Transport Innovation Gender Observatory (TINNGO)

Transport Innovation Gender Observatory (TINNGO)





PI and Project Team members

Sinead Ouillon
Andree Woodcock

Project partners and Countries

  1. West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA)
  2. Copenhagen University (UCPH)
  3. VTM-Consultores em Engenharia e Planeamento LDA (VTM)
  4. F.K. Liotopoulos & SIA EE (SBOING)
  5. Interactions Limited (INTER)
  6. Integral Consulting R&D (INTECO)
  7. Smart Continent LT UAB (SC)
  8. Technische Universitaet Ilmenau (TUIL)
  9. Lever S.A. Development Consultants (LEVER)
  10. Instituto Tecnologico del Embalaje, Transporte y Logistica (ITENE)
  11. Societal Travel CIC (SOCTR)
  12. Politecnico di Torino (POLITO)
  13. LGI Consulting (LGI)
  14. Signosis sprl. (SIGNOSIS)
  15. Statens Vag-Och Transport Forsknings Institut (VTI)
  16. Krause Juliane Klara Auguste (P&A)
  17. Municipality of Alba Iulia (AIM)
  18. EMEL-Empresa Publica Municipal de Estacionamento de Lisboa, E.E.M (EMEL)
  19. Comune di Torino (TORINO)

Project Overview

TinnGO, the Transport Research Observatory, is a pan European observatory for gender smart transport innovation, that provides a nexus for data collection, analysis, dissemination of gender mainstreaming tools and open innovation, encouraging smart mobility.

Project Impact Statement

The TInnGO project aims to develop a framework and mechanisms for a sustainable game
change in European transport, by using the transformative strategy of smart mobility in diversity-sensitive ways. It addresses gender-related contemporary challenges in the transport ecosystem and women’s mobility needs, creating a route for Gender Sensitive Smart Mobility in European Transport, which considers diversity of different groups.

A Pan European Observatory for gender smart transport innovation is providing a nexus for data collection, analysis, dissemination of gender mainstreaming tools and open innovation. TInnGO aims to lead research into a new era in order to create context-specific approaches to addressing gender related challenges in the transport sector. The emphasis of TinnGO on diverse and specific transport needs is evident in its unique comparative approach enabling contributions from and influence of stakeholders and partners from thirteen EU countries and ten TInnGO Hubs.

The Hubs promote gender smart mobility by building the capacity to generate and apply evidence on issues relating to gender equality and transport, by highlighting case studies of women leaders in smart mobility and by developing gender and diversity sensitive smart mobility solutions through associated idea factories, called Transport Innovation Gender Idea Labs (TInnGIdLabs).

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