Modelling International Students’ Decision Making process with Regards to their Overseas Education

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Friday 24 February 2023

01:00 PM - 02:00 PM


Room WM133, William Morris, Coventry University

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The seminar will discuss the results of a mixed method study highlighting the key important factors affecting international student decisions to go overseas for their education, decisions to select a country, and decisions to select a particular university.


While the high demand in the HE sector presents many opportunists for universities in the UK, not all universities have the abilities to attract international students (IS) due to the competitive nature of the industry. With that in mind, effective marketing and recruitment strategies are necessary for universities to stain and also recruit more IS. As part of these strategies, it’s important for universities to continuously examine the motivational factors for IS studying overseas. The review of the extant literature revealed several gaps with regards to the key motivational factors for IS studying overseas and select a particular country and a particular university. To fill these gaps, the present study proposed a complex framework capturing the key factors affecting IS decision making process. The framework was tested using a mixed method study. The ultimate results of the study will contribute to the existing educational literature and to practice. The research outcomes will provide some practical guidelines which could better guide UK Universities marketing and recruitment strategies related to international students’ recruitment.


Dr Rebwar Kamal Gharib is Associate Professor / Associate Head of School of Strategy and Leadership, Faculty of Business & Law, Coventry University. Previously he was Regional Director of International Partnerships for the Faculty of Business and Law, Coventry University. Reb is a Senior Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy and Certified Management & Business Educator. Reb's original background in Commuting was complemented a by a PhD in Business from University of Bedfordshire. Rebwar’s Research and teaching interests are in the area of Information Systems, E-government, E-commerce, Social Media, Online Information Sharing, Trust, Cyber Security. Prior to joining Academia Rebwar worked as ICT Analyst for Local Authorities in the North East of England.