Stephen Powley

Contact for autonomous vehicles and engineering | Email:

Deanne Clouder

Contact for clinical education, professional identity, interprofessional learning, technology-enhanced learning, learning, teaching and assessment, learning to become professional and professional

Tembo McFoster

Contact for the effect of culture, religion and ethnicity on implementation of CSR practices in Malawi | Email:

Dr. Anitha Chinnaswamy

Contact for atmospheric pollution, air and biometrics | Email:

David McIlhatton

Contact for property values, valuation and terrorism | Email:

Dilwar Hussain

Contact for faith and peacful relations | Email:

Peter Jostins

Contact for low carbon transport | Email:

Imogen Baylis


Jinlei Shang

Contact for hydrogen fuel cells technology in transport |  Email:

Gloria Giambartolomei


Ramon Gonzalez-Mendez

Contact for ions and dance therapy | Email:

Lucy Jane Peacock


Dr. Luca Morini

Contact for education and communication | Email:

Dr. Andrews Owusu

Contact for the performance consequences of corporate governance changes, accountability and financial reporting quality | Email:

Dr. Jacek Niklewski

Contact for diversification, costs and finance | Email:

Dr. Kenneth Baldwin

Contact for risk management, economic capital modelling, systemic risk, derivatives, agency theory, Islamic banking, microfinance, and faith-based financial decision-making | Email: ac2360@

Dr. Stuart MacLennan

Contact for law, in particular tax law, EU law and competition Law | Email:

Kamalpreet Singh


Shruti Vispute


Zihao Liu