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Business Simulation Suite

Business Simulation Suite

The Business Simulation Suite is available to students on most undergraduate and postgraduate business management courses*, and it can also be hired by businesses and corporate clients. The Business Simulation Suite aims to provide and support skill-based training through the use of simulation games, role-play activities, and scenario-based learning. The suite provides the opportunity for experimental learning and training, with the use of a boardroom, strategy lab, simulation room and control room. The simulation suite is equipped with modern technology, from inter-communication, built-in mics, cameras and the use of virtual reality headsets.


The Business Simulation Suite (BSS) aims to provide and support a skill-based education through observed learning in order to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

The facility is available on most of our undergraduate and postgraduate business management courses as part of their lectures, seminar workshops and other guided activities and designed to provide an environment where interactive and immersive learning can take place, the facility is used with the aim of providing students an insight into how businesses work and to provide you with the business acumen that employers seek in graduates.

*Please note that students will need to contact their course director to see if their course incorporates the use of the BSS.

The University Business Challenge

The University Business Challenge (UBC) is the UK’s largest inter-university simulation-based business challenge, with over 1,500 students participating each year. It aims to enhance students’ employability and enterprise skills. Developed by Learning Dynamics, the UBC is the longest-running and most popular simulation-based business competition in the UK. In 2019, Coventry University participated for the very first time with three undergraduate teams, all of whom made it to the semi-finals. Our students competed against 70+ other Universities and Faculties. In 2020 we had one undergraduate team making it to the Grand Final! This record was beaten in 2021, as three teams made it to the top 20 for the Grand Final, where one of our CUBS team won 2nd place. A big round of applause for our champions and we wish them every success.

Industry-Leading Software

You may have the opportunity in your course to do modules that incorporate experiential learning using a variety of software, such as, Game Lab Education, North Gate Simulations, Sim Venture and Prendo. The Business Simulation Suite has developed its own simulation packages for immersive experiential learning using virtual reality, these packages are, CUBS Lemonade and Business Signalling game.


Comprising three rooms, the BSS has been designed for the specific purpose of providing students on certain undergraduate and postgraduate business management courses* with the opportunity to learn skills `hands-on` to take into the real world upon successful completion of their course.

In the BSS, you will be challenged and given the opportunity to gain experience, through simulation and learning, with the aim of smoothing your path from the classroom to the workplace. The BSS encourages strategic problem solving in life-like simulated business environments, and integrates with the Faculty's constant focus on aiming to teach students the skills that are important for employment after graduation.

Business Simulation Suite Launch Event

The Business Simulation Suite opened its doors to showcase what was on offer to enrich the learning journey.

Staff and students alike saw the facilities, experienced the suite and heard from the experts. Hands-on experience was demonstrated through the use of virtual reality headsets and business simulation games. Discussions panels took place around the subjects of ‘Innovative Teaching for Business Schools’ and ‘Business Simulations, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence’.

Access to the Business Simulation Suite

The use of the BSS is prioritised for lectures, seminar workshops and other guided activities as indicated by the room reservation charts on the BBS doors. However, the BBS is also available to students on certain undergraduate or postgraduate business management courses*, for independent use during notified open access hours, when they can practice their skills either individually or in conjunction with the BSS Student Association. The open access hours are extended to cover the Business School opening times during the summer months when less teaching takes place in the BSS. (subject to booking).

For further information, please contact Dr Safaa Sindi on

Opportunities for Business

The BSS can be hired for bespoke commercial and corporate workshops subject to application and costs.

The BSS aims to provide and support skills-based training through the use of simulation games, role play activities and scenario-based learning. The facility provides the opportunity for experimental learning and training, with the use of a boardroom, strategy lab, simulation room and control room. The BSS is equipped with modern technology, from inter-communication, in-built mics, cameras and the use of virtual reality headsets.

For commercial and corporate workshops, we offer a variety of simulation games, one of which is SimVenture Evolution. This is used in many of our corporate workshops as it’s an online business strategy game, designed for educational learning and corporate training. SimVenture has a start-up and a scale-up virtual simulated company, where trainees have the opportunity to learn about business, management, finance and entrepreneurial leadership. Corporate trainees can use the simulation in many ways with the aim of developing commercial awareness, team building, consultancy and problem-solving skills.

We offer tailored bespoke workshops, using a mix of software, board games, Lego and role play simulations. To find out more, please contact Dr Safaa Sindi on

Meet the team

Name Role Responsibilities
Safaa Sindi Director of the BSS Safaa leads the BSS innovation activities, this includes obtaining and developing simulation packages, designing and collaborating on projects, as well as income generation initiatives. The BSS has been successful in generating income for a Virtual Reality project that supports research enterprise activities and student engagement.
Amir Meibodi Student experience Amir looks after our student experience by leading our simulation events and competitions. Amir leads our University Business Challenge (UBC) and runs events to enhance our student engagement operations.
Frano Barbic Marketing operations Frano is responsible for the marketing and promotion of the Business Simulation Suite. He supports the organisation of events, and demonstration of the simulation games and facilities. Frano also runs professional development events for staff who wish to be simulation active.
Folajimi Ashiru Enterprise operations Folajimi is our simulation programme developer, he looks after developing our activities into programmes and overseeing our commercial initiatives. For requests on bespoke events or tailored courses to suite your business requirements, please contact Folajimi.
Tammy Mudd Consultant to BSS Tammy supports the BSS with student engagement operations by developing a tailored skills program, supporting our simulation events and competitions, such as the UBC and SimVenture challenge. Tammy also supports with creating specialised workshop activities for events.


**Staff are subject to change

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