deployment of technologies will be evaluated including use of information technologies and business improvement technologies to engender business transformation.

Theme 4

Entrepreneurial eco-systems that promote transformational entrepreneurship. This theme will consider the effective development of entrepreneurial eco-systems that support transformational entrepreneurship in a regional and national context. Eco-systems might include incubation systems and funding structures to enable transformational entrepreneurship.

Theme 5

Policy formulation promoting transformational entrepreneurship. This theme will explore how transformational entrepreneurship has informed regional and national policy to support entrepreneurial activity.

These themes will be explored in both a developed and developing world context.

  • Within the developing world, a particular focus for ICTE will be Sub Saharan Africa (SSA).  
  • Existing developments include the development of the Africa Institute for Transformational Entrepreneurship (AITE).
  • AITE will act as a hub for research projects and activity.
  • Within SSA, ICTE has developed academic networks within Ghana and South Africa.
  • ICTE has also been granted access to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor African datasets from recent years. This data will be used as a focal point for the research in an African context. These networks will provide local knowledge and context towards research activity driven by ICTE members. 
  • Within the developed world, entrepreneurial activity within the UK will be a particular focus particularly with regard to entrepreneurial behaviour within the West Midlands. Other areas will be investigated as the need arises for transformational entrepreneurship in specific areas.
  • ICTE will be seeking to produce highly ranked journal outputs, book chapters, books and conference papers to create an evidence base across all themes in coming years.
  • Members of the ICTE group are commissioning academic journal special issues with several ABS ranked journals. The focus here will be the production of a group of papers to fully explore the research phenomenon under investigation.