Games Design Boot Camp - Summer School
Course dates:

11 July 2021


3 weeks


Delivered online: £2,599


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Delivery date:

11 July - 31 July 2021

Qualification: Certificate of attendance only.

Course detail

Our Games Design Boot camp is designed to give you skills to develop a game over three weeks, alongside professional studio staff. You can benefit from decades of experience and insider knowledge from top-class industry veterans Black Cat Entertainment, in association with Utopian Game Labs, and university academics from the heart of the UK’s games industry. By the end of the course, you should have developed your skills and your portfolio with a polished, accomplished studio release. Your game could have potential to be recognised and loved by gamers, with the added bonus of your name in the credits. Gamers will be able to see that you helped to develop this game, demonstrating the development skills you gained along the way.

The boot camp’s focus is on your development as a games designer. Through close mentoring and teamwork, you can develop skills desirable to employers, and demonstrate these with your work on a live studio project. Best of all, that proof will be a game you can be proud of. We will give you the opportunity to experience games development in a professional environment with the help of leadership, direction and expertise.


This is a three-week Boot camp. You will be required to do homework during week days, start some more-focused work with the Black Cat teams, and sessions in the evenings, and on Saturdays and Sundays. At the end of the Saturday session, you will be told what you’ll start on next week and be given access to a private Slack channel. It is essential to have this on at all times, so you can get a head start on the next week’s work if you want.

What can you learn?

  • Understanding and experiencing what’s involved in the process of making a game
  • Project planning and development stages
  • Project scope, scope management, and how to finish what you start
  • The variety of development roles, through working with industry professionals
  • Game asset development, including programming gameplay, user interface, artwork, animations, and debugging
  • What makes a successful game, including how to tailor a game to a market, and really impact the gamers you’re trying to reach
  • Commercial considerations of making a game, and risk management
  • How to improve your chances of landing a job in the industry by working closely with those who have been there.
  • Making the most of the portfolio piece you’ll have built, even before its release.

Intended outcomes

  • Develop your expertise and discover the talents you need to make a game
  • Credit in a game with commercial potential
  • New skills that you will be able to apply and use, as well as develop further
  • New like-minded contacts developed through team building and working on this summer school
  • Experience, knowledge and proof to show employers when the time comes.


We will be accepting 15-20* students into the Summer School, and it essential that the team is capable of creating a full, deliverable game within the three-week period.

The application form asks you to state your level of experience and proficiency in a number of subject areas. No level of previous experience is necessary, but it is preferred. We are looking for a selection of students from the following subject areas:

  • Computer Science (proficiency in C# or C++; please state on your application)
  • Digital Art (2D, 3D or Pixel; please state on your application)
  • Animation
  • Music Technology
  • GFX
  • Game Design (including Level Design and UX)
  • Project Management.

After application, you will be sent an experience questionnaire from Black Cat games. Please be as thorough as possible in explaining and/or demonstrating your present abilities when you apply. Our project will be designed based on what we, in our experience, know you can complete as a team.

*We must have a minimum of 15 students to run the Boot camp.

How will this course be taught

You will be guided and supported by staff who are passionate about the subjects they research and teach.
The classes draw on some of the latest information and research, are interactive, and focus on developing your knowledge. The academic sessions are interactive and allow you to learn from different perspectives.

Our courses are based on four principles:

  • course content from leading academics and industry experts
  • industry-specific fieldtrips which will be embedded into the programmes
  • cultural and social activities allowing development of transferable skills
  • pastoral care and ongoing support throughout the programme.

When you have successfully completed your course(s), you will receive a Coventry University certificate of attendance. This will be presented to you in the last week of your course.


Entry requirements

The Coventry University Global Summer School (hereby known as “the Programme”) is open to students, HE professionals and members of the public. In order to apply to the Programme, at the university, you must be aged 18 or above by the time the course starts.
For all courses, we require a good level of English language skill in speaking, reading and writing. All courses are taught solely in English. If you do not have a valid (within two years) TOEFL/IELTS score, please take the English language test and send us your score for consideration.

If you have any questions around payment, laptop requirements and anything else, you can consult our frequently asked questions.

The university will deliver certain contact hours and assessments via emerging online technologies and methods across all courses. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are prepared for courses due to start in or after the 2020/2021 academic year to be delivered in a variety of forms.

Due to the ongoing restrictions relating to Covid-19, some non-academic offerings (particularly in relation to international experiences), may vary from those advertised and may have reduced availability or restrictions on their use.