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Dr. Gail Steptoe-Warren

Principal Lecturer and Course Director| g.steptoe-warren@coventry.ac.uk Registered Occupational Psychologist and a Chartered Member of the Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP)

Nicola Crea

Principal Lecturer and Course Director |  ab8536@coventry.ac.uk Nicola has design consultancies (Natuzzi, DeA, Conrero, Cisitalia, ACTR) and is involved in projects on design education in India, North-Africa and Brazil. He was appointed Course Director of Automotive & Transport design at Coventry University in May 2015.

David Trujillo

Contact for structural and earthquake engineering | Email: david.trujillo@coventry.ac.uk | Phone: +44 (0) 79749 84678

Dr. Emma Holdsworth

Contact for offender assessment and rehabilitation, and psychology in the criminal justice system | Email: emma.holdsworth@coventry.ac.uk

Dr. Josh Brem-WIlson

Assistant Professor, Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience

Dr. Alex Franklin

Associate Professor, Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience

Professor Alfonso Jimenez

Contact for clinical exercise, resistance training, worksite health promotion and active living | Email: alfonso.jimenez@coventry.ac.uk | Phone: +44 (0) 24776 59296

Professor Hilary Nesi

Professor in English Language, Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities

Dr Mike Bromfield

Contact for flight safety, aircraft flying qualities, in-flight loss of control (LOC-I), flight data monitoring and flight test principles and practice | Email: mike.bromfield@coventry.ac.uk | Phone: +44 (0) 24776 58841

Matej Christiaens

PhD Student |  Christ43@uni.coventry.ac.uk Matej's research looks at UK policies that deal with sport participation for disabled people; including different levels of policy making, policy implementation and the people who the policy is made for interact with each other.

Sanne Velthuis

Contact for progression among low paid workers in the UK in the context of local labour markets | Email: velthuis@uni.coventry.ac.uk

Natalie Dukes

Email: dukesn@coventry.ac.uk

Dr. Siân Alsop

Assistant Professor, Centre for Global Learning (GLEA)

Tom Nelson

Lecturer in Product Design|  t.nelson@coventry.ac.uk Tom Nelson is a designer and academic. Having completed degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Consumer Product Design, Tom co-founded the design studio Hundreds Tens Units in 2009.

Dr. Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor

Assistant Professor, Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations

Dr. Harjit Sekhon

Associate Professor, Centre for Business in Society

Dr. Zahid Usman

Lecturer in Robotics and Automation| ac1095@coventry.ac.uk Dr. Usman is a chartered engineer with extensive experience in both industrial and research environments.

Dr. Chiara Tornaghi

Associate Professor, Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience

Dr. Marwan Darweish

Associate Professor, Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations

Donna Udall

Research Assistant, Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience