Postgraduate Community

Postgraduate Community

While studying for a PGR degree is an individual pursuit, there are many opportunities to become part of a research community. This includes regular PGR gatherings, the Centre’s international seminar series and Centre-based research symposia and conferences. Students are also supported to organise their own events and meetings, which has included praxis and reading groups.

We encourage PGR students to get involved with all of our events in many different ways including submitting proposals, volunteering to help out, or joining the organising committee for conferences. Students may also gain experience of Journal production by supporting the editorial processes with our own Journals. Getting involved will also give students valuable experience in the field while studying.

  • Name Research Title
    Andrea Barzey A sustainable model of dance education: promoting dance ecology, partnership working and curriculum
    Ishak Adel H E Berrebbah The Mosaics of Arab American Women's Identity in Fiction
    Carol Breen  
    Erica Charalambous Virtual Dust on the Digital Landscape of Dance Archives
    Rachael Marie Davies  
    Micia De Wet Directing an actor’s intuition: developing and using intuition within a bodymind approach to acting training and performance
    Jaque Durrant The Early-Career Instrumental Music Pedagogue in Primary Schools: An examination of the training and preparedness required of music graduates upon entry into the profession
    Emilie Marianne Aurelie Gallier Reading in Performance, Lire en Spectacle
    Marisa Godoy dos Santos Ruegg Generating co-presence: intuitions, practices and discoveries of dance artists in the making of improvisation choreography
    Mira Balchandran Gokul  
    Tsehaye Haidemariam  
    Kathleen Hawkins  
    Charles Ingram Coventry City of Culture 2021 through a Verbatim Theatre lens; A study into the City Image
    Lizzy Le Quesne  
    George Thomas Lloyd-O'Keefe  
    Lola Maury  
    Margaret Amaranth Medlin How might we read the relationship between the viewer and the screen? Exploring the choreographic possibilities of screen technologies
    Scott Oldroyd  
    Andrea Ondruskova  
    Adrian Palka  
    Louisa Petts  
    Claire Ridge  
    Amanda Jo-An Rogerson  
    Poppy Kameljit Kaur Sall Sepoy: The Indian Experience of World War One
    Megan Mc Conville Shone  
    Josh Slater  
    Mark Thacker  
    Sarah Louise Thomas  
    Kim Vom Kothen  
    Dominic Waldock  
    Anita Waples  
    Catherine Anne Washbrook  
    Linda Judith Westmoreland  
    Georgina Cockburn Dance as a catalyst for living well; examining the potential for Living Well Hubs to improve people’s lives through dance

C-DaRE Postgraduate Team

Dr Victoria Thoms

Assistant Professor

Victoria Thoms is an Assistant Professor at the Centre. She completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (PGCertLTHE) and she is a member of the Higher Education Academy (HEA). Since her appointment in 2015, Victoria has been the PGR coordinator for the Centre of Dance Research (C-DaRE). She has been responsible for maintaining the welfare and progression of a diverse group of more than 30 PGRs, the largest consistent cohort of PGRs in the Faculty of Arts. Under her guidance, the Centre achieved one of the highest satisfaction rates in the University (2017 PRES).

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The growing research environment and PhD community that is currently flourishing at C-Dare provides an equally exciting and fertile research context for current and future students and collaboratively created research events are now happening regularly.

Paula Kramer, former C-DaRE PhD student
 Queen’s Award for Enterprise Logo
University of the year shortlisted
QS Five Star Rating 2020
Coventry City of Culture 2021