PhD Students

We have a number of students completing their PhD in the area of Low Impact Buildings.

Name Thesis Title  Director of Studies
Ghazi AlAbbadi The Analysis of Productivity and its Relationship With Operatives Motivation in Construction Sites: The Case of Jordan Dr George Agyekum-Mensah
Kande Bai Kamara Optimisation of Secondary Waste Minerals for Mechanical Stability in Road (base) and Foundation Dr Eshmaiel Ganjian
Rabia Charef The use of BIM and design for deconstruction principles for the minimisation of material waste

Dr Eshmaiel Ganjian
Husna Shirazi Innovative green roofs and walls for climate, energy and water resilience building and built environment in hot and cold climates Dr Suresh Surendran
James Westcott Understanding and supporting domestic energy behaviour change Dr John Halloran
Dalrene James Detergent or surfactant removal from grey water by using natural geo of waste material Dr Suresh Surendran
Cheng Zeng Investigation of Novel Heating and Moisture Control Methods as Applied to Low Carbon Buildings Prof Shuli Liu
Christopher Lunn What Do We Want? An Evaluation Of Building Occupants Own Factors For Successful, Comfortable, Controllable And Therefore Satisfying Buildings Dr Azadeh Montazami
Abdur Mazhar Effective low carbon technologies to deliver a sustainable built environment Prof Shuli Liu
Nada Milivojevic The optimisation of construction projects by evaluating scenario based approaches in the implementation of Building Information Modelling and Management (BIMM) practices combined with simulation training Dr Abdullahi Ahmed
Romeo Nkurunziza Evaluation of climate change impact  on  renewable energy infrastructures and its performance, in East African Community countries Dr Abdullahi Ahmed
Ucheowaji Ogbologugo A research experimental and numerical investigation on a novel material made of sand-cement-water Dr Messaoud Saidani
Nur Dzulkefly Intelligent Agent-Based Simulation integrated with Social Networks on Decision Support System in E-Commerce Dr John Halloran
Yahya Al-Saeed The investigation and the Influence of the new zero carbon regulations into the the architectural practise and the construction in the United Kingdom Dr Abdullahi Ahmed
Samuel Abbey An Experimental Investigation on the Sustainable Utilization of Quarry Fines Stabilised with Hydraulic Road Binders in Road Pavement Constructions Dr Samson Ngambi
Syuria Amirrudin The effectiveness of knowledge management in making decisions on a disease problem in Ears, nose and throat (ENT)Dept Dr John Halloran
Abdullah Alsaluli An investigation of the Integrated Water Resources Management and Implementation of Engineering Management Principles on Water Sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Dr Abdullahi Ahmed 
Seyed Sameni Investigation of different sustainable performance standards across the Coventry region Dr Azadeh Montazami
Ikechukwu Dike Strategic development of sustainable reverse logistics practices for UK automotive manufacturing Dr Messaoud Saidani