Svetlana Aleksandrova

Having completed PhD in Applied Mathematics at Coventry in 2001, S. Aleksandrova stayed on as a researcher in Magnetohydrodynamics group. In 2010, S. Aleksandrova moved to Mechanical and Automotive Engineering department to join the Low Carbon Vehicle Technology Project funded by Advantage West Midlands and ERDF.

After completion of the LCVTP in 2012, Svetlana continued research in aftertreatment, focusing on CFD simulations of catalyst flows. Currently Svetlana is leading a group within the Research Centre for Mobility and Transport, which deals with experimental, analytical and numerical studies of flows relevant to automotive applications and adjacent areas (marine applications, cooling flows etc). Svetlana's recent work focuses on assessment of existing and development of new CFD methodologies applied to modelling of aftertreatment systems.

Svetlana is the leader of the Special Interest Group on Particulate Matter Flows in automotive and marine applications, which has won funding from UK Fluids Network supported by EPSRC (EP/N032861/1).

Svetlana is also supervising three PhD projects, including experimental and modelling studies of aftertreatment systems for turbocharged applications, and Particulate Filtration flows.

  • Special Interest Group in Particulate Matter Flows in automotive and marine applications. The group's focus is particulate matter filtration flows, in aftertreatment and other systems. With rapidly tightening emissions regulations for land and sea transport, this research area urgently needs a boost, which will be facilitated by bringing together industry and academia, as well as traditionally separated marine and automotive research communities.
  • Low Carbon Vehicle Technology Project (2009-2012): £20m project, funded by Advantage West Midlands and the European Regional Development Fund, included 7 academic and industrial partners. 
  • Modes of instability in buoyant flows in a strong, horizontal magnetic field (2006-2008): Research Project funded by Leverhulme Trust (£ 74, 013.49) considering stability of duct flows in tokamak blankets.
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