Faculty of Engineering, Environment & Computing


Programme Specification
BA Geography
BEng Aerospace Systems Engineering
BEng Aerospace Technology
BEng-MEng Automotive Engineering
BEng Building Services 
BEng Building Services Engineering (Apprenticeship)
BEng Civil Engineering
BEng Civil Engineering (Apprenticeship)
BEng Civil Engineering (Part Time)
BEng Civil and Environmental Engineering
BEngCivil and Structural Engineering
BEng Civil and Structural Engineering (Part Time)
BEng Computer Hardware and Software Engineering
BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering
BEng Electronic Engineering
BEng Engineering Business Management
BEng Manufacturing Engineering
BEng Manufacturing Engineering with degree (Apprenticeship)
>BEng-MEng Mechanical Engineering
BEng Motorsport Engineering
BSc Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
BSc Applied Mechanical Engineering (Top-Up)
BSc Architectural Technology
BSc Aviation Management
BSc Building Services Engineering (Apprenticeship)
BSc Building Surveying
BSc Building Surveying (Apprenticeship)
BSc Business Information Technology
BSc Civil Engineering
BSc Civil Engineering (Apprenticeship)
BSc Civil Engineering (Part Time)
BSc Computer Science
BSc Computing
BSc Construction Management
BSc Construction Management (Apprenticeship)
BSc Disaster Management and Emergency Planning
BSc Engineering (part-time)
BSc Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity
BSc Games Technology
BSc Geography
BSc Geography and Natural Hazards
BSc Global Logistics
BSc Informatics
BSc Information Technology for Business
BSc International Disaster Management
BSc Mathematical Studies
BSc Mathematics
BSc-MSci Mathematics and Data Analytics
BSc Mathematics with Secondary School Experience
BSc Mathematics and Physics
BSc Mathematics and Statistics
BSc Multimedia Computing
BSc Oil, Gas and Energy Management
BSc Physics
BSc Quantity Surveying (Apprenticeship)
BSc Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management
BSc Computing with Secondary School Experience
FdE Metrology for Industry
MSci Computer Science


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Programme Specification
MBA Engineering Management
MBA Global Logistics Management
MBA Supply Chain Management
MEng Civil Engineering
MEng Civil and Environmental Engineering
MEng Civil and Structural Engineering
MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering
MEng Manufacturing Engineering
MEng Motorsport Engineering
MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering
MSc Aerospace Engineering
MSc Agroecology, Water and Food Sovereignity
MSc Air Transport Management
MSc Automotive Engineering
MSc Civil Engineering
MSc Civil Engineering (Technical route)
MSc Computer Science
MSc Connected Autonomous Vehicles
MSc Control, Automation and Artificial Intelligence
MSc Embedded Systems Engineering
MSc Construction Management
MSc Construction Management with BIM
MSc Construction Project and Cost Management
MSc Control Systems and Vehicle Engineering
MSc Crowded Places and Public Safety Management
MSc Cyber Security (Online)
MSc Cyber Security
MSc Data Science and Computational Intelligence
MSc Digital Technology for Engineering
MSc Disaster Management and Resilience
MSc Electrical Automotive Engineering
MSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering
MSc Embedded Microelectronics and Wireless Systems 
MSc Emergency Management and Resilience | Online
MSc Engineering Management
MSc Engineering and Management (Evening)
MSc Engineering Business Management
MSc Engineering Business Management (Evening)
MSc Engineering Project Management
MSc Engineering Project Management (Evening)
MSc Forensic Computing
MSc Global Humanitarian Engineering
MSc Global Logistics
MSc Global Logistics Management
MSc Global Logistics Management (Evening)
MSc Highway and Transportation Engineering
MSc Human Factors in Aviation
MSc Humanitarian Engineering and Computing
MSc Information Technology
MSc Management of Information Systems and Technology
MSci Mathematics and Data Analytics
MSc Mechanical Engineering
MSc Network Computing
MSc Oil and Gas Engineering
MSc Oil and Gas Management
MSc Petroleum and Environmental Technology
MSc Petroleum Exploration Geoscience
MSc Production Engineering and Operations Management
MSc Renewable Energy Engineering
MSc Software Development
MSc Structural Engineering
MSc Supply Chain Management and Logistics
MSc Supply Chain Management (Evening)
MSc Sustainability and Environmental Management
MSc Unconventional Petroleum Technologies
MSci Architectural Design and Technology
PgC Crisis, Security and Resilience | Online
PgC Crowded Places and Public Safety Management
PgC Disaster, Risk and Resilience (Online)
PgC Disaster, Risk and Resilience (On Campus)
PgCert Emergency and Incident Management (Online)
PgCert Emergency and Incident Management (On-Campus)
PgC Emergency Preparedness and Management | Online
PgC Leadership in Technology Organisations
PgDip Engineering Competence (Automotive)
PGDip Engineering Competence (Mechanical)