Research into Efforts to Change Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity: Call for participants

Coventry University are conducting research on people’s experiences of efforts to change sexual orientation or gender identity (often referred to as ‘conversion therapies’) in the UK.

As part of the Government Equalities Office’s LGBT Action Plan, the Government has committed to bringing forward proposals to end the practice of conversion therapy in the UK. The aim of the research is to improve understanding of the practice, experience and effect of efforts to change sexual orientation or gender identity on those who undergo them, in order to inform the Government in developing potential options for ending the practice.

The research team are looking for anyone with first-hand experience of undergoing efforts to change their sexual orientation or gender identity within the UK to talk to us about their experience. The team would like to hear from you irrespective of whether such efforts took place in a medical, commercial or religious context and they are particularly keen to hear from anyone who has undergone such efforts in the last 10 years.

The project is being led by Dr Adam Jowett, Assistant Professor in Psychology within the School of Psychological, Social & Behavioural Sciences. He is current Chair of the British Psychological Society’s Psychology of Sexualities Section and has experience of conducting research on LGBT+ issues.