Jordon Lazell

Jordon Lazell has held the role of Research Assistant at the Centre for Business in Society since September 2013. He is a BA (hons) Geography graduate and completed a Masters by Research which explored food waste prevention in higher education institutions. As well as contributing towards a number of projects of differing scale, Jordon has been successful in leading an exploratory research project and securing ESRC Festival of Social Science funding on two occasions. These impact events bought together key stakeholders to share research findings and generate debate and discussion around future research priorities on the subjects of innovation in tackling food waste and sustainable food tourism. He also began a part time PhD in September 2014 examining food consumption and food wastage practices of consumers in the context of everyday urban lives using a practice lens. Jordon is also co-founder of the International Food Loss and Food Waste Studies Group (

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Leading Locally: Sustainable Food Tourism in St Ives
An ESRC Festival of Social Science event which bought together businesses and practitioners in the tourism industry to discuss and debate the subject of Sustainable Tourism. Findings were shared from a study of sustainable tourism practices of both businesses and tourists. 


Innovation in Tackling Food Waste
An ESRC Festival of Social Science event which bought together key stakeholders across the supply chain with academics and campaigning organisations to share research insights and discuss future research priorities.


Flexible ethics across space and place: A study of tourists’ ethical food consumption and the tourism industry’s response
Description: This project aims to explore the flexible nature of ethical consumption comparing consumer’s everyday habits with those undertaken as tourists. The project also aims to understand businesses response to trends in ethical consumption.