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Donna Udall

Research Assistant, Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience

Debbie Fionn Barr

PhD Student| fionnbad@uni.coventry.ac.uk Indian dance and cultural identity, the movement between tradition and modernity in Indian dance practice.

Cristiana Pace

PhD student| pacec2@uni.coventry.ac.uk Exploring disruptive technologies in the motorsport sector.

Professor Cathy Bennett

Contact for systematic reviews, evidence-based medicine and social policy | Email: ab9383@coventry.ac.uk

Dr. Hetty Blades

Assistant Professor, Centre for Dance Research

Dr. Eline Kieft

Contact for qualitative research methodologies (ethnography, hermeneutics, phenomenology), dance, healing, empowerment and spirituality, implementation and improvement science within health care and change facilitation | Email: Eline.Kieft@coventry.ac.uk

Dr. Emma Moreton

Senior Lecturer in Corpus Linguistics and Stylistics| aa0282@coventry.ac.uk School of Humanities

Huma Asif

PhD Student| asifh@uni.coventry.ac.uk Contact for brand-building, strategy development, consumer behaviour and consumer brand relationships

Dr. Michael St John Warne

Professor in Ecotoxicology and Water Quality, Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience

Rebecca Beech

Contact for consumer behaviour, impact of new media technologies, green brand consumption, brand strategy/management and contemporary issues in marketing | Email: beechr@uni.coventry.ac.uk 

Dr. Muhammad Kashif Khan

Assistant Professor, Institute for Future Transport and Cities

James Bartlett

Contact for the differences in attentional bias between nicotine dependent and non-dependent smokers | Email: bartle16@uni.coventry.ac.uk

Dr. Stoyan Kurtev

Contact for quantum cognition, language, vision and attention | Email: stoyan.kurtev@coventry.ac.uk | Phone: +44 (0) 24776 59520

Mairi Mulvenna

PhD Student |  fmulvennm@uni.coventry.ac.uk Mairi completed her undergraduate degree in Sport Science at St. Mary’s University, graduating in July 2013 and successfully secured a place to continue her studies there on the MSc Applied Sport Psychology programme, graduating in March 2015.

Libby Carter

PhD Student| carter25@uni.coventry.ac.uk Libby started at Coventry University in 2011 undertaking her undergraduate degree in Event Management, graduating with a 1st class BA (Hons) in 2014. After this she continued onto an MSc Event Management graduating with Distinction in 2015.

Neslihan Ozfaris

Research Assistant |  neslihan.ozfaris@coventry.ac.uk Neslihan Ozfaris is a research assistant at CTPSR. Her research interests focus on the role of women and youth in conflict transformation and peacebuilding.

Daniel Range

Research Fellow, Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations

Rosemary Lee, DLitt

Associate Professor, Centre for Dance Research

Emilie Gallier

PhD Student |  galliere@coventry.ac.uk Emilie Gallier is a choreographer (PØST Cie) and a researcher (PhD Candidate, C-DaRE Coventry University). Her work explores the writing and the reading of movement together with questions of spectatorship.

Bahar Fattahi

PhD Student| fattahib@coventry.ac.uk Contact for intertexuality and choreographic action.