Latha Krishnan

Latha has joined Coventry University as Research Assistant in Mechanical Automotive and Manufacturing department, working in collaboration with GKN Autostructures Limited, for Hybrid power Gyrodrive project.

Previously, Latha was awarded full scholarship (by EPSRC) and has successfully completed her PhD research in Fire retardant composites for Marine applications at the University of Bolton and is now in the process of submitting her dissertation. Besides her research she has also served as Technical consultant for the partnership companies involved in the project in the UK. Latha also holds M. Tech in Fibre Science Technology (with distinction) from reputed Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and her project involved in developing Nanoclay Composite Fibres.

Latha’s research experience includes working as Senior Executive in Business Research & Development for a multinational company (SRF Limited) in India.  During her tenure, she developed heat resistant nano composite fibres for tyre cord applications.

Following the completion of B. Tech in Textile technology (with distinction) from Bharathiar University, she worked as Lecturer in Apparel and Fashion Technology at Sona College of Technology, India for a period of three years.

Besides her field experience, she has also published and presented papers in various national and international seminars and journals.

  • Kandola, B.K., Krishnan, L., Deli, D., and Ebdon, J.R. (2014) ‘Blends of Unsaturated Polyester and Phenolic Resins for Application as Fire-Resistant Matrices in Fibre-Reinforced Composites. Part 2: Effects of Resin Structure, Compatibility and Composition on fire performance’, Polymer Degradation Stability, in press. 
  • Kandola, B.K., Krishnan, L., Deli, D., and Ebdon, J.R. (2014) ‘Blends of unsaturated polyester and phenolic resins for application as fire-resistant matrices in fibre-reinforced composites. Effects of added flame retardants’, Polymer Degradation Stability, 106,129-137. 
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  • Deli, D., Kandola, B.K., Ebdon, J.R., and Krishnan, L. (2013) ‘Blends of unsaturated polyester and phenolic resin for application as fire-resistant matrices in fibre-reinforced composites. Part 1: identifying compatible, co-curable resin mixtures, Journal of Materials Science, 48, 6929–6942. 
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  • Krishnan, L. , Latha, Goyal, M., Manjeet Jassal, , Ashwini K. Agrawal and C. Ramesh (2008) ‘Nylon 6/Nanoclay Composite Fibres’, International journal of Nanotrends: A Journal of Nanotechnology and its Applications, 4 (1), 46-50. 
  • Krishnan, L. , Goyal, M., Jassal, M. (2006), ‘Effect of processing conditions on the preparation of Nylon6/Nanoclay Composite Fibers’, Proceedings of the Conference on ‘International Conference on Nanotechnology - Materials and Methods’, India, Held June 2006.
  • Gyrodrive Original Equipment Development: GKN Hybrid Power has developed a hybrid system to regenerate braking energy on city buses using their Gyrodrive system with a high speed flywheel using KERS technology. This project will develop a solution that will be optimised for fitment to buses as original equipment. 
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