Omnidirectional Telescopic Probe

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Ventilation is one of the four main factors that affect building energy consumption (heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting) and is vital in maintaining indoor air quality and providing a healthy and comfortable working environment.

The Sustainable Building Futures project ventilation measuring kit can be used to:

  • provide a spot check of ventilation rates to confirm Building Regulations compliance;
  • assess whether an existing ventilation system operates as designed;
  • discover and monitor the source and extent of draughts in the workplace.

Our equipment comprises:

  • omnidirectional telescopic probe used for indoor air velocity measurement at low range readings, between 0.15 and 5m/s (0.3 to 10mph), with a high resolution of 0.01m/s. This is most often used to monitor and assess draughts in buildings (picture at right);
  • vane probe anemometer for indoor and external air velocity within normal range readings between 0.25 to 35m/s (0.5 to 80mph) with detection of air flow direction and temperature measurement between 0 to +50°C (picture below left). This can also be used with our 200 x 200mm airflow cone, for the direct measurement of air flow through ventilators, grilles and HVAC systems.

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