RISING Geography

A symposia to discuss how the unique contribution that geography and geographers can make to understanding and sustaining peace – with academics from across the UK.

RISING forward

A panel debate to consider what are the practical steps that need to be taken for the UK and the EU to move forward in peace after Brexit - with UK and European politicians.

Midlands African Studies Hub (MASH) Conference

Following the establishment of the Midlands African Studies Hub (MASH) in Birmingham in September 2017, we are holding a one-day conference at Coventry University on the theme of ‘Contesting Injustice: People’s mobilisation from below’ and invite you to submit a paper proposal. 

Research on Africa Seminar (CURAS 2018)

Across many departments and research centres in Coventry University are researchers undertaking varied and sometimes interdisciplinary research projects on Africa that aligns with the research interest and agendas of other fellow researchers. Thus, the idea behind CURAS 2018 is to bring together researchers in Coventry University undertaking research in Africa.

The Big Question: What has Grenfell Tower taught us about housing, racism and social justice?

The inferno that engulfed the Grenfell Tower was a personal disaster for the many who lost their friends and families.  The subsequent analysis and media frenzy highlighted issues of housing, social justice and racism.  In a city celebrated for its diversity and social liberalism but which is polarised by race and class, poor working class and communities of colour appear to have been corralled into the worst housing in a global city in the 21st century.