Dr. Paul Sissons

Dr. Paul Sissons' research interests include labour markets, welfare reform, skills policy and local and regional economic development. His recent work has examined wage inequality in British cities, the links between economic and employment growth and poverty reduction, changing youth labour markets, the experiences of welfare reform for sickness benefit claimants and lone parents, and the relationship between employer demand for skills and low-wage work. This research has been supported by a range of funders including Central Government departments, local authorities, Third Sector organisations and grant funding organisations.

One of Dr. Sissons' key professional achievements is developing research insights which are policy relevant and communicating these to policy audiences. Examples include providing an invited response at the UK launch of the OECD Skills Strategy in 2012; presenting an expert paper on low-wage work to skills policymakers from Scotland; and, being an expert witness at a Scottish Government Inquiry into underemployment. His research has also been cited in a number of Government publications including the Black Review of Sickness Absence and Social Mobility: the next steps.

  • Cities, growth and poverty: A Joseph Rowntree Foundation funded project investigating the links between growth and poverty reduction in British cities.
  • Geography and gender: An ESRC funded project investigating the drivers of increasing sickness benefit claiming among women.
  • Local skills strategies and employer demand for skills: A Joseph Rowntree Foundation funded project examining the international evidence on employer demand for skills and low-wage workhttp://www.jrf.org.uk/work/workarea/future-labour-markets.
  • Identifying the links between employment, pay and poverty: An evidence review of links between employment, pay and poverty and how policy can influence these.
  • Evaluation of Local Employment Partnerships: A Department for Work and Pensions funded evaluation of  evaluation of Local Employment Partnerships, a new form of employer engagement.
  • Impact of welfare reforms on lone parents: An analysis of experiences of lone parents returning to work funded by the Gingerbread charity.