International Business - Summer School
Course dates:

18 July 2021


Delivered on campus: £1495
Delivered online: £300


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Participating in this Summer School is the perfect way to understand the dynamic world of business whilst developing professional and personal skills for a future career.

Start Date: 18 July 2021
Finish Date: 31 July 2021

Course detail

This course is designed to offer an exciting yet challenging insight enabling students to expand their knowledge on the issues facing organisations in an increasingly global environment. Students will explore underlying assumptions behind globalisation and focus on the dominant economies, such as the EU, the US and Japan as well as emerging markets, such as Brazil, India and China.

Students will gain first-hand experience of working with peers from around the world each with different cultures and perspectives to learn from, resulting in thought provoking discussions. Our team of experienced and enthusiastic academics are passionate about their areas of expertise and here to support at every stage. They will deliver fun and interactive sessions with research activities and this will be supported with company visits.


Certificate only