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Draw Your Future

School curriculum link: Art, Design, PSHE and Careers

Are you a creative person? If so, this activity is for you! Students will receive three post cards of black and white images representing our campuses, which they can colour in however they like! The fourth postcard is blank and this is where their design skills come in: we would like them to create a design which represents their future this might include university, college, apprenticeship or their future career.

New Beginnings

School curriculum link: Art, Design, PSHE and Well-being

Feeling creative or want to get a few things off your mind? Then, this activity can help. We have created self-standing 3D thought trees! Yes, that’s right: mini trees.

This activity is an opportunity for you to think about the past 12 months. A chance to reflect on your personal experiences of living through a global pandemic and how it has affected your life and others; whether that’s in a positive and/or negative way. It’s also an opportunity to plan for the future and think about your hopes and dreams for the future. Not to mention it can help relieve stress and anxiety.

Teachers, youth workers and other professionals - should you wish to request enough activity packs for your class or youth group, please email Liam Norton via

The Neon Envelopes

School curriculum link: English, Literacy, Communication Skills, Careers

Would you like to receive handwritten letters from a current student studying at Coventry University and CU Group? Take time to write to them about your thoughts and ideas for your future and gain insight and support from our students direct to your door. Everything you need, which will allow you to respond back including free post envelopes. Then look forward to the NEON envelope landing on your doormat!

Teachers, youth workers and other professionals - should you wish to implement the Neon envelopes project as a mentoring scheme or to support literacy and communication skills please email Kayleigh Lampard at

Neon Envelopes is now open! Please read through the bios and sign up.

The World of Nursing

School curriculum link: Science and Careers in Nursing

Are you thinking of becoming a Nurse or curious to learn more about where a Nursing degree can take you? If so, come with us as we explore the World of Nursing by identifying various environments a nursing career can lead to (it’s not just hospitals and GP clinics!). Familiarise yourself with today’s nursing equipment, hear from our current student nurses, take yourself on a virtual tour of our nursing facilities and find out what healthy poo looks like! Plus much more.

Teachers, youth workers and other professionals - should you wish to request a number of activity books (pre and post-16 available) for your students or youth group, please email Liam Norton via

Teachers, youth workers and other professionals

We can also provide a whole range of activities and sessions, which can be delivered in school or HE Experience Days on campus. These events or sessions are as engaging and interactive as possible and all of which require lots of audience participation!

  • General What is HE/University sessions (30-60 minutes)
    Interactive and engaging information relevant for their current situation
  • University Fortunes (15-20 minutes)
    Quiz style based on family fortunes linked to HE information.
  • Student Personas (20-30 minutes) (Works well with an student ambassador session)
    Pupils create their own student personas and we delve into stereotypes and perceptions of university and where these come from, and if they are actually true.
  • University Pictionary (20-30 minutes)
    An opportunity for students to link qualifications to career paths in a fun and interactive way.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch via the ‘register you interest’ button at the top of the page.

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