Skills for Global Leaders - Summer School

2 weeks


Delivered on campus: £1,495 (certificate only)
£1,795 (credit-bearing – 3US/5ECTS/10CATS)
Delivered online: £300


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In an increasingly competitive labour market, students who demonstrate international knowledge and understanding, and possess an international profile, are more employable. Global competencies such as cultural awareness, language skills, and personal adaptability are valued by employers.

International academic and cultural experiences can help broaden your horizons and allow discipline based academic theories to be compared with practice. In addition, it will also enable you to have greater confidence in assessing how business and trade is conducted in other countries.

Delivery date:

18 July - 31 July 2021

Course detail

Evidence suggests that employers are looking for candidates with a broad range of talents including, but not limited to; leadership, project management, negotiation skills, and intercultural communications. The module aim is to explore these topics further and build individual confidence, enabling each participant to operate more successfully in the global market.

Please note, there are two different costs for this course. The lower cost is certificate only (no assessment), whilst the higher cost is also credit bearing. After your assessment goes through our standard marking process, you will receive a provisional letter of marks. After the academic boards, you will receive an official transcript letter from Coventry University in the autumn.

How will this course be taught

You will be guided and supported by staff who are passionate about the subjects they research and teach. We have experts across a whole range of disciplines including business, engineering, communications, English, media, emerging technology, sustainability, health, and psychology.

The classes draw on the latest information and research, are interactive, and focus on developing your knowledge and English language skills (if necessary). The academic sessions are interactive and allow you to learn from different perspectives.

Our courses are based on four principles:

  • course content from leading academics and industry experts;
  • industry specific fieldtrips which will be embedded into the programmes;
  • cultural and social activities allowing development of transferable skills;
  • pastoral care and ongoing support throughout the programme.

After successful completion of your course(s) you will receive an official Coventry University transcript with individual grades for each course* and a certificate of attendance. The certificate of attendance is presented in the last week of your coursework and the transcript will be sent to you or your home university in September.

*credit bearing courses only

Entry requirements

The Coventry University Global Summer School (hereby known as “the Programme”) is open to students, HE professionals and members of the public. In order to apply to the Programme, Coventry University, you mush be aged 18 or above by the time that the course starts.

For all courses, we require a good level of English language skill in speaking, reading and writing. All courses are taught solely in English. The Global Summer School recommends a TOEFL overall score minimum of 35 and IELTS score minimum 5. If you do not have a valid (within 2 years) TOEFL/IELTS score, please take the English language test and send us your score for consideration.


You’ll be staying in university accommodation as part of Global Summer Schools. The accommodation includes single bed, en-suite rooms with a shared kitchen – perfect for getting to know your new friends on the course. Your accommodation will only be 5-10 minute walking distance from the main campus, shops and restaurants.

If you have any questions around payment, laptop requirements and more you can consult our frequently asked questions page.

Social activities

As part of your time with us you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • explore London on a day trip
  • participate in social and cultural activities
  • visit a key member of industry
  • enjoy a welcome and farewell meal with the new friends you make on the course
  • spend time with a university Student Ambassador, giving you the inside information on Coventry
  • spend a weekend exploring on your own