C-DaRE: Staff

 Sarah Whatley Thumbnail

Professor Sarah Whatley (Director)

Performance, digital, digitisation, choreography, somatic dance, dance and disability and dance archiving

 Scott deLahunta Thumbnail

Professor Scott deLahunta

Choreography, dance documentation and digitisation, new forms of publication and interdisciplinary research

 Ruth Gibson

Ruth Gibson

Motion capture, virtual reality, augmented reality, installation, performance and performance games

 Emma Meehan

Dr Emma Meehan

Irish dance and theatre, practice as research and somatic practices


Dr Karen Wood

Contemporary dance practice, choreography, dance film and dance science


Dr Hetty Blades

Dance and technology, analytic philosophy, documentation and archiving

 Michaelina Jakala

Dr Simon Ellis

Choreography, dramaturgy, practice-as-research, screendance, digital performance and dance improvisation

 Dr. Eline Kieft

Dr Eline Kieft

Qualitative research methodologies, dance, healing, empowerment and spirituality

 Rosamaria E. Kostic Cisneros

Rosamaria E. Kostic Cisneros

Dance, flamenco, dance history, Roma community and participatory research

 Kate Marsh Thumbnail

Dr Kate Marsh

Disability in dance

 Professor Charlotte Waelde Thumbnail

Professor Charlotte Waelde

Intellectual property law, copyright, copyright and digital technologies, human rights,

 Jonathan Burrows Thumbnail

Jonathan Burrows

Contemporary dance and performance practice

 Victoria Thoms Thumbnail

Dr Victoria Thoms

Political, social and embodied understandings of identity, feminist theory and deconstruction

 Rosemary Lee

Rosemary Lee

Choreographic practice, participatory practice, somatic practice with people with a range of experience

 Dr. Susanne Foellmer

Dr Susanne Foellmer

Corporeality, reconstruction and heritage in performance and contemporary dance

 Siobhan Davies

Siobhan Davies

Choreography, interdisciplinary practice and collaborating across art forms


Silvana Colella

Feminism, Heritage, 1970s, Museum Studies, Feminist Theory, Agenda

C-DaRE Associates

 Adam Collis Thumbnail

Dr Adam Collis 

 Dr. Sara Reed

Dr Sara Reed

Somatic practices, dancers education/training, dance pedagogy

Nicole Panizza 

Dr Nicole Panizza

Music, performance, cultural agency, literary analysis and criticism (poetics)

Christopher Hobbs Thumnail

Dr Christopher Hobbs

Music composition

 Dr. Lynsey McCulloch

Dr Lynsey McCulloch

Early modern literature and performance

 Professor Neil Forbes

Professor Neil Forbes

Twentieth century international history

 Professor Mark Evans Thumbnail

Professor Mark Evans

Theatre, performance and theatre training


Dr Taryn Storey



Dr Tom Williams

Interactive Music, Electroacoustic Music, Music Composition: instrumental, vocal and electroacoustic


Dr Luo Li

Intellectual property (IP), fashion design, cultural heritages, information technology, media and social economic development. 


PhD Students

 Jenny Coogan Thumbnail

Jenny Coogan


 Marie-Louise Crawley Thumbnail

Marie-Louise Crawley


 Dr. Sara Reed

Gustavo Fijalkow


 Debbie Fionn-Barr

Debbie Fionn-Barr


 Rebecca Stancliffe

Rebecca Stancliffe


 Becca Weber

Becca Weber


 Cathy Washbrooke

Cathy Washbrooke


 Teoma Naccarato Thumbnail

Teoma Naccarato


 Emilie Gallier Thumbnail

Emilie Gallier


 Lisa Wilson Thumbnail

Lisa Wilson


 Ilya Vidrin Thumbnail

Ilya Vidrin


 Sara Wookey Thumbnail

Sara Wookey


 Kathryn Stamp Thumbnail

Kathryn Stamp


 Colin Poole Thumbnail

Colin Poole


Margaret Amaranth Medlin

Margie Medlin

 Carol Breen Thumnail

Carol Breen

 Lyle Weir Thumnail

Lyle Weir


Erica Charalambous


Claire Ridge


Amanda Rogerson


Anita Waples


Marisa Godoy dos Santos Rüegg


Kim Kothen


Katye Coe


Vipavinee Artpradid


Yael Owen-Mckenna


Sarah Thomas

Support Staff

Lily Hayward-Smith

Research Support Administrator  aa2849@coventry.ac.uk

Leonor Rodriguez Esteves

Research Delivery Support Partner ac3942@coventry.ac.uk

Tim Hammerton

Programme Manager – REACH  ab6846@coventry.ac.uk

Dymphna Fox

Research Support Administrator  ac6807@coventry.ac.uk

Alli Sellors

Operations Manager  ac1584@coventry.ac.uk

Amy Tan

Research Development Executive  ac1130@coventry.ac.uk

Sarah Bailey

Research Finance and Compliance Officer  ab6800@coventry.ac.uk



Helen Poyner


Professor Helen Thomas


Dr Amanda Williamson


Caroline Bowditch


Harriet Deacon