Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Flying Start

Course essentials at no extra cost

Eligible Students

Students who commenced an undergraduate degree course advertising ‘Flying Start’ in September 2012 or later and are paying the fee levels set for new students for 2020 will be eligible.

Students repeating course stages and paying the fee levels set for new students for 2020 will be entitled to alternative equivalents.

Direct Entry

Students who are Direct Entry to Stage 2 or 3 of an undergraduate degree course advertising Flying Start and who are paying the fee levels set for new students for 2020 will be entitled to the same items as other students on the same course and stage.

EU students

Where ‘Flying Start’ is advertised, it applies to EU students, as long as the other eligibility conditions are met (see above). Please note that Erasmus students do not pay the higher level fees and are therefore not eligible for ‘Flying Start’.

International Students

Where ‘Flying Start’ is advertised for a course, it applies to International students, as long as the other eligibility conditions are met (see above).

Part-Time Students

Part-Time students commencing on undergraduate degree programmes from September 2012 and paying the fee levels (pro rata) set for new students for 2020 are entitled to some ‘Flying Start’ items. What you will receive will depend upon your course.

Non-Eligible Students
  • Students studying Continuing Professional Development qualifications are not eligible.
  • Students who are Fee Exempt, such as incoming Erasmus students, are not eligible.
  • Students on courses which are externally funded, such as Department of Health funded courses and apprenticeships, are not eligible.
  • Postgraduate Courses are not eligible for Flying Start. However, there are some undergraduate degree courses with an optional progression route leading to a Masters level qualification. Students who progress from the undergraduate part of the course onto one of these Masters level qualifications will be eligible for Flying Start, as long as the other eligibility criteria have been met (see above).
Am I able to obtain any of the included items for my course prior to arriving at the university?

Before you can collect items supplied for your course, it is necessary to enrol and get your student registration/identification (ID) card. Online Enrolment normally commences in September and the majority of items distributed to students will be issued on campus during the first few weeks of the semester. Please note due to the current situation with Covid-19 your course team will update you if you have any resources included for your course to collect.

Where do I get more information about this before I enrol?

Brief details of what students will get will have been published in the Prospectus; however, details may change so please check the latest information on the website using the Course Finder to find the page for your course and clicking on the ‘Fees and Funding’ tab.

Do I have to pay any sort of deposit for any of these ‘extras’?

No deposit is generally required. Coventry University’s policy is that the Flying Start scheme will normally cover all the core items required for your course within payment of your fees. However, there may be some specific terms and conditions which apply to certain items promised for your course. See the Course Finder as above.

How do I find out about any costs that are NOT included in the fees?

You should be able to see any additional costs that might apply to you by using the Course Finder on this website.   

Why are books, equipment and other items free?

They are not free. Following compulsory fee rises, Coventry University made a commitment to ensure they provided the very best value for money. Your fees for the course cover the payment for these core items. This is why students who are not paying the current published fee rates for the course are not entitled to the ‘Flying Start’.

Core Reading For your Course

Am I eligible for free reading materials?

The books we provide are not free, but they are included in the fee you pay for the course. What you receive depends on the course and stage you are studying. Some course stages provide students with core texts, or a customised course reader containing key texts and reading materials. Other course stages may include other core materials, such as art materials, software, equipment, memberships, etc.

Whether you are eligible depends on a number of factors (see Who Is Eligible?).

Will I only Receive Reading Material?

Your Course Director will compile a package relevant to your course; this may include eBooks and/or additional items.’

Credit to purchase books

Credit vouchers are no longer being provided. All reading materials will be delivered online via Flying Start’s new supplier BibliU (contracted as of 2019).


Key reading material will be provided in the format of eBooks delivered on the BibliU platform.

You can find more detail about this on the e-Book page.

Key questions about reading material

Can I have my reading material in a different format?

Your course essential reading will be provided in eBook format and you cannot change to a different format. However, if you have a disability and cannot use the format provided, we will do our best to obtain texts in an alternative format for you – but this will be dependent upon your course. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are likely to require alternative formats. You can do this prior to arrival by emailing with your name, intended course and the format required.

What is a course reader or custom textbook?

These are publications comprising key reading texts which are specifically applicable to the course.

Am I expected to have read any of the mandatory core texts before I arrive at the University?

While you can do reading and preparation for your studies before your arrival, the eBooks being provided will be available from the start of term.

What do you mean by ‘Mandatory Core Reading’?

These are some of the books that you are required to read and make reference to throughout the duration of your course. Material is not supplied for optional modules as these vary from student to student.

How many books will I get?

