A collection of 14 paintings were included in the Pavilion exhibition.

Research Capacity Building Programme in Pakistan

A capacity building programme for researchers, reviewers and the institutional research management of Offices of Research, Innovation, & Commercialization (ORICs) in Pakistan.


ERGO WORK is a collaboration of academic and business organisations in 6 countries, to understand the barriers that disabled people face in the EU workplace and to tackle some of these through improved workplace Ergonomics.

SHAPES (Sheffield Adaptive Patterned Electrical Stimulation)

The SHAPES project has been funded for three years to design, manufacture and trial a self, or carer-managed intervention that could be deployed early after stroke to treat post-stroke elbow spasticity.


Encounters addresses and explores the liminal experience of walking through the built environment, where part of that experience is observing planted trees, and wild planting, where vegetation had sprouted of its own accord, particularly in the suburban setting.,


This body of paintings continues Graham Chorlton’s research into the possibilities of representational painting within contemporary art practice.

Breathing test: A Dying Melody

This autoethnographic work explored the transmission of trauma memory, loss and mourning; the liminal spaces of breathing and dying; grief and healing, which have become prevalent themes in Saxon’s work.


‘Signals’ is a choreographed live action performance made in response to a series of constructed sound loops that are triggered for the duration of the piece. It is based on an original set of sketches titled ‘Broom-Self/Mop-Spirit’ (1980) found in the Spect. Anon book by the late D. John Briscoe. The performance attempts to decipher fragments from the notes, drawings and typewritten texts, taking cues from invocations and litanies from the Egyptian Book of the Dead and suggesting relationships to breathing, air and marriage.

iFeed: User-centred development of an online and mobile phone intervention to support infant feeding choice and confidence to sustain breastfeeding and/or safe formula feeding

In order to improve public health we aim to improve the available information and behavioural support for infant feeding, and improve access to it via the web and smart phones since their use is becoming prolific.

A Record Of Undying

In 2013, Saxon commenced development on the central work for A Record of Undying in collaboration with his late partner John Briscoe (1949-2013). With Briscoe as subject, he developed intimate photographs and films shot during the period leading up to and including his partner’s death.

Supporting Urban Integrated Transport Systems (SUITS)

SUITS is one of the three projects of the EU’s CIVITAS 2020 initiative focusing on sustainable urban mobility plans.

(BASE) British Academic Spoken English Corpus

The British Academic Spoken English (BASE) corpus is a record of the speech of university lecturers and students at the turn of the 21st century. The corpus consists of 160 lectures and 39 seminars recorded in a variety of university departments.

(BAWE) British Academic Written English Corpus

The British Academic Written English Corpus (BAWE) was collected as part of the project, 'An Investigation of Genres of Assessed Writing in British Higher Education'. The project was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.

Work Buddy: Supporting people with learning difficulties learn and recall new tasks

Work Buddy is an android-based app that seeks to support people with learning disabilities to learn and recall new, or infrequently performed tasks, at home, when travelling and in the workplace.

John Devane: Paintings at 60 Threadneedle St. London

John Devane: Paintings is a solo exhibition of fourteen paintings on canvas, which resulted from practice research into ‘imagination’ as a synthesis of iconography and the material in painting. The exhibition, at 60 Threadneedle St, London ran from 12th January 2018 until mid-May 2018 and was selected and curated by VJB ARTS.


Under the moniker of SPECT.ANON. George Saxon and Ryan Sehmar worked with Vivid Projects as part of a year-long residency to re-imagine worlds under curfew during a shared self-isolation. A series of events, referred to as interludes and intervals, were developed within the environment of an empty space. The audience was beckoned into a wooden structure, where potential action and intervention were recorded at given intervals, as the artists deciphered the interior world (inner space) of this existence together with the fragile tensions and antagonisms presented by the exterior world (outer space).

Understanding and co-designing mechanisms for research participation within the DDRI model

Under the programme we undertook a 12 month project employing co-creation as a tool to develop a shared understanding of the DDRI concept and to develop and agree some initial guiding principles for researching and working together in this context.