Health Behaviour and Interventions Research


Our research draws principally from the theories and methods of Health Psychology, with a strong emphasis on inter-disciplinary working and real-world application. We contribute to the theory and evidence base to better understand preventive health behaviours, help-seeking behaviour and behaviours relevant to management of long-term conditions across the life course and amongst diverse populations.

Much of our work is concerned with applying the knowledge-base to the rigorous and systematic development of interventions and intervention evaluation. We apply innovative methods to engage with end-users and involve them in our research, and our partnerships with stakeholders mean we develop strong pathways to impact for our research.

 Dr. Katharine Brown Thumbnail

Professor Katherine Brown (Group leader)

eHealth & wellbeing Interventions

 Katie Newby Thumbnail

Dr. Katie Newby

Vaccination behaviour, infectious diseases, interventions to change health-related behaviour

 Prof. Andy Turner Thumbnail

Prof. Andy Turner

Self-management, long-term conditions, health psychology, lifestyle interventions living with or affected by cancer and dementia

Dr. Emmie Fulton

Health psychology, public health, intervention development, dementia and veterans mental health

 Maxine Sharps

Dr. Maxine Sharps

Health psychology

 Stefanie Williams

Dr. Stefanie Williams

Physical activity and obesity, behaviour and interventions research

 Dr. Gemma Pearce

Dr. Gemma Pearce

Self-management support, long-term conditions, menopause, women's health, health behaviour

 Dr. Naomi Bartle

Dr. Naomi Bartle

Psychological interventions to support breastfeeding, infant and childhood nutrition


Dr. Kristina Curtis

Health psychology, behaviour change, public health, childhood obesity, intervention development

 Lauren Schumacher Thumbnail

Lauren Schumacher

Alcohol interventions, cancer and young people

 Kajal Gokal Thumbnail

Dr. Kajal Gokal

Exercise, psycho-oncolgy, psychology and behaviour

 Kayleigh Kwah Thumbnail

Kayleigh Kwah

Behaviour change; Health psychology; Breastfeeding; Infant feeding