Frequently Asked Questions

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Academic Enquiries

Who may apply?

The Coventry University Global Summer School (hereby known as “the Programme”) is open to students, HE professionals and members of the public. In order to apply to the Programme, Coventry University recommends that you are aged 18 or above by the time that the course starts. 

How do I apply?

You may apply online by completing the Registration Form. The Registration Form contains a payment link for the non-refundable deposit of £150. Upon the payment of this fee, and as soon as availability and eligibility is verified, you will receive a conditional offer letter.

Acceptance of an application by the Global Summer Schools team is made on the basis that in making the application you accept the Terms & Conditions outlined in the Registration Form and that you agree to make full payment by the deadline given in your conditional acceptance letter.

How many hours of classes will I have?

Each Global Summer School module will have a minimum of 22 hours of academic contact time, this may be in the form of lecture-style sessions, workshops, activities, company visits, and group work sessions. The exact breakdown of hours will be course dependant; you will receive the timetable prior to the start of the module.

Is there a language requirement?

For all courses, we require a good level of English language skill in speaking, reading and writing. All courses are taught solely in English. This is detailed on the course specific pages and in the registration form. For English language courses, the Global Summer School recommends a TOEFL overall score minimum of 4.5 and IELTS score minimum 32. For all other courses the Global Summer School recommends a TOEFL overall score minimum of 5 and IELTS score minimum 35.

If you do not have a valid (within 2 years) TOEFL/IELTS score, please take the English language test and send us your score for consideration.

Students participating in Skills for Global Leaders in Malaysia or Spain will be given 3 months’ online access to self-led language courses in either Mandarin/Malay or Spanish (depending on programme location).

Do I need my laptop for studying?

You will not be required to use a laptop for classes. Our Coventry campus has computers which you will have access to. You can use these for your studies and to keep in contact with friends and family around the world. The Lanchester Library at the Coventry campus has over 450 computers for students to use, and there are also a limited number in The Hub, our student building. However, you can bring your laptops for personal use if you wish; free Wi-Fi access is available across campus and in the accommodation.

Do I need to purchase textbooks?

No, printed or online materials will be provided. On Coventry campus, you will also have access to the University Library. 

Do I need to prepare for the Global Summer School before I arrive?

In most cases, we will simply ask that you to arrive with enthusiasm and excitement. In the few instances where preparation or pre-reading is required before arrival, you will be advised by the team. As many courses suggest, you may require some existing experience or knowledge on the subject area to support with your experience during the course.


How much money will I need per week?

On our Coventry campus, if you choose to book our recommended accommodation, we suggest that you purchase meals or the ingredients to cook meals in your kitchen. In Malaysia or Spain, additional information on meals and cooking facilities (if available) will be provided. In addition to this, you may like to purchase souvenirs and gifts, so please factor this in. We’d recommend approximately £70 - £100 per week, of course this would depend on your personal spending habits and preference. 

Other costs incurred and travel arrangements

Participants should not book flights, pay for visas or incur any other costs related to the course until they have received an Unconditional Confirmation of Acceptance for a Global Summer School letter for their chosen course. This letter will be provided once full payment has been made. For the avoidance of doubt, Coventry University shall not be responsible for any costs incurred by a participant where the application is subsequently not accepted.

Before commencing the proposed course participants are responsible for ensuring that they have sufficient funds or income to cover both tuition fees and living expenses as indicated in their offer letter. Living expenses are indicated as a minimum estimate; however actual spending money will be dependent on your own daily requirements.


Participants are responsible for and must ensure they have appropriate travel and medical insurance in place whilst participating in the Coventry University Global Summer School.


The course fees must be paid online in advance of the course. A payment link will be sent via email to all successful applicants. Any delays in payment may result in the participant losing their place on a course.

Are there any scholarships available?

The Coventry University Global Summer Schools are excellent value for money as the fees include a number of items. We are unable to offer any scholarships, however you may wish to contact your home University if you are a current student to ask whether they may be able to offer financial support.

If a group of 10 or more students from your university would like to participate, please contact us for a group rate. 

What happens if I have to cancel my place once I have paid and been accepted?

Once you have received a confirmation of acceptance in writing onto the Global Summer Schools, the following cancellation charges apply:



June 19th Programmes
Application Deadline 30 April 2019
100% Refund Before 5 May 2019
50% of total fee minus deposit 5 May -18 May 2019
0% Refund 19 May and Beyond


July 19th Programmes
Application Deadline 30 April 2019
100% Refund Before 2 June 2019
50% of total fee minus deposit 3 June -16  June 2019
0% Refund 17 June 2018 Beyond


All cancellations need to be communicated in writing by the person that booked the course. This includes cancellation in case of illness. Written communication of the cancellation including the reason must be sent to

What happens if my course is cancelled?

All Global Summer School courses are subject to student demand and tutor availability. If a Global Summer School course is cancelled due to lack of student demand or tutor availability, an alternate course will be offered. If an alternate course is not available, the Programme fees paid will be refunded. If the alternate course offered is not accepted by the student, the Programme fees paid will be refunded.


Which visa do I need?

You are responsible for ensuring that you have the appropriate visa to enter the UK or the programme destination. The University reserves the right to refuse admission to anybody who arrives later than the start date of the Global Summer School programme and will inform the Home Office of students failing to enrol.

You must obtain the correct visa before you enter the UK or the programme destination, (Short-term Study Visa for UK), if you do not have the correct visa you will not be able to participate in the programme.

Please be aware that due to changes in visa requirements, visas may take slightly longer than anticipated so ensure that sufficient time is allowed to apply. Visa advice can be obtained through the government website or on our international student page.

If you are a non-visa national (your country has an agreement that you can be issued a visa on arrival in the UK), it is vital that you ask for a Short-term Study Visa on entry in to the UK so that you are issued with the correct type of visa. You will not be able to take part in the programme if you are issued the wrong type of visa..

A valid passport with an expiry date of at least 6 months is required in order to enter the UK. Further information can be found on the UKBA website.

Access to Facilities

Will I have Wi-Fi access?

Yes, you will be provided with Wi-Fi access around campus and in the accommodation. Computers are also available to access on campus as and when required.

Will I have use of the Coventry University library?

If you are taking a course on Coventry campus, you will have access to the Coventry University Library during the programme, we recommend that you make the use of all facilities available to support your experience. If you are on another campus, information will be provided to you regarding access.

Will I have access to the university’s gym?

There is an optional fee which you can pay on arrival in order to gain access to the Coventry University Sport and Recreation Centre. You will be required to attend an induction before using the equipment and facilities.

General Enquiries

Which type of adaptor do I need in the UK?

You will need a three pin point plug adaptor for a standard UK plug. Please be aware that the UK’s plugs are different to that of European plugs.

What’s the weather like the summer?

The UK weather can be fairly unpredictable at times of the year. For further information please visit the BBC weather pages.

Average temperatures June High/Low July High/Low
Coventry, UK 19/12 22/14
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia N/A 32/23
Valencia, Spain N/A 29/21

Contact us

For any other enquiries please contact the Summer Schools Team by email or contact us on Facebook.