Violence Prevention, Resilience and Justice


Our scope is broad, our methods diverse, but violence prevention underpins all we do. A range of approaches capturing the breadth of our sub-disciplines - forensic psychology, criminology, public health, sociology, social work, and cognitive and clinical psychology - are brought to bear on important questions about the effectiveness of policing and detection of violent crime, rehabilitation of violent offenders and individuals’ and groups’ experiences of violence.

The majority of our work falls in the areas of intimate partner violence (IPV), child maltreatment, sexual violence and homicide. The nature of our research ranges from theoretical development, understanding lived experiences of victims of violence and improving the investigative process and detection, to service evaluation, intervention design and trials research. We strive to build and promote evidence-based practice across the settings and sectors we work in: probation, police, prison, community, health, social work, and voluntary/charities.

Our strength lies in our growing reputation as a violence prevention hub; we have capability to tap a critical mass of experience and expertise through our established VIA network that extends into the wider community and reaches the many charities, policy-makers, and practitioners working locally and nationally to prevent violence and its adverse effects on society. Our membership is open to anyone who has a research or practice-based interest in combating interpersonal violence, and we particularly welcome non-academic members. Please email for information.


 Lorna O'Doherty Thumbnail           

Dr. Lorna O'Doherty

Intimate partner violence, sexual violence, health-based interventions and randomised trials

 Sarah Brown Thumbnail

Prof. Sarah Brown (Research Group Leader)

Sexual aggression; empathy, compassion and emotion processing; evaluation; integrated offender management and risk assessment

 Geraldine Brown Thumbnail

Dr. Geraldine Brown

Sociological exploration of violence and Black and Minority communities; prison and community based programmes

 Kate Walker

Dr. Kate Walker

Desistance from intimate partner violence; primary and tertiary interventions; revenge pornography

 Jeane Gerard

Dr. Jeane Gerard

Investigative psychology, homicide and atypical homicide (e.g. sexual, juvenile, serial); international gun crime

 Becky Crookes

Becky Crookes

Sexual offending prevention, risk assessment and treatment interventions; international gun crime

 Dr. Carlo Tramontano

Dr. Carlo Tramontano

Violent behaviour, transgressive conduct, cheating behaviours, unethical behaviours at work

Dr. Grace Carter

Forensic Psychology, violence prevention interventions.

Dr Nazanin Khasteganan

Dr Nazanin Khasteganan

Behavioural Medicine, weight management interventions, phenomenological qualitative research, quantitative and meta-analysis studies.

Priya Tek Kalsi

Priya Tek Kalsi

Patient and Public involvement, race discrimination, engagement projects on hate crime and preventing violent extremism.


Claire Pillinger

Interventions for perpetrators of CSE, Restorative Justice intervention for girls at risk of gang affiliation, the impact of a technology-based intervention for KS1 pupils



  • Danielle Labhardt
  • Jenny Mackay
  • Joanne Lackenby
  • Emma Hadfield
  • Sahar Shahid


  • Cultural Agents Promoting and Targeting Interventions against Violence and Enslavement (CAPTIVE)
  • Sharing of sexually explicit material publicly online without consent (revenge pornography) 
  • Police officers’ perspectives on responding to the non-consensual sharing of private sexual media
  • Emotion processing in adults convicted of sex offences against children or adults
  • Robots as presenters of child abuse cases in courtrooms
  • Perceptions of the challenges encountered by homicide offenders upon their release from prison
  • Understanding young people’s decision-making in relation to sex, sexual health and pregnancy
  • Evaluation of drug and alcohol services supporting sex offenders 
  • Evaluation of Kairos ‘Roots Out’ Programme working with sex workers


  • The impact of systemic interventions designed to reduce reoffending on victimisation