John Karadelis

John N Karadelis completed his PhD at Coventry University, his MPhil(Eng) at the University of Birmingham and his BSc at Brunel University. He has been a Senior Lecturer in the School of Energy, Construction and Environment, Coventry University since 1992, teaching finite element analysis and structural dynamics to MSc students.

He has a strong background and interest in the area of stress/structural analysis and design, using a variety of materials and advanced computational techniques.

In recent years, he has focused on better materials and methods for the repair and strengthening of concrete pavements, as well as methods of assessing vibrations of (stadia) structures generated by users, and vibrations generated by building mounted wind turbines. He has collaborated actively with other researchers and industrial partners and has supervised a number of research students.

John has published extensively in well known journals, has presented his research findings in a number of International conferences and has been invited to speak at several scientific and engineering events. Among other duties, he is the Leader of a successful Applied Research Group, Director of the MSc course in Civil/Structural Engineering, Director of Studies for several research students, the editor of a well known civil engineering journal, and a member of several external committees and boards.

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  • Optimum Design for Sustainable, Bonded Concrete Overlays (BCO) for Damaged Concrete Pavements: Looks at the problems associated with effective BCO, such as cracking due to shear and flexural failure and delamination. 
  • 'Green-Top’ for the Repair & Strengthening of Concrete PavementsA cost effective, minimal disruption, sustainable and environmentally friendly overlay material has been developed, as an alternative to demolishing the old pavement. 
  • Precast Concrete Grandstands under Human Induced Vibrations: This programme developed the methodology for improving the design and contributed to safe and efficient construction of grandstands subjected to dynamic loads. 
  • Noise and Vibration from Building Mounted Small Wind Turbines (SWT): To develop a method of prediction of vibration, and structure borne noise, generated by SWT, using advanced numerical analysis techniques.
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