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How we can help

The Student Recruitment Team liaise with schools and colleges to inform, advise and guide on all aspects of going to university.

The Team attend Higher Education fairs and parents’ evenings across the Midlands and beyond, as well as offering specialised sessions and events on campus. Have a look at our Outreach page for details of the events and activities we offer.

The Phoenix Partnership is dedicated to working with schools and colleges to raise students’ aspirations and to explaining the journey towards Higher Education. The Partnership has been working with schools across the Midlands, London and the South East since 2005 and is constantly developing the services offered to partners.

You do not need to belong to a Phoenix Partner school to benefit from the outreach activities on offer. If you are interested in finding out more about what we can offer you or if you want to find out more about the Partnership, please get in touch at partnerships.rao@coventry.ac.uk or call 024 7765 2222.

The Phoenix Partnership

All Phoenix Partner schools benefit from direct contact with a University Phoenix Partner. This Partner will deliver a tailored programme of talks, interactive outreach sessions and campus visits to support you in raising your students’ aspirations and preparing them for university.

Your Phoenix Partner can also help liaise with academic staff at the university to deliver subject-specific sessions including careers that students may not have considered, specific university courses and applying to competitive healthcare courses. We also offer sessions on writing informative references for tutors.

Meet the Team

Below you can find the contact details of our team members that can help you get involved with Coventry University.

Dylan Cozens

Dylan Cozens

UK Student Recruitment Manager

Email: dylan.cozens@coventry.ac.uk

Mobile: 07557 425250

Office: 024 7765 9112

Kate Iwaniszewski

Kate Iwaniszewski

Senior UK Recruitment Officer

Email: kate.iwaniszewski@coventry.ac.uk

Mobile: 07974 984199

Office: 024 7765 9115

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Gurj Minhas

Senior UK Recruitment Officer

Email: gurj.minhas2@coventry.ac.uk

Mobile: 07974 984309

Office: 024 7765 2240

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Janice Roden

Senior UK Recruitment Officer

Email: j.roden@coventry.ac.uk

Mobile: 07557 425814

Office: 024 7765 5952