Dr. Susanne Foellmer

Contact for corporeality, reconstruction and heritage in performance and contemporary dance; aesthetic theory of the 20th century; choreography and performativity in social and political settings |

Teoma Naccarato

Contact for choreography for stage, screen and installation; interactive environments (movement, video, audio, biosensors); participatory, intimate and medical performance; interdisciplinarity and

Dr. Michal Orlowski

Research Fellow|  michal.orlowski@coventry.ac.uk Michal Orlowski currently works as a Research Associate in Advanced Design Analysis at Coventry University. He joined Mobility and Transport research

Jenny Coogan

PhD Student| cooganj@uni.coventry.ac.uk For 35 years Jenny have been working internationally as a dance artist, both as a freelancer, as well as a performer/choreographer in Germany’s theater system

Mr. Daniel S. Fowler

Contact for automotive cyber-seciruty, digital forensics and trustworthy systems | Email: fowlerd3@coventry.ac.uk | Phone: (0) +44 7769692921

Andrew Tomlinson

Institute for Future Transport and Cities| tomlin25@uni.coventry.ac.uk Automotive cybersecurity specialist.

Vipavinee Artpradid

Email: artpradv@uni.coventry.ac.uk

Mike Waters

PhD Student| watersm2@coventry.ac.uk Educated at Loughborough University with a degree in Transport Management and Planning and a professional career spanning 17 years Mike Waters is currently Head

Ezinne Emeana

PhD Student| emeanae@uni.coventry.ac.uk Ezinne's research explores how mobile phone applications can improve the dissemination of agroecological farming systems and the adoption by farmers.

Morwenna McKenzie

PhD Student| mcknez36@coventry.ac.uk Prior to starting her PhD Morwenna worked in environmental policy and campaigns for a small umbrella organisation providing her with an understanding of how

Natasa Tziampou

PhD Student |  tziampon@uni.coventry.ac.uk Natasa joined Coventry University’s Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (CAWR) in September 2015 and she is currently undertaking a full time PhD

Nora Lanari

PhD Student |  lanarin@uni.coventry.ac.uk Nora joined Coventry’s Centre for Business in Society in May 2016 as a full-time PhD student. She has experience in national and international policy making.

Dr. Esra Kaytaz

Contact for migration, decision-making, risk, immigration detention | Email: esra.kaytaz@coventry.ac.uk

Helen Roby

Contact for: Consumer/sustainable behaviour, social marketing, consumption practices, environmental impact, innovative data collection techniques and technological intervention | Email: Helen Roby |

Janus Bojesen Jensen

PhD Student| bojesenj@uni.coventry.ac.uk Janus' research project focuses on 'An Exploration of the Potential of Quantum-Based Agriculture for Sustainable Global Food Production.'

Kathryn Stamp

PhD Student | stampk@uni.coventry.ac.uk Kathryn graduated with an MA in Education (Distinction) from University of Brighton (2016) and holds a first-class BA (Hons) in Dance Studies from Roehampton

Dr. Francis Rayns

Contact for organic agriculture, soil fertility and recycling of waste materials. | Email: francis.rayns@coventry.ac.uk | Phone: +44 (0) 75574 25452

Jana Fried

Contact for research into health care, tuberculosis, HIV, communication, energy, risk perception and disability | Email: ab9318@coventry.ac.uk 

Stavros Christopoulos

Contact for earthquakes, defects, oxides and silicon | Email: ac0966@coventry.ac.uk

Rana Aytug

Email: aytugr@uni.coventry.ac.uk