The books supplied will vary depending on the course stage you are studying, depending on what other items you are getting and what books your Course Director has specified as essential for the course stage.

Are these all the books I will need to read for my course?

No. At the start of each module, you will be given a reading list with additional suggested reading, and you will also be expected to read widely and to use a range of information resources. Additional books and books for wider reading or for optional modules, together with the other media forms, are available from the Lanchester Library. Many of these are available digitally.

Information about Coventry University’s Lanchester Library can be found in the LibGuides.

I am a part-time student: will I still get my core books?

Yes part time students will also be issued with key texts if they have been selected by your course team for your course.

Equipment, Software and Other Items

How will I know if I am entitled to equipment or software as part of my course?

Details of hardware or software supplied as part of your course will be included on the University web site. Use the Course Finder to access your course. For these items you will be contacted by your course teams and informed as to when and where to collect.

Terms and conditions apply to some of these provisions: individual pdfs for each of these can be found below.

What happens if I lose my equipment, or it is stolen or accidentally damaged?

The terms and conditions you will have signed up to require you to insure the equipment. It is very important that you look after the equipment that has been supplied to you.

Students on relevant courses in the Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing or the Faculty of Arts and Humanities receiving equipment will need to replace these themselves, if they are not insured.

What happens to other equipment or software supplied if I withdraw from my course/stage?

If you withdraw from your course stage in the first 14 calendar days from the commencement of the course, you will need to return the equipment or software, or reimburse the University for the cost.

If you change or transfer to a different course where the same equipment or software is not supplied, you will need to return the equipment to the University.

Other software

Am I eligible for software?

You will only receive software if you are on a course which lists this as one of the ‘items’ students are entitled to on the course page To find out what items are included in your course, please search for your course page using the Course Finder.

What software am I entitled to?

This varies depending upon which course you are studying and whether you are entitled. Details can be viewed in the Prospectus pages of your course, or on this website by selecting your course in the Course Finder and viewing ‘What is Included in Your Fees’.

Do I need a specific type of computer or laptop to use the software?

You may do. Some software will work on both Windows and MAC equipment, while others are only available for Windows equipment. Terms and conditions for software should be read carefully.
Do note, however, that Apple equipment can be set up to emulate Windows. The University does not supply this additional software, and this may be an ‘Extra’ cost to you. The Service Desk in the Library may be able to give further advice on this.

How do I collect my software?

In some cases, software is supplied as a site license for Coventry University staff and students. The software packages such as SPSS can be accessed using AppsAnywhere (you will need to log in with your student ID to view this). Please remember to follow the instructions carefully. Software may need to be downloaded annually in order to get the latest license key.

In other cases, software may be handed out on CD or DVD at an organised event. Licenses will be for an agreed period of time.

In some cases, specific systems will need to be used, or usernames and passwords issued for an external system. Your Course Tutor will advise.

Will I need any identification to collect my software?

For software available for download from the Student Portal, you will be identified as being entitled by your ability to access the student portal and will need to provide some personal details.

For software issued on CD or DVD, you will need to have your University Student ID Card to identify yourself and to determine your entitlement.

Your Course Tutor will advise about any other circumstances.

Will I be able to keep the software?

In some cases, the software is only valid for a year, and will need to be downloaded again in subsequent years of your course. As such, it may not be licensed and may not function once you leave your course.
In other cases, software may be valid for a defined period.

You do need to ensure that you delete software which you are no longer licensed to use from your equipment, particularly once you have left the University.

What happens if I change course or transfer to a different course?

Depending on when this happens, you may be asked to return copies of the software issued on CD/DVD if it is not an ‘Extra’ on the course you are now studying.

Tuition Fee Waiver

What is the tuition fee waiver?

Many universities charge a tuition fee if you decide to take a year out on a supervised work placement or study abroad opportunity. We want to encourage all students, if possible, to take advantage of a year out and, as a result, are waiving the tuition fee for all students who opt to take a year out.

Please note that on Automotive and Transport Design, Product Design and Interior Design certain placement years are a mandatory part of the course, and the tuition fee waiver does not apply. See our Flying Start page.

Other Terms and conditions

This information relates to 2020/21, and may be subject to change year on year. Items, equipment, software or materials are included in the Flying Start scheme may be substituted with a suitable alternative if unavailable

For Engineering, Environment and Computing courses where items such as , Raspberry Pi's, Beagle Bones, Silicon Power HDD, Ethical Hacking Kit see the relevant terms and conditions which apply to these provisions (individual pdfs linked to above, all under 100kb each).

For Health and Life Sciences courses where items such as tablets are supplied, see the relevant terms and conditions (pdf, 70kb) which apply to these provisions.

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