Dr. James Shaw-Stewart


Public research into laser printing (LIFT) of organic light-emitting diode pixels is timely due to the growth of commercially-available OLED displays. The novelty of the research is the laser-printing of thin films, and the aim of the research was both to improve the LIFT technique and to understand the physics behind the process. The best results demonstrate the improvements in the OLED devices fabricated by LIFT, and the future potential of the process, but I also developed the conceptual model of fluid mechanics during the LIFT process. My focus has now shifted to fluid mechanics applied to hydrocarbon reservoirs


Senior Lecturer

Building: George Eliot

Room: GE408

Email: james.shaw-stewart@coventry.ac.uk


My undergraduate at Cambridge University (2004-2008) was in Natural Sciences, starting on a physical sciences track. After studying maths, chemistry, and plant sciences, I focussed on geological sciences. For my masters thesis (MSci), I narrowed my focus further to mineral science, looking at the structural, mechanical, and magnetic properties of magnetite at low temperatures under Professor Carpenter and Dr Harrison. 

I moved to Switzerland for my PhD at ETH Zurich (2008-2011), and also moved fields into materials science with a technological application, studying laser printing of OLEDs, which has provided the basis for my REF submission. I studied under Professor Nüesch at EMPA in the Laboratory for Functional Polymer, and Professors Wokaun and Lippert at PSI in the Materials Group where I carried out the laser printing experiments. 

For my postdoc (2012-2013) I changed research fields again, back to geology with application to hydrocarbon extraction, looking at how carbonate geology controls oil habitat. I have worked primarily under Professor Wood at Edinburgh, in conjunction with Professors Geiger and Corbett at Heriot-Watt, in the International Centre for Carbonate Reservoirs, sponsored by PetroBras and BG Group. I am continuing in this field for my senior lectureship at Coventry University. 



  • HABITAT: International Centre for Carbonate Reservoirs, sponsored by PetroBras and BG Group. 
  • e-LIFT: An EU funded collaborative project on LIFT.  
  • Laser-Induced Transfer for the Fabrication of Patterned Organic Light-Emitting Diodes: A Swiss National Science Foundation project for my PhD studentship.
